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Mr David Allamby

Dr David Allamby laser eye surgeon

61 Reviews

If you ever decide to have laser eye surgery, Focus Clinic is the place to have it!First of all, I am not paid to write this review. I only decided to pen down my experience having seen some less distinguished practices elsewhere. ...Read more

Mr David Allamby specialises in LASIK, LASEK, Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) and other laser eye treatments at Focus Clinic, which he himself founded, and where he now works as the medical director.

Mr Allamby also happened to be the first surgeon in the UK to perform CK for long-sightedness (presbyopia), helping to free his patients from reading glasses. He also stands out as one of the only laser eye surgeons in the UK to focus solely on refractive laser treatment full-time, making him a leader in this field.

For these reasons and many more, David Allamby sits proudly in the list of the 10 top laser eye surgeons in the UK, based on thousands of patient reviews on Lasik Eyes since 2002.

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1. Qualifications

Mr David Allamby, FRCS(Ed), FRCOphth graduated from Sheffield University Medical School in 1987, and has specialised in ophthalmic surgery since 1989. He became a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and then a fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists in 1993.

David Allamby has worked at some of the United Kingdom’s leading eye centres, including Moorfields Eye Hospital in London and the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.

As you would expect from a leading laser eye surgeon, Mr Allamby has published work – in ocular scar formation – whilst at the University of Manchester, which received funding from the prestigious Wellcome Trust grant.

2. Experience

Mr Allamby peforms the main types of laser eye surgery: LASIK and LASEK laser eye treatment, and CK radio eye correction – an innovative treatment for age-related vision issues – using state-of-the-art technology.

He works closely with each of his patients to determine which procedure most suits them, believing in the importance of his clients’ active participation through a process of full informed consent, so they can decide together which option is best.

In addition to clocking up more than 3,000 LASIK and LASEK laser surgeries to date, Mr Allamby has performed over 2,000 CK radio eye treatments, as well as providing CK surgery training to visiting consultants from countries around the world.

His particular expertise lies in the enhanced ‘light touch’ CK technique (a technique now adopted as standard by surgeons across the globe), which he partly pioneered at FOCUS Laser Vision and has more experience in than any other doctor in the world.

As a thought leader, David also runs a new informational blog for anyone wanting to learn more about LASIK and PRK laser eye surgery. It includes general information for UK patients, polling on key topics (currently on LASIK prices), informational videos and PDFs including watching live LASIK eye surgery and of course the opportunity to post your replies to blog topics, ask questions and request blog postings on subjects of interest.

3. Focus Clinic

Mr Allamby is the Chief Surgeon at Focus Clinic, a renowned Harley Street eye clinic. Focus enjoys a reputation as the go-to for celebrities, and claims of a 99.7% success rate for standard surgeries.

What makes it different? As you would expect from any independent eye clinic, it’s the consultants who led Focus Clinics, which means you’re unlikely to face hard sales strategies to use particular equipment, or accept a specific treatment.

Is there anything to look out for? As always, when choosing the right laser eye surgery provider for you, you don’t need to feel pressured into paying than you are comfortable with. With no finance options, and some of the highest laser eye surgery costs, this clinic won’t be for everyone.

4. Mr David Allamby Review: The Verdict

So, is Mr Allamby the right eye surgeon for you? Of course, that all depends on where you live, which treatment would suit your prescription, and what your budget is.

David Allamby is the medical director of one of the best laser eye surgery clinics in London, so if you live in the capital you may like to arrange an initial consultation with him to discuss your options.

That said, you’ll find cheaper laser and lens replacement costs elsewhere. If your optometrist diagnoses you with uncomplicated eye health, common procedures such as LASIK have a high success rate wherever you go, so you don’t have to feel pressured into paying more than you would like.

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Mr David Allamby Reviews


27 Feb 2003

Excellent personal service from start to finish. I have worn glasses and/or lenses since I was 8 yers old, and had a very high prescription, with severe myopia and astigmatism. 3 months on, I can carry on all normal activities of daily life with no specs at all, and ocasional use of weak reding glasses for very fine print. I have absolute confidence in this surgeon, and would have no hesitation in recomending him to anyone.

02 Nov 2003

Although I admit to approaching the whole enterprise at Horizon with a certain ambivalence, I am happy to say that the whole experience has been virtually painless, full of interest and highly successful. This has been entirely due to Mr David Allamby, whose charm and consideration are only exceeded by his brilliance as a surgeon and to whom I am eternally grateful. Bette Boyden

28 Nov 2006

Dr Allamby performed my CK treatment. Not only is he a very nice man - but he seems to be very good at his job. Highly recommended!

23 Feb 2008

i had op on eyes 21/02/08 my prescription was +4.00 r+l long sighted from day of consultation to follow up Mr Allemby and staff were very kind, reassuring and totally professional throughout,i am a very nervous patient but found they reassured me at every stage and would highly recommend Mr Allemby and laser vision focus to anybody thinking of having it done.After 50 years i now have the wonderful gift of 20/20 vision.Thank you Mr Allemby

08 Jul 2008

David carried out my treatment on 7/7/08 and I have nothing but praise for him and all his staff at the clinic. A very professional team who have their clients well being upper most on their list. I would not hesitate to recommend this clinic to my family and friends.

08 Oct 2008

Mr Allenby and his staff are a highly professional team who have done a great job with my eyes. The attention to detail and the after-care and subsequent tests are second to none. I would thoroughly recommend his clinic to anyone.

11 Nov 2008

I wanted to say a massive thank you for my z-lasik treatment which I received last week. The whole process was painless from start to finish. What an outstanding result in just one week at my check up.Focus clinic, it's staff and Mr Allamby are excellent. I can’t thank you enough.

13 Apr 2009

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16 Apr 2009

In my opinion five star are not enough to rate the brilliant Dr. Allamby. He is approachable, experienced and his relaxed manner immediately calms you down (I was slightly nervous). I had Z-lasik in both eyes a week ago, after having worn glasses for 30 years and what an amazing result! Seeing my children with my own eyes is priceless. A HUGE thank you to Dr. Allamby and his dedicated, professional staff.

07 Aug 2009

Excellent service, very friendly and inspired confidence. I thoroughly recommend this surgeon.

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