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I had the surgery done in may 2017, honestly the best decision made in my life. The staff was perfect. Thank you to all of them: Dr Doyle, Hilary , Elaine , and Angela. The receptionist is just adorable. Si des français passe ...Read more

Visualase understands that having laser eye surgery is a big decision for you, and knows that you will have questions about your suitability and the treatment itself. This clinic has over 12 years experience in delivering clinical excellence and can guide you through the process every step of the way.

As a private independent clinic, it provides extremely high levels of customer service and personal attention, claiming that over 99% of its patients would recommend it to family and friends.

At your free consultation, Mr Eamonn Hynes, Mr Manoj Mathai or Dr Stephen Doyle will sit down with you and discuss the best way to correct your vision and answer all your questions. These eye doctors have a wealth of experience, having performed over 50,000 procedures between them. This one-to-one time with your treating doctor, as part of your decision making process, is surprisingly rare, and is not offered as standard by many of the other laser eye clinics.

When you come for a consultation at Visualase – you talk to your doctor – not a salesperson. It can be reassuring to meet your doctor in advance, and have your questions answered. What’s more Visualase’s unique blend of the latest technology, surgical skill and patient care are impressive – though some of the top eye clinics in London are even more advanced.

Visualase is on a mission to help more people in the UK enjoy sports, hobbies and holidays, without the hassle and inconvenience of glasses and contact lenses. That’s why it comes fifth in our list of the five best laser eye surgery clinics in Manchester. Just remember that Visualase only offers laser eye surgery – if you’d prefer lens replacement surgery, you might want to keep looking. Or talk to an eye expert to find out which option would suit your eyes best.

Laser Used: Wavelight Allegtretto Eye-Q

Consultation Fee: Free

LASIK cost: £1,195 per eye

LASEK cost: £995 per eye

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Visualase Reviews


25 May 2010

The whole staff are really friendly and welcoming. especially the receptionist. The treatment was completely pain free, I had no discomfort at all either during or after the treatment. I left Visualase at 1pm, slept for a couple of hours and by 4.30 I was watching TV and reading the paper. I am more than happy with my new vision! It took me four years to get up the courage to have this treatment and I wish I had done it sooner. I would highly recommend Visalase and Dr Doyle to anyone.

31 Aug 2006

I had LASIK treatment in November 2005, the results have been outstanding - it has changed my life. Mr Heaven was excellent - The clinic staff were brilliant.The treatment was painless and the results were instantaneous. I would recommend Visualase to anyone, they were more friendly and professional than the 'High St chain' clinics I considered.

13 Oct 2012

Went for a visit intending to have both eyes done. Advise given was excellent, and saved me money. I compaired the advice with two other national places and returend to have work carried our here. Both the time spent at the time of the tratment and after serviece have been excellent. My wife has a health problem wich could have affected here ablity to have the tratment carried out, the surgery would not advise the tratment until further checks were carried out,she has since had here eyes done,

16 Apr 2015

Staff were very helpful and re-assuring as it was a nerving experience! They answered all the questions I had and put me at ease, feeling more comfortable and confident. They are very efficient and would recommend others to use them.

25 Oct 2006

I chose Visualase because it had been recommended by two friends! it was also more convenient, as I would have had to travel to Manchester if I had chosen one of the chain of clinics. I had been very nervous but the staff were fantasic and soon put me at my ease.Although it is only 8 weeks since the treatment, my vision is improving all the time. I am very impressed with the treatment (it was over very quickly) and the aftercare received. Everything was explained clearly what to expect, and I must say it has exceeded my expectations. I had initially made enquiries with the larger chain of clinics but there isn't the personal touch that you get at Visualase.I would have no hesitation recommending Visualse to anyone considering eye surgery.

19 Nov 2012

The staff and surgeon at Visualase, Bolton were excellent, very helpful, nothing was too much trouble. The surgery itself was excellent, quick and painless, nothing to be worried about. The aftercare was brilliant. I would recommend laser eye surgery at Bolton without hesitation.

26 Nov 2018

I had laser eye surgery recently and cannot praise the staff at Visualase Bolton highly enough. Now thanks to them I can go swimming or play sport without glasses or contact lenses for the first time in 30 years.

The consultation, treatment and post surgery aftercare are incredibly efficient and customer friendly.

I have and will continue to recommend to friends, family and work colleagues.

Many thanks,

Iain Roscoe

26 May 2010

I have been short sighted since the age of 11 and had to wear glasses or contact lenses all my adult life. I have considered having laser eye surgery for years but was always a bit scared that something might go wrong! However, my sister in law recently had laser eye surgery and she was so impressed with the results that I decided to go for it. I chose Visualase in Bolton because it is close to my home. When I went there for an initial consultation, I was impressed by how friendly everyone was and how the surgeon, Mr Hines, took care to explain the procedure fully - he even showed me the "operating theatre". On the actual day, I was a bit nervous but the whole thing only took about 20 minutes and was less traumatic than going to the dentist! I had a bit of discomfort afterwards but that soon went. My sight was a bit blurred for the first 48 hours, but after that I could see better than with my contact lenses. Everyone is really impressed by how well I can see now and I would recommend the procedure to anybody. Visualase in Bolton is brilliant!

06 Aug 2014

Had the treatment in June 2014. I couldn’t see 2 yards infront of me clearly without glasses before the op. Now my vision is perfect. No more glasses. Massive confidence boost aswell. Very helpful and informative. Would recommend. The doctor and all the staff were very helpful and made me feel at ease all the way through the process.

Thank you Visualase

05 Sep 2006

I had laser treatment just over 12 months ago and can't believe how brilliant I feel never having to wear glasses. I was quite nervous before the treatment, but the staff and surgeon were very reassuring and I never felt a thing. 12 months on and I have 20-20 vision, I no longer have astigmatism and I would definately recomend this treatment to anyone as it is the I've done.

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