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The 5 Best Laser Eye Surgery Clinics in Liverpool

Although Liverpool might be famous worldwide for its musical history, it’s a feast for the eyes, as well as the ears. From the historic waterfront to its galleries, like the Tate and the Walker, there’s a lot to see in Liverpool.

With so much going on, it’s no wonder hundreds of people search every month for laser eye surgery options in Liverpool. But with so many options, it can be tough to know where to go.

As part of our investigation into the best laser eye surgery reviews in the UK, Lasik Eyes’ research team has devised a list of the top laser eye clinics in Liverpool.

Plus, you can find a trusted clinic wherever you are in Liverpool using this nifty quote tool we made for our readers.

Here are the five best places for laser eye surgery in Liverpool, based on thousands of independent customer reviews:

  1. Optical Express Liverpool
  2. Ultralase Liverpool
  3. Optimax Liverpool
  4. Spire Liverpool Laser Eye Surgery and Treatment Clinic
  5. SpaMedica Liverpool

1. Optical Express Liverpool

Best for: Value for money

Top of the list we have Optical Express, based on our database of independent customer reviews.

Optical Express is one of Europe’s leading laser eye surgery providers. It operates branches in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, France and Croatia, including one in Liverpool.

The company has performed over 1 million laser eye operations worldwide, meaning you can be confident in a slick and professional experience.

But what most customers love about Optical Express are the prices. Not only are procedures at Optical Express competitively priced, but there are a variety of 0% interest repayment schemes, allowing you to spread the cost of your surgery. Plus, some customers have even managed to negotiate their surgery price down.

These prices don’t mean compromising on quality. Optical Express are a member of the most trusted governing bodies in eye care – including the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCO) and the General Medical Council (GMC). They comply with – or exceed industry standards for refractive eye surgery, as well as investing in the same laser technology as NASA.

2. Ultralase Liverpool

Best for: Patient Consultations

Founded just down the road in Chester in 1991, Ultralase has grown into one of the UK’s biggest providers of laser eye surgery.

Ultralase has historically strived to lead the way in innovative surgery. In 2003 they developed the revolutionary UltraPlus treatment using Wavefront technology. Since then, they have become the first UK provider to have all Great Britain surgeons certified in Laser Refractive Surgery by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth).

But what really puts the Ultralase Liverpool clinic into a strong second place is the Care Quality Commission’s report 2017 report. This found patients had “detailed discussions about the risks, benefits and side effects of all treatments”, meaning you can be confident you’ll receive an honest and open pre-surgery consultation.

  • Average cost of surgery: £3,298, financing options available
  • Areas of expertise: LASIK and LASEK surgery, cataract surgery, lens replacement
  • Liverpool address: Tower Bldg, 4 George’s Dock Gates, Liverpool L3 1QA
  • CQC rating: December 2017 CQC report found evidence of “Good Practice”
  • Read customer reviews: 2,746 Ultralase reviews

3. Optimax Liverpool

With 23 clinics across the UK, Optimax is a trusted provider of laser eye surgery. Since it was established in 1991, it has performed over 430,000 eye surgeries. Optimax also makes use of Wavefront technology, for even more accurate treatment.

What’s more, Optimax has some great payment options, starting at around £50 a month. Whilst this might not be as low as the likes of Optical Express, it’s still pretty competitive.

However, Optimax has sometimes had a pretty hit and miss approach to customer service, based on our independent reviews. Whilst our reviews for their surgeons are positive (, the overall rating of 4* is lower than what we’ve seen for other providers.

  • Average cost of eye surgery: £2,687, pay monthly finance options
  • Areas of expertise: LASIK and LASEK surgery, Wavefront LASIK and LASEK, ICL surgery, cataract surgery
  • Liverpool address: Tower Building, 4 George’s Dock Gates, Liverpool L3 1QA
  • CQC rating: Archived in 2015
  • Read customer reviews: 891 Optimax reviews

4. Spire Liverpool Laser Eye Surgery and Treatment Clinic

Best for: Choosing your consultant

The Spire Healthcare group runs a number of hospitals across the United Kingdom. Unlike the other clinics we’ve reviewed here, Spire offer a range of treatments and procedures beyond just laser eye surgery.

However, the range of treatments on offer doesn’t mean to say they can’t offer specialists in each of their fields. For example, Mr Mark Batterbury at Spire Liverpool runs sub-speciality services in glaucoma and cornea at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.

Spire prides itself on its patient-centric approach, and they allow you to choose your consultant. This means you can be confident of having the same person with you every step of the way, which is not always a given.

However, Spire charges for its initial consultations. It also does not list a fixed price for refractive lens surgery, although it does for cataract surgery and other eye treatments. Whilst this might not deter those with private medical insurance, it may make it a less attractive option for those looking for the cheapest option.

  • Average cost of eye surgery: From £2,635 for macular degeneration treatment; from £2,640 for cataract removal; other prices not listed
  • Areas of expertise: Age-related macular degeneration treatment, Cataract removal, Refractive lens exchange surgery, Glaucoma
  • Liverpool address: 57 Greenbank Road, Liverpool, L18 1HQ
  • CQC rating: Archived in 2016
  • Read customer reviews: No reviews yet

5. SpaMedica Liverpool

Best for: NHS referrals for certain treatments

Rounding off our list is SpaMedica. SpaMedica very much specialises in cataract surgeries and treating age-related macular degeneracy.

30% of adults over 65 will have a cataract that affects their vision, meaning a huge number of people could benefit from this treatment. What’s more, onset is often very gradual, so those with cataracts often don’t realise their vision getting worse.

In 2019, SpaMedica became the UK’s largest provider of cataract surgery. The Liverpool branch accepts both NHS referrals and private patients. Private patients can expect greater flexibility in the type of treatment and procedure they receive.

The Care Quality Commission has yet to publish a report on the Liverpool branch of SpaMedica. However their short waiting times mean they are well worth checking out if you want a specialist in cataract or macular degeneracy treatment.

  • Average cost of eye surgery: Not listed
  • Areas of expertise: Cataract removal, Age-related macular degeneration treatment
  • Liverpool address: Pall Mall Medical Surgery, 5 St Pauls Square, Liverpool L3 9SJ
  • CQC rating: Not available
  • Read customer reviews: No reviews yet

Best Laser Eve Surgery in Liverpool: The Review

And, we’re done. The five best laser eye surgery clinics in Liverpool. We understand it can be a lot to take in, so it’s always a good idea to shop around, and make sure you find a clinic you feel comfortable with.

If you’d like to start the next step in your journey to going glasses free, Lasik Eye has a handy guide to laser eye surgery pricing. And you can always use our simple quote tool at the top of this page to find out who offers the best service near you!

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