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Mr Dimitri Kazakos

Mr Dimitri Kazakos

116 Reviews

As a rule, I don’t write reviews, however, Dimitri Kazakos will be getting word of mouth referrals from me for the rest of my life. He does not oversell, he professionally imparted the information I needed to manage my expectati ...Read more

An experienced ophthalmic surgeon, Mr. Kazakos has specialist interests in cataract and refractive surgery, cornea and external diseases. He is at the forefront of modern refractive treatments and he has performed more than 40,000 procedures. He is an expert in Laser Vision Correction procedures with i-Design, Wavefront, Intralase, LASIK, LASEK, PRK, flap lifts, complex case management  and intraocular procedures including complex cataract surgery,  Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery, Refractive Lens Exchange, Phakic Intraocular Lens, premium intraocular lenses (multifocal, accommodating and toric) IOL exchanges, complex case management and astigmatic incisional procedures. Through this comprehensive range of refractive procedures and with the use of latest modern technology, Mr Kazakos is able to offer to his patients the most suitable treatment for their eyes. He is registered with the Medical Councils in both the UK and Greece.

You’ll also find Mr Kazakos on the list of the 10 best eye surgeons in the UK, based on thousands of patient reviews since 2002.

Mr Kazakos is a board certified, fellowship trained corneal eye surgeon who has undergone additional specialist training in laser refractive surgery and is in private practice including Optical Express. He is an active member of various affiliated bodies and societies such as the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and the United Kingdom and Ireland Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons. Mr. Kazakos attends International Medical Advisory Board (IMAB) conferences and is annually assessed by this board. The panel consists of several of the world’s most eminent refractive surgeons including Mr. Steve Schallhorn, former Head of Ophthalmology for the US Navy, and Dr. Jan Venter, a world leading ophthalmic surgeon.

Mr Kazakos graduated from the prestigious Marmara University of Istanbul, Turkey in 1997. His ophthalmic residence was at the Oxford Eye Hospital, Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, Essex County Hospital, Ipswich General Hospital, Bristol Eye Hospital and Southampton Eye Unit for a Fellowship in Corneal and External Eye Diseases. He then returned to his native Greece where he completed his higher surgical training and received a Refractive Fellowship in the University of Crete with Prof. Pallikaris, the inventor of LASIK. Additionally, he has attended mini-fellowships in Refractive Surgery with some of the world’s most distinguished ophthalmologists including Prof. Richard Forster (Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, Florida, USA) and Prof. Theo Seiler (Institut für Refraktive und Ophtalmologische Chirurgie, Zurich, Switzerland).

His dedication to his profession and patients is evident from his clinical experience, patients’ feedback, involvement with research and continued attendance at seminars and conferences as both speaker and delegate.

Professional Memberships:

  • General Medical Council (GMC) – Member
  • Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth) – Member
  • Greek Medical Council (Iatrikos Sylogos Athens) – Member
  • The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) – Member
  • The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) – Member
  • The European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS) – Member
  • United Kingdom and Ireland Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (UKISCRS) – Member

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Mr Dimitri Kazakos Reviews


28 Dec 2008

It's now 5 days since Dimitri performed Lasik Wavefront surgery on my eyes, and I'm absolutely thrilled with the results. He did a first-class job, was very meticulous before and during the surgery, and was very reassuring throughout.

29 Dec 2008

Mr Kazakos and his team at the Belfast clinic were truly excellent when they carried out my surgery just before Christmas 2008. Mr Kazakos had all the time in the world to talk to me and explain my procedure and answer any questions that i had. the procedure was totally painless and there was even a choice of background music available!!The outcome of my surgery to date has been tremendous and i would highly recommend Dimitrius to anyone considering this procedure - you would be in very safe, expert hands. I promised to let Dimitrius know if the surgery helps to imporve my golf handicap - however i think that may take a miracle rather that surgery!many many thanks and for anyone considering the surgery - go for it!!

31 Dec 2008

I had Wavefront Lasik with Intralase at the Bristol Cribbs Causeway clinic on 29/12/2008. Mr Kazakos did the procedure and was fantastic. Before the surgery he explained to me what was going to happen and made sure I fully understood the procedure, he also knew I was nervous and put me totally at ease with everything. During the surgery he explained what was happening at each stage which I found useful. Yesterday at my 1 day post op appointment I already have better than 20/20 vision and my eyes are very comfortable.I cannot fault Mr Kazakos, I would recommend him to anyone who is considering Laser Eye Surgery. The team at Optical Express are also faultless!!!

07 Jan 2009

Mr. Kazakos performed my treatment at the Reading Branch of Optical Express. All i can say about him is .... he is BRILLIANT.Less than 4 hours after my procedue my vision is great and i am in no pain at all - my eyes are slightly light sensitive but this easily managed by my sunglasses!!My whole procedure was painless and took a matter of minutes. I was made to feel extremely comfortable and he answered all my questions. He sure knows his stuff and is honest - i couldnt have asked for anyone better to perform the surgery on meThe whole team at Optical Express were great and i will be recomending Mr. Kazakos and Optical Express in the future.

11 Jan 2009

On the 9th Jan 2009 I had my eye sight correct by Mr Kazakos at the Oxford Branch.I was short sighted, -2.5 and i would wear contact lenses, i would wear them typically for 10-12 hours per day! The amount I was wearing my lenses was what prompted me to look into laser treatment.On the day Mr Kazakos performed Wavefront Intralase-Lasik. Mr Kazakos and his team treated me very professional and made sure that i understood everything that was going to happen to me.After surgery my eye sight was already improved and gradually after a short rest was even better and the day after I would say that my sight was even better than it was with my contact lenses.Now I can see all day every day with out having to worry about my eyes drying out with over use of contact lenses.

15 Jan 2009

On Wednesday 14th January 2009 went to Optical Express in The Trafford Centre, Manchester. I had Wavefront Intralase Lasik surgery. Mr Kazakos and his team were very professional and very humourous, making me feel at ease straight away. I was short sighted with a prescription of -7.75 and - 8.25. I could see straight away, albeit, with a misty view. After a short rest my vision cleared and I could see with great comfort and ease. After a nights sleep I awoke to clear vision, something that has only been possible with glasses for the last 24 years. It has made me feel like a new person, free of the constraints of glasses. I would like to thank Mr Kazakos and his team for the fantastic job that they have performed on me and my eyes.Tristan

25 Jan 2009

On the 14th of January 2009 I travelled to the Trafford Centre branch to have Wavefront treatment. I was prompted to look into laser eye surgery after my sister had treatment in March 2008 and also after having problems in getting contact lenses of the correct prescription. Before surgery I was only very slightly short sighted, -0.50 in one eye and -1.25 in the other, but obviously it still makes a difference to the quality of your life.I am only 19 years old and before my surgery I chat to Mr Kazakos and he went through all the details making sure I understood what was needed from me. Instantly he made me feel at ease although I was strangely calm all morning! The team were wonderful and chatty and made sure I was aware of each step. After surgery I was led into the recovery room and could already see improvements in my vision although there seemed to be a strange mist around everything. One of the team explained the after-care procedure in detail to me and my boyfriend making sure I understood which drops I needed to use at what times of the day. After surgery I went home and slept for a few hours and by 4pm I was able to see perfectly and the mist had lifted. At my 1 day check-up Dimitri was still at the clinic when I arrived and although it was not him I was seeing stopped to chat to me to find out how I was feeling. I was told my vision was better than 20/20 and at my one week appointment I still had no problems. After surgery I suffered no sensitivity to light other than right after surgery and have had no pain whatsoever. I will be recommending Optical Express to any of my friends or family that look in to laser eye surgery. The staff there always greet you with a smile and have been brilliant.

06 Feb 2009

I had wavefront - lasik in Dublin yesterday thurs. 5/2/9 less than 24 hours later my sight is brillant. No pain, and brilliant sight. Mr. Kazakos was professional, helpful, friendly and made me feel comfortable. I would 100% recommend his work and his approach to his work. My advice to anyone thinking about getting this done, is go for it, and listen to the instructions and follow them.

10 Feb 2009

Last Friday i got Lasik surgery done with wavefront. I was immediately delighted with the result. The staff were very nice and they took care of me very well. They were very good for informing me of what was to happen next. Before the surgery, my surgeon, Dimitri Kazokos went through the procedure in detail and cleared up any queries I had. During the surgery I remained at ease because he and his team were very professional and made me feel very comfortable. The surgery lasted only about 10 minutes and Dimitri talked his way through letting me know how many seconds were left of any one feeling. This made me feel very calm. He also asked me if I wanted him to talk through it or if I preferred not to hear it which I thought was very nice as I know some people don't like to know. The surgery was over before I knew it and I could see perfectly straight away except for a slight hazy or foggy sensation in my eyes. The team were all very good and I walked out of there with the best gift I could ever have asked for.... good vision. At my 24 hour post-op I was told that my vision was even better than 20/20 and I had no pain or discomfort. I am very grateful to Dimitri and his wonderful team and I would recommend them to anyone thinking of getting Laser Eye Surgery. It is without a doubt the best money I ever spent. Thank You.

16 Feb 2009

Excellent surgeon - put me at ease - explained anything I wanted to know - talked me through the whole process and gave me great eyesight!!5 out of 5Many thanks

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