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Mr Bruce Allan

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon Mr Bruce Allan

74 Reviews

From initial consultation to final check up the whole process was amazing - the procedure was quick and totally pain free I had no problems at all following the procedure and my sight just kept improving on a daily basis it was wo ...Read more

With a strong track record in surgical innovation and over 60 publications in international medical journals, Mr Bruce Allan is one of the UK’s leading academic refractive surgeons.

The good news? Mr Allan comes high up in the list of the 10 best laser eye surgeons in the UK, based on thousands of patient reviews since 2002.

Is there anything I should know? As you would expect from a top Moorfields surgeon, Dr Allan costs a fair bit more than his contemporaries at other clinics. You may like to read all our surgeon reviews to find if there is an equally esteemed professional at a lower price point, if budget is a priority.

So is he the one? If you would like a second opinion, you can find the top-rated eye surgery clinic near you using our simple tool here, and book a free consultation with an eye expert to discuss your options.


1. About Mr Bruce Allan

Mr Bruce Allan qualified in medicine from Cambridge in 1985 and was appointed as a Consultant Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital in 1998 after advanced specialist training in the UK, South Africa, and Australia. 

He was appointed as the Service Director for Refractive Surgery at Moorfields in 2012, and has remained at this clinic since 1998.

He and his wife, Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Maria Teresa Casasus Borrell, live in North London with their three daughters. He is a keen football fan and sailor. 

In a nutshell:

  • Clinic name: Moorfields Eye Hospital
  • Qualification: MD FRCS FRCOphth
  • Address: Moorfields Eye Hospital, 162 City Rd, London EC1V 2PD
  • Area: Central London


2. Clinical Experience

Mr Bruce Allan has a range of expertise in sight correction treatments, including laser refractive surgery, ICL implantation, cataract and corneal transplantation, refractive lens exchange, and keratoconus treatment.

That means, he may be help you achieve 20/20 vision, even if you have been turned away by less experienced surgeons at other clinics.

Current professional activities include:

  • NHS practice specializing in cataract surgery and corneal transplantation
  • Private practice specializing in laser eye surgery and implants for vision correction
  • Regular presentations at international research meetings, press, radio and television comment on developments in laser eye surgery, cataract and corneal transplantation
  • Peer review for international medical journals and research grant funding bodies
  • Specialist advice for NICE and MHRA
  • Current research interests include
  • Multiple regression analysis to enhance accuracy in wavefront LASIK
  • New techniques of corneal endothelial transplantation for Fuchs dystrophy
  • Non-transplant interventions for keratoconus


3. Training and Qualifications

Bruce Allan graduated in medicine from Cambridge in 1985, and was appointed as a Consultant Surgeon at Moorfields in 1998.

Before that, he engaged in advanced specialist training in the UK, South Africa, and Australia. He was Training Director for the Corneal Service at Moorfields for over 10 years, and Service Director for Refractive Surgery from 2012 to 2019. 

He is currently chairing the Royal College of Ophthalmologists Refractive Surgery Standards Working Group and is an EU Cornea Board member. 

Current research interests include:

  • Enhancing treatment accuracy in laser refractive surgery
  • Laser assisted corneal transplantation
  • Early intervention and visual rehabilitation in keratoconus


4. Patient Reviews

“From initial consultation to final check up the whole process was amazing – the procedure was quick and totally pain free I had no problems at all following the procedure and my sight just kept improving on a daily basis it was worth every penny – i don’t need glasses at all.

Would highly recommend Moorfields Private clinic for anyone thinking if having this done they are the best. Thank you Mr. Allan.“ – 

Mrs S Whiting


“If I could give higher than a 5 rating I would.

Bruce Allan was absolutely brilliant from my initial consultation onwards. He answered all my questions in a calm and reassuring manner, which made me feel immediately at ease.

He talked me through all the benefits and the drawbacks of the procedure, in a highly professional manner, which made me feel like I was in very, very, safe hands.” – Jack Green


Excellent result and no longer need glasses for reading and writing with eyes getting better every day. Would thoroughly recommend Bruce and the process from start to finish was outstanding.” – Mike McMillen


5. Prices

As you may have seen, Moorfields Private offers prices at the upper end, given the top-of-the-range equipment and high experience levels of its surgeons. 

The exact cost of your treatment will depend on the surgeon ou choose. That’s because the laser eye consultants are employed by Moorfields, and set their own fees.

Laser eye surgery costs with Mr Bruce Allan cost £2,485 per eye for common laser eye surgery such as LASIK or LASEK. These prices rise to between £3,320 and £4,155 per eye for more complex procedures including cataract surgery and ICL.

An initial consultation will set you back £200, or £300 for a second opinion. If you would like a free consultation to explore your options, it’s worth considering clinics such as Optical Express or Optimax where you can receive free quotes.

Consultation costs

  • Consultation: £200
  • Second opinion: £300

All post-surgical consultations are included within the procedure fee, as part of your comprehensive aftercare package.

Patients considering laser eye surgery usually book one to two consultations prior to receiving treatment. You can book your first appointment on the Moorfields Private website.

Treatment costs (per eye)

  • LASIK or LASEK eye surgery: £2,000 – £2,500
  • Refractive lens exchange (RLE) or cataract surgery: £3,000 – £4,000
  • ICL implantation surgery: £3,000 – £4,000

Are there any extra costs? You may also need to consider covering your potential stay in the hospital for private treatment. Moorfields Private hospital fees tend to range from £900 to £1800, depending on the procedure.

However, recovery times vary, and many eye treatments allow you to leave following the surgery. 

Want a tailored quote? The only way to compare exact quotes is to see an eye expert for a check-up. These can cost up to £250, but with our simple tool, you can find out how much laser or lens surgery will cost you at Optical Express for free.


6. The Verdict

So, is Mr Allan the right eye surgeon for you? Of course, that all depends on where you live, and what you’re looking for. 

His prices are some of the highest in the UK. But then again, he is extremely experienced, and if the reviews are anything to go by, you are likely to get what you pay for.

That said, eye surgery is considered a safe elective surgery by the General Medical Council (GMC), so no one should feel obliged to spend any more than they are comfortable with. 

If you’d like to find out more, you can always attend free consultations with a range of surgeons to see where you feel happy.


To find a top-rated laser eye surgery clinic near you, just click here to use our simple quote tool, and receive a tailored match and quote from a clinic you can trust.

Mr Bruce Allan Reviews


10 Aug 2012

I don't normally leave reviews but given I was interested to read them myself before proceeding with laser surgery I feel it only appropriate to have my say. If you're concerned and wavering about whether or not to proceed, don't! Mr Allan and his team understand our nerves and concerns and go out of their way to allay all fears and answer all queries. The procedure is quick, painless; every step of the way is explained during the process and before you know it you're done and dusted and on your way home, surprised to be able to see through the fog which miraculously clears and EUREKA! you can see again. At the end of the first day I was beginning to get clarity for long distance vision and by the following morning I was able to read small print. I cannot believe how positive the outcome is and as someone once said to me, my only regret is I didn't do it ages ago! Your eyes are important. I didn't want to take any unnecessary risks so to me, Moorfields was the place to go and I can't recommend Mr Allan highly enough!

25 Feb 2015

excellent advice and treatment throughout – including after-care.
made to feel at ease about a procedure which causes a high degree of anxiety.
results were better than i had originally expected prior to initial consultation.
highly recommended.

12 May 2011

LASIK at Moorfields was the best thing I ever did! Obviously I had concerns about the procedure however it was explained at length by Bruce at my initial consultation, and leading up the surgery Angelique was available at the end of the phone to answer any questions and reassure any fears I had. The actual procedure wasn't half as bad as I had imagined and I felt at ease with all the staff on the day. I felt reassured throughout the procedure and was amazed how quickly it was over. I even walked out the operating room leaving my glasses on the side. I suffered very little discomfort after, but knew if there were any issues, there would be a full medical team available. I have had my follow up appointment and sight is great. Would recommend treatment with Bruce to anyone.

20 May 2013

I cannot speak enough highly of Mr Allan and his team at Moorfields. My procedure went very smoothly and I was discharged last week - my fifth visit in total - with 20-20 vision! I didn't know what to expect going in to my first appointment but had been recommended to Mr Allan by a friend and felt very comfortable with every stage of the process. The team are incredibly thorough and from my point of view it was all very straight forward. I felt very well informed throughout. I loved knowing that Moorfields have their choice of the best lasers and are at the cutting edge of the latest research. I was also very interested to hear - after the Moorfields opticians had had a very detailed look at my eyes with numerous super-tech machines - that the prescription in my current glasses and contact lenses wasn't entirely accurate.Having been very short sighted with a stigmatism laser surgery has changed my life hugely - I see better today than I have ever done. My night driving vision is particularly improved - I don't seem to get the glare I used to with glasses/contacts. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Mr Allan and his team to anyone thinking of laser eye surgery.

11 Jul 2016

Excellent result and no longer need glasses for reading and writing with eyes getting better every day. Would thoroughly recommend Bruce and the process from start to finish was outstanding.

08 Dec 2011

Bruce Allan and his team did an excellent job on my eyes. I felt confident in their abilities throughout. There was a thorough initial eye test and assessment including a meeting with Mr Allan where I was encouraged to ask any questions. On the day of surgery everything went very smoothly and during the actual procedure Mr Allan talked through what he was doing and what I should expect to see and feel which helped immensely. Recovery afterwards was amazingly quick. I went for a check up the following morning and then went to work. Puting the eye drops in for 4 weeks afterwards was a bit of a hassle, but well worth it for my now better than 20:20 vision eyes! I couldn't be more pleased!

10 Oct 2014

Mr Allan was a fantastic surgeon: confident, competent and without any attempt to “sell” me the surgery prior to my decision. Having worn glasses for 20 years, I now have excellent vision, with no need of glasses at all. I could not recommend the surgery, nor Mr Allan, enough. It has been extremely liberating!

22 Aug 2012

I had LASIK in April 2012 to correct sort sight (-2 to 3) and am very pleased with the results. For me, recovery was a little slower than I anticipated, particularly in relation to my job which is heavily computer based. I could see well but was not really comfortable for two or three weeks. I was very happy with the service from Mr Allan and his team and had no complications whatsoever.

23 Feb 2015

Very happy with result. Excellent service. Thorough consultation and all questions answered. 100% full confidence in Mr Allan. Painless and quick procedure – all over in minutes. If you are thinking about having your eyes done, don’t waste any more time thinking and worrying about it, just make that appointment with Mr Allan – you will be in very good hands!! Thumbs up for Mr Allan & Moorfields!!

02 Jun 2011

Excellent, well worth the money and definitely worth spending a bit more to get really good care, expertise, equipment, follow-up. No problems at all during or since.

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