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Mr C.T. Pillai

mr c t pillai

166 Reviews

I always wanted to do corrective eye surgery and be able to see my daughter's cheeky smile in the morning, but I was delaying the decision for years. I chose Advanced Vision Care as my optician recommended Mr Pillai. Pawel Marcink ...Read more

Mr Pillai is the Medical Director at Advance Vision Care (AVC), which he founded back in 2003. Today, he is considered one of UK’s most respected, highly trained and experienced Consultant Refractive Surgeons.

With over 25 years’ experience under his belt, Mr Pillai has personally performed over 30,000 eye surgeries – more than many other ophthalmologists. He is also licenced to practice both in the UK and the USA, after having worked for years with the NHS, and in Indian eye hospitals.

As one of the first eye surgeons in the country to conduct bilateral LASIK (bladeless eye surgery on both eyes), Mr Pillai still performs all laser procedures at AVC.

1. Qualifications

Today, Mr Pillai is a Fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCO), as well as the Royal College of Surgeons, and is registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). Membership of these bodies signals a stamp of approval within the ophthalmology industry.

Mr Pillai’s Formal Qualifications:

  • 1990: Fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists
  • 1989: Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
  • 1988: Diploma in Ophthalmology, Royal College of Surgeons, Glasgow
  • 1982: Diploma in Ophthalmology, Madras University, India
  • 1980: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Madras University, India

Mr Pillai’s Professional Affiliations:

  • Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCO – UK)
  • Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh
  • British Society of Refractive Surgery (BSRS – UK)
  • British Medical Association (BMA)
  • American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO – UK)
  • Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO – USA)
  • American Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS – USA)
  • International Society of Refractive Surgery (ISRS)
  • European Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS)

What’s more, Mr Pillai is one of the few eye surgeons in the UK to receive a Fellowship in both Corneal and in Refractive Surgery: one at the University of Texas in the USA; and the other at The Queen Victoria Hospital in the UK.

And – as you would expect from someone who founded his own private practice – he is helping to innovate laser eye surgery technology through collaboration with the Technolas group think tank.

2. Experience

After working as an NHS Consultant for five years, Mr Pillai founded his own private clinic, AVC, in 2003. In addition to performing laser eye surgery himself, Mr Pillai still finds the time to present at international conferences, publish in peer-reviewed journals, and help train other surgeons in the UK.

Quite a few accolades help Mr Pillai stand out. Rare among them is his pioneering of the co-management approach. He gathered a network of clinical partners (all of whom are experienced and accredited optometrists) in England to act as a referral base for initial consultation and aftercare.

As a result, patients are able to receive qualified advice on their eye conditions, from an optometrist close to home. This is part of the AVC’s focus on personalised patient care.

Area of expertise:

  • Corneal neovascularization (CNV), or the growth of new blood vessels in the eye
  • Amniotic membrane transplantation
  • Specular microscopy in uveitis
  • Excimer laser surgery (such as LASIK and LASEK)
  • Dry eye conditions

3. Mr C. T. Pillai Review: The Verdict

So, is Mr Pillai the right eye surgeon for you? Of course, that all depends on where you live, and what you’re looking for.

If you’re seeking laser eye surgery in London, you’ll be pleased to know Mr Pillai operates largely in the Harley Street AVC Clinic. Plus, Lasik Eyes reviewers comment on his compassionate, personable approach.

But depending on your budget, you may like to shop around. In any case, it’s always worth trying to meet your surgeon at an initial consultation to establish a good connection before the surgery.

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Mr C.T. Pillai Reviews


03 Dec 2015

I had my wavefront surgery on 19th March and had 20/20 vision the following day! The staff are professional, relaxed, polite and helpful, as is Justin Hardy who does my aftercare at Bournemouth. If I’m honest, I found the proceedure quite traumatic, perhaps I am not as brave as I thought I was! It did not hurt but it certainly goes against all one’s natural instincts to stare into very bright lights as someone fiddles about with your eyes. I’m glad I had them done at the same time, though. Having said all that, it is a bit like having a baby, in that I soon forgot how I felt at the time and I am delighted with the results. I still have quite a lot of night glare, but that should settle down within a couple of months. I cannot fault my vision, otherwise. In my opinion Advance Visioncare has an incredible surgeon: Mr Pillai is very relaxed and has a great sense of humour and he clearly knows how to choose helpful, professional staff.

26 Jul 2013

The service at AVC was excellent. The staff helped put me at ease and made the whole procedure as easy as possible.My sister and I had the procedure on the same day and Pawel was excellent in helping her relax as she was extremely nervous and anxiousI would definitely recommend AVC to anyone. Lasik has changed my life, it is amazing to be able to wake up every day and be able to see without glasses.Mr Pillai is an excellent surgeon and I felt very safe under his care.Thank you to everyone who looked after me at AVC

08 Dec 2015

I am extremely happy with the service I recived. The staff were all helpful and put me at ease from the beginning. The results have been amazing and changed my life. I would recommend Mr Pillai and his team to anyone considering this procedure.

08 Dec 2015

Dr Pillai is very professional and he is an excellent Surgeon. Would definitely recommend him.

08 Dec 2015

Staff were very caring and reassuring especially on treatment day. Mr Pillai saw I was anxious during the first consultation and was very open and honest about the risks, reminded me this is a elective surgery and that I should not go ahead if I had lots of doubts. I had time to ask all my questions and never felt rushed or pressured (a marked difference from high Street laser clinics).The treatment itself was so quick, painless and easy I was amazed-much better than I expected. The valium really took the edge off my nerves on the day, and I was complete trust in Mr Pillai’s skills.At my one week check up he showed me what I used to be able to see on the chart (past the “E”) and what I could see post surgery. I got outside and cried with happiness, I was so overwhelmed!Thank you. AVC-best money I ever spent!

09 Dec 2015

I decided to have the treatment as my lifestyle is quite active, and I was back in the UK.My experience with Advanced Vision Care was fantastic. I never felt like it was just a ‘sale’. I was very informed all through the process from booking my appointment, through my treatment and at subsequent visits.My life has changed after treatment and my peripheral vision 24/7 is still amazing me! What can I say; so many people take this standard of vision for granted. I just say thank you!

09 Dec 2015

I decided to have treatment because I have been very short-sighted for years and I hated wearing thick glasses.My experience with AVC was very good. If they can get someone like me through it, they can help anyone!I can see when I wake up and I can swim etc. I also don’t have to worry about eye infections anymore.The service was excellent and I don’t think it could be improved.

09 Dec 2015

The service was perfect; everyone was helpful and very well informed on the procedures and complications. I felt very comfortable with the whole thing. I had a previous appointment with Optical Express who showered me with money off vouchers and desperately tried to make me pay a deposit. You really can’t put a price on something so important.

09 Dec 2015

The decision to have my eyes lasered was honestly one of the best decisions of my life. I only wish that I had done it earlier. I was kept informed at every step of the way and at no time was there any pressure to proceed.The procedure was quick and absolutely painless. It took only just over a day for my eyes to return to normal, except of course with their new 20-20 vision!I have honestly forgotten that I was ever short-sighted. I researched my surgeon Mr Pillai and I am certain that I picked the very best practitioner in the field. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to any future patients as I have done to all my work colleagues.It is definitely worth paying for the best.

09 Dec 2015

I would recommend laser eye surgery to everyone needing better vision. I only wish I had it done years ago.The surgery was over and done with in 15 minutes max both eyes.

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