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Mr Jonathan Carr

jonathan carr optical express

18 Reviews

Dr J Carr is a pro. I was happy that Optical Express provided such a great surgeon. I felt confident that he was perfect for the job and I was right. I was calm all throughout the procedure and he really helps you. I am grateful t ...Read more

Mr. Carr is an experienced Ophthalmic Surgeon who specialises in laser vision correction. In his 13 years of refractive surgery experience, he has performed over 11,000 LASIK procedures. His sub-speciality fellowship training is in corneal diseases and refractive surgery.

Before joining Optical Express, Mr. Carr was Clinical Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at Emory University School of Medicine and a full-time LASIK surgeon at InView, the internationally renowned refractive surgery centre in Atlanta, USA.

He was a Clinical Investigator in many of the early United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) clinical trials of PRK and LASIK and has continued his FDA clinical trial commitments for over a decade.

Plus, he has given over 60 presentations at the world’s most prestigious academic meetings and his work appears in seven leading textbooks on refractive surgery. As a result, he serves on the Editorial Committee of the Journal of Refractive Surgery, and reviews research work for several other leading peer reviewed ophthalmology journals.

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Mr Jonathan Carr Reviews


22 Dec 2009

Comment : Mr Carr is a first class surgeon, in both skill and personality. He made me feel completely at ease before, during and after the surgery. I was confident, as was my mum, that we were with a very conscientious surgeon as we had seen him not perform the surgery on another lady before us, confirming in both our minds that he always has his patients' safety at the forefront of his mind. When my turn came, I was a little tense myself since I thought I might not be able to qualify for the surgery. He immediately made me feel at ease, talking to me about my job and his encounters with others who shared my occupation, and then talking me through the surgery beforehand. In the surgery room itself, his manner was extremely professional and calming, as he talked me through the operation and talked to me about myself. After the surgery, he made sure I was OK before moving on to the next person. Overall, this operation made me very happy both for the fact that I now have 20/20 vision and that I had a very kind and skilful surgeon taking care of me. I can see now (pun intended) why he is the Kingston branch's favourite surgeon - with a man like him taking care of your eyes, you will be in the best of hands!

01 Jun 2010

I was fortunate enough to have a surgeon review meeting with Jonathan Carr prior to surgery. This was due to a minor scar on the surface of my eye that required him to confirm the appropriateness of the form of surgery suggested at the initial Optical Express assessment. It is reassuring to meet the surgeon before the day of surgery if you get the chance. From this meeting I was very confident in Mr Carr. He explained clearly why he felt that cutting the flap with a microkeratome was preferable to intralase in my particular case and reassured me that a lot of the benefits of intralase are overstated (a lot of the publicity I’d read around intralase can lead you to feel that anything else is the poor relation). It was on the strength of Mr Carr’s manner in this meeting that I made the point of hunting him down as my surgeon even though not at my most convenient branch of Optical Express. On the day of surgery Mr Carr was everything you’d want a surgeon to be. He was confident and self assured but not arrogant or blasé. It was the right balance between conveying a sense that this was something he’d done loads of times before whilst recognising that for the patient this was only time they’d done this before and is a big deal. He talked through every stage of the procedure directly before hand and as he was carrying out the surgery. Surgeons like Mr Carr must see several patients in day but for the time I was there I felt he was focused on me alone; though he worked efficiently and swiftly I never felt I was being rushed through.

08 Dec 2015

Had my surgery yesterday with Jonathan at Optical Express in Kingston and was made to feel at ease and had 100% confidence in him and his team!He explained the procedure thoroughly before hand. During the procedure he was calm and talked about things we both had in common as well as informing me of what was happening.I couldn’t have wished to be in better hands!Great results! Thanks Jonathan!

08 Dec 2015

Dr J Carr is a pro. I was happy that Optical Express provided such a great surgeon. I felt confident that he was perfect for the job and I was right. I was calm all throughout the procedure and he really helps you. I am grateful that he persevered when we couldn’t get suction for the intralase flap creation. I was keen to get it over and done with and did not fancy having to go in on another day. So i thank God that worked. Perfect balance between showing interest in you and keeping focused on what he is doing. He also told me that he spend time in Atlanta Georgia in the USA which shows in his approach. I loved him and highly recommend him. Top surgeon. Book him if you can. Very happy with the result!

19 Sep 2008

Although very unhappy as Mr Carr would not perform the Lasik surgery I'd been saving to have done for the past 10 years, I have to be grateful to him for spotting the tiny cataract that could have been missed by other surgeons. Still VERY disappointed though as I was so excited to be able to have clear vision for the first time in 25 years.

25 Mar 2012

Had my LASIK 23rd March 2012 at Harley Street.Dr Carr put me at ease from the word go! A true pro and any nerves were quickly dispersed . Nice to see a Welshman do my eyes. Diolch yn fawr! I Recommend him

12 Oct 2008

Having only had my laser surgery three days ago I thought I'd write something before I forget! Mr Carr was fantastic. He explained everything thoroughly and I was out of the actual surgery within 15 painless minutes. He spoke with me the whole time at explained each stage which was very reassuring. I slept for a few hours and was just so overwhelmed when I woke to find that my sight was not only improved but better than I have ever had! I wish I'd have done this years ago and would recommend it to ANYONE. Great surgeon, great result....

08 Jun 2012

I had my Lasik in Dec 2011 at the Tottenham Court Road surgery and everything went smoothly thanks to Mr Carr and the team. He explained the procedure beforehand and it was so simple we were actually having a conversation during the surgery! I had it done at about 3.15pm and was ready to go at 3.45pm. Amazing. Six months on I still have perfect vision and I wish I had done it years ago!

22 Oct 2008

Jonathan Carr is absolutely fantastic!I had LASIK Intralase with Wavefront done by him yesterday morning and my vision when I woke up this morning was AMAZING! I had my first check-up and I was told that my vision is better now than it was before when I had my glasses and I can definitely see it!Jonathan called me in before surgery for my consultation and he explained step by step what would be happening during the procedure. He explained that there is a 1 in 2000 chance that he won't like the look of the flap, either it would be too thin, too thick or not enough of a hinge but if this did happen treatment would be done a few months later. He asked if I had any questions and I didnt because Id already done so much research on it.It was my turn to go in for surgery and I laid on the bed and anesthetic drops were put into my eyes he then said something about the wavefront machine and that with his obsessvie compulsion he wanted to use another computer, I was extremey nervous at this point so wasn't really paying attention was just trying to breathe and think of something else. He seemed like he knew exactly what he was doing and very confident and I put my trust in him very easily.It was all ready and the bed was spun round to my left and one eye was covered over, he spoke to me and explained that he and the nurse would hold my right eye open and I would feel a little pressure and would be looking through a keyhole, this happened but I didn't feel any pain, he then said that the laser is cutting the flap, told me when it was half way and then when it was done my vision had now dissppeared in the right eye. He then covered my right eye and did the same on my left.Once the flaps had been cut he then spun the bed round to the right of the machine and put some more drops into my eyes. Again I had one eye covered and one open and I had to focus on a red/orangy coloured light, it was very blurry but could just see it. He said to focus on it as much as I could whilst he was fiddling with my eye, he was opening the flap and my eye was moving but I couldnt feel a thing. He then said the laser is finding you and then I smelt the burning of the laser but it wasnt that bad. Once the laser had done its job he replaced the flap and I could see him wiping my eye with a white swob but again I couldnt feel a thing. The same thing was carried out on my left eye and then more eye drops were put in and that was it, it was over.I couldnt believe it, I worked myself up so much and really shouldn't have done. Jonathan then took me into another room and checked my eye upclose and said everything was fine.I was so pleased with the way he carried out the procedure, he explained everything step by step and very clearly. He is a very kind friendly man and I would 100% recommend him to everyone.

22 Jun 2012

Had my surgery done at the Harley Street clinic yesterday (22 June 2012). Amazing surgeon, put me at ease. Too early to recommend doing surgery, but if you're going ahead, book Jonathan Carr (not to say other surgeons aren't good, but I would definitely recommend him. I also mentioned about the scene in final destination 5, he hasn't watched it but kept me comfortable and relaxed. He explained the whole procedure to me beforehand, and talked me through the surgery. Also spoke to me throughout the whole surgery, and before I knew it, it was over. What a legend!

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