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Manchester Royal Eye Hospital

Manchester Royal Eye Hospital

30 Reviews

My surgery was just over a year ago at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital clinic and, having taken some time to reflect, I am very happy with the results. I take my new eyes for granted and cant remember what it was like not waking ...Read more

The Manchester Royal Eye Hospital is owned by LaserVision, and run by the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.

This eye hospital provides a full range of refractive surgical procedures and refractive errors, and treats them with laser eye or lens replacement surgery.

Patients choose the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital for its cutting-edge technology – the clinic specialises in the use of the Wavelight Allegretto laser with wavefront diagnostics and guided ablations, which is one of the most advanced lasers available.

In this review:

  1. Manchester Royal Eye Hospital review
  2. Laser eye surgery price list
  3. Treatments available
  4. Surgeons
  5. The verdict
  6. Independent patient reviews

1. Manchester Royal Eye Hospital Review

So what makes it different? The Manchester Royal Eye Hospital is renowned for offering up-to-date laser eye surgery treatments for people of all ages. The hospital stands out for its:

  1. Hospital based care: All consultations and treatments are performed in leading NHS and Private Hospitals.
  2. Expertise: All the surgeons are experts in eye surgery, and all check-ups are Consultant-led.
  3. Full range of treatment: As well as laser eye surgery, this hospital provides lens surgery, implantable contact lenses, corneal segments, and Wavefront technology.

Read reviews: Check out the independent reviews left by former patients below.

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2. Laser Eye Surgery Cost

The cost of your laser eye or lens replacement surgery will be between £900 per eye and £1,950 per eye. The two-hour consultation costs £75, which is deducted from the cost of the surgery. Prices depend on your prescription, and the treatment you are suitable for.

Here are the eye surgery prices you can expect:

TreatmentCost From
(per eye)
Cost To
(per eye)
LASIK / LASEK surgery£900£1,950
Lens replacement surgery£1,250£1,950

How do these prices compare? The Manchester Royal Eye Hospital is a mid-range clinic – it’s more expensive than leading high street clinics such as Optical Express, but cheaper than other eye hospitals like Moorfields Private.

Most clinics do not publish their price lists, so it can be hard to get a true price estimate for your eye surgery. However, based on the thousands of reviews real patients leave us, we can tell you the average cost of treatment at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital:

  • Average LASIK / LASEK surgery cost: £1,250 (per eye)
  • Average cost of surgery: £2,673 (in total, based on 28 reviews)

At your initial consultation at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, the eye expert will carry out tests to help you decide which procedure would be best for you. Laser consultations take place on a Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning, while surgery takes place on a Wednesday afternoon.

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3. Treatments

The Manchester Royal Eye Hospital offers the following laser eye surgery treatments:

  1. Blade free IntraLASIK is the most advanced laser eye surgery there is, and delivers excellent results and unmatched safety.
  2. LASIK is the most popular form of laser vision correction – it’s quick, pain free, and promises almost instant vision correction.
  3. LASEK is a quick and safe form of laser eye surgery that can treat people with thin eye surfaces and high prescriptions.
  4. SupraLASE is a no touch laser for correcting astigmatism.
  5. Wavefront technology is a personalised treatment that uses a smooth pane of light.

In addition, you have the choice of these lens surgery treatments:

  1. Implantable contact lens surgery / Phakic IOL
  2. Lens replacement surgery / Refractive lens exchange
  3. Cataract surgery

4. Surgeons

Experienced Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons lead all consultations and post-operation visits, and have expertise in every aspect of refractive surgery (laser, corneal and intra-ocular implants). When choosing a surgeon, always check they are a member of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

5. The Verdict

The Manchester Royal Eye Hospital is one of the best laser eye clinics in the UK as well as a top place for laser eye surgery in Manchester, based on over 8,900 independent reviews left on Lasik Eyes since 2002. Patients rated it:

  • Good for: Wavefront technology
  • Poor for: Parking

But is it the best place for your eye surgery treatment?

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Want a tailored quote? The cost of your laser eye or lens replacement surgery will depend on the clinic you choose, the experience of the surgeon and the treatment you go for. That means the only way to get an accurate quote is to go to a free consultation, have free eye tests (worth £800) and talk through your options with an eye expert.

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6. Manchester Royal Eye Hospital Patient Reviews


07 May 2003

I recently had my first consultation at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital (Centre for vision) for possible laser eye correction. The consultation was very thorough, detailed and informative and made the two other consultations that I had at other surgeries seem rushed and diagnoses set on company attributes rather than medical reasoning. All of the eye tests taken at the centre were much more detailed and explained than at either of the two other companies. Part of the examination was carried out by the operating surgeon who also took the time to answer my massive list of questions that I had amassed from over zealous research. At my other consultations there was no opportunity to see the operating surgeon until the day of your operation. The fact that I actually got to see and talk to the operating surgeon before any actual commitment is very re-assuring and makes the whole experience much more personal. I am very glad that I decided to consider Manchester Royal Eye hospital for this treatment as I had received contradicting information from other companies with regards to the best possible treatment for my eyes, which left me confused and concerned. I am now booked in to receive wavefront assisted LASIK by Calid Ikram next week. My advice to anyone considering laser eye surgery is to make sure you see at least two or three companies, a fee for consultation is a small price to pay to get non bias information. Also make sure to do plenty of your own research, even though you can end up scaring yourself half to death it at least lets you know what questions you need answers to.

30 May 2003

Its two weeks now since I had my operation and all is still going well and I am really happy with my results. Its a big decision to take but the rewards are big as well, when the hassle of messing around with lenses has gone you feel like you have got rid of a big ball and chain and realize just how big a pain it was. I found the whole operation experience rather unsettling, not painful in any way just uncomfortable. I think that it was that I did a bit too much research, so when I was lying there I was trying to work out everything that they were doing and how it was all working, but the staff were all brilliant, constantly explaining everything and re-assuring me. The strong smell of you eye evaporating is interesting to say the least. After the op, my eyesight was just blurred with the itchy eye syndrome, but I think that it was good timing to have the operation in the evening 6.30 pm as I got a lift home had a quick snack and slept no problem until the morning. I really couldn’t believe it when I opened my eyes in the morning, clear vision and no pain whatsoever. On my first post-op appointment a slight bit of inflammation was spotted on one of my eyes so I had to re-visit the clinic twice in the first week. This was a minor inconvenience in the grand scale of things and I am just glad that the surgeons were so thorough and insistent on close monitoring (another benefit of having the operation in the eye hospital where there is access to a surgeon all the time, not so, I believe for some other clinics) I could have easily gone back to work 1 day after my operation but I took a long weekend to make sure. I use computers a lot at work and have found in this first couple of weeks that my eyes do get tired and dry, so I just try and mix up using the computer with other tasks until it gets a bit easier. I’m really happy that I decided to have laser eye surgery and would recommend it and Manchester eye hospital to anyone.

11 Jun 2003

Had my surgery last week (Thursday) and I'm so far really pleased with the results. My close up vision is very good and normal daily tasks are not a problem. Long distance are still a little out of focus, but this is improving daily. Opted for Lasek follwoign discussion with the Consultant who felt that the my slight dry eye problem may be made worse with Lasik. Although the first two days were a little uncomfortable and basically I was confined to a darkened room (enjoyed the rest and waiting on by the rest of the family) until day three. Whilst, the post op recovery period may be longer, I feel I would recommend Lasek, given the lessening of associated risks documented with Lasik. Definately, recommend the MRH Hospital as you really do feel in safe and experienced hands. Now looking forward to steadily improving vision over the next week or so.

16 Jul 2003

Since my last posting things have continued to get better day by day. The dry eye problems kept getting better and I now only use fake tears two or three times a day. Luckily night vision has never really been a problem and my eyes no longer become tired in the evenings. The first couple of weeks after my operation, my vision quality fluctuated quite a lot which at the time is slightly worrying, but not unexpected, this problem has now pretty much dissapeared. All in all I am still really glad I went for the operation and am very grateful to all the team at Manchester Eye Hospital for thier professionalism and friendliness.

24 Jan 2005

Had the Lasek done last Wednesday (19.1.05) and returned to the MRI today(24.1.05) to have the contact lenses out and my first check up. Everything is absolutely fine (except that i'm finding this screen very bright to look at!!) I was warned that i would probably get quite a lot of pain but the only problem I had was when I was being driven home from the clinic in the rush hour and all the brakelights in front were really bright and my eyes felt like I had been peeling onions all day as they were stinging so much. So for once in my life I was really sensible and went home to bed. The next morning, and from then on I have been completely pain free and my eyes are improving daily. Being a nurse I was probably more nervous out the surgery than most (too much knowledge)but the stff at the clinic are absolute stars, so friendly and helpful, and I can't fault any of it. Hope that I can see the goal at the far end of the pitch at Old Trafford on Wednesday night, as thigs miles away are still a bit out of focus. Would recommend it to anyone as long as you have it done at this clinic

07 Jun 2005

Update on mine and Trevor's eyes! I had mine redone in May as the distance wasn't good enough for my job, so had the lasek repeated. Still absolutely no pain other than the stinging (like i'd been peeling onions)on the way home. Woke up next morning and never had another bit of pain. My vision is now fantastic and from January when I couldn't even see the eye chart I can now read next to the bottom line. What's more I can see my feet in the shower which is a bit spooky as I keep thinking i've left my glasses on. Trevor's eyes were really good from the word go following the Lasik and he only wears glasses for golf, as he can't see the ball land!!! How sad is that? Still can't praise the Eye hospital enough. Extremely friendly, professional and welcoming. Can't understand why people want to go to these private clinics which appear to be in it for the money.

13 Sep 2005

Had LASEK done here on 12th January 2005 to correct my -2.25 vision in both eyes. Immediately post-op I could read the first 5 lines of an eye chart, whereas before I could read none! A couple of hours of pain on a par with getting suncream in my eyes, and then no more pain at all. Had an hour or so of weird vision the next day when I couldn't see anything up close, and then it was fine again. Within a week or so had 20/20 vision in both eyes. Great treatment and good aftercare. Only wish they were a bit more competitive on price with the other clinics so I could recommend them to friends etc.

03 Feb 2006

Excellent experience in all departments: consultation, operation and post-operative care. My prescription was somewhat unusual with a mild degree of short sight in one eye and a large degree of long sight, plus astigmatism, in the other which was right on the border of what is treatable. Just over four months on from the procedure, my vision is now appreciably better than it was with glasses - to say that I'm pleased would be an understatement!

06 Jul 2006

I had my surgery almost three weeks ago at The Manchester Eye Hospital. I was +4.00 in both eyes with some astigmatism and my last check showed -0.25 in my left and -0.75 in my right. This seems to have improved slightly (there is always a certain amount of over correctedness with long sighted). My right eye reacted differently to the surgery in that it seems to be taking longer to heal. This is quite difficult initially but over the last 3 days my sight has come on leaps and bounds in that eye. The overall settling period is about three months so I'd advise anyone to be patient and don't expect perfect vision 2 days later - it is a process. I'm glad I had it done and am happy now but I have been unable to do much for the past 2 weeks and ended up taking this time off work.

02 Aug 2006

Had my eyes treated with lasek+wavefront on 19th July, a procedure I was more comfortable with than Lasik, based on my research. And so far, so good. My vision is clear in both eyes after 2 weeks, albeit with some discomfort in bright light. As for the clinic, it presents a friendly, relaxed impression to prospective patients, and doesn't try-too-hard to be "slick" like some of the sharper commercial operators out there. It's part of the Royal Eye Hospital, which I understand treats complications presented by other clinics, so you're in the right place straight off, as you've always access to a consultant eye surgeon (they try to ensure you see the same guy all the way through pre and post op visits) and have 24 hour emergency access to the Eye Hospital - doubt many private clinics can offer that! Obviously, this access to this benefit depends on you living close to Manchester. I understand from the literature that surplus profits are reinvested in the Royal Eye Hospital's NHS operations and research. They don't go in for flash websites and glossy brochures, all of which appealed to me.

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