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Like Many others, if not all, I was Tired of wearing Glasses from the Moment I woke till going to bed. A Good Friend Suggested FOCUS. Having this Surgery is one of the Better things i've done in my life, It has changed everythi ...Read more

Focus is a well renowned, prestigious specialist laser eye clinic based in the London Harley Street medical enclave. It has a reputation for treating celebrities, and claims to have a 99.7% success rate (excluding very high prescriptions).

What makes it different? This is a consultant led clinic, meaning UK-trained eye surgeons combine their advanced surgical skills with the specially selected laser systems that are 100% committed to achieving 20/20 vision.

Is there anything to look out for? Yes, check what you are comfortable paying. Focus is one of the pricier options for vision correction, and the success rate barely differs from clinics that charge half the price.

1. Focus Eye Surgery Treatments

Focus has often led the way in terms of technology advancement over the years. It was the first clinic to correct reading vision using Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) radio waves, which uses radio waves rather than lasers to reshape the eye surface (cornea). The chief surgeon, Mr David Allamby, has performed more CK procedures than any other surgeon in the world.

Mr Allamby is also the first surgeon in the U.K to pioneer and perform the first Z-Lasik Blended Vision (another treatment for reading glasses). He remains at the forefront of specialist surgeons for presbyopia in the UK, and has provided surgical training to visiting surgeons worldwide.

So what’s on offer? The standard procedures at Focus include: Z-LASIK, LASEK and PRK (all with Wavefront technology). The clinic additionally specialises in these popular lens replacement surgeries: refractive lens exchange (RLE), implantable collamer lens (ICL), cataract surgery.

2. Focus Costs

Focus is one of the most expensive places in the UK for laser eye and lens replacement surgery, along with its friends on Harley Street: the London Vision Clinic and Moorfields Private (just around the corner).

Nearly 200 patients told us they paid on average £6,200 for laser eye surgery and £6,700 for lens replacement surgery at Focus. These prices are among the highest out there, and around double what you can pay elsewhere in the UK.

Laser eye surgery costs (both eyes):

  1. LASIK cost: £6,500
  2. LASIK specialist cost: £6,000
  3. LASIK blended vision: £5,400

Lens and cataract surgery costs (both eyes):

  1. Refractive lens exchange cost: £6,500
  2. Cataract surgery cost: £6,500 (standard lens) – £7,500 (premium lens)
  3. ICL surgery cost: £7,500

Then there’s the VIP Package for £12,000, all in. Focus doesn’t reveal what’s involved in this eye-watering price tag, so we’ll go out on a limb and say you may not find great value for money here.

Are there any hidden costs?

You’ll be please to learn that the quotes above are fixed prices, meaning you should avoid some nasty surprises. These costs include a generous 10-year guarantee, and initial consultations are free.

Interest-free finance options are also available, from £179.17 per eye per month, with a £500 deposit. Other clinics, however, offer monthly payment plans for around a quarter of the price.

So is it worth paying more?

Well, it may be if you are looking for: the most up-to-date ophthalmic tech, some of the UK’s most experienced surgeons, and being treated like a king in general. Plus, all procedures use Wavefront technology as standard: a slightly pricier add-on that improves the accuracy of the laser by measuring the eye’s exact measurements.

But don’t feel pressured into paying more than you feel comfortable with. Laser eye surgery is considered a safe procedure, with over 95% of people being satisfied or very satisfied with results, according to NICE. Optical Express, for example, is so confident of achieving 20/20 vision, it has a moneyback offer if you don’t. And prices there are half what they are at Focus Clinics on average.

3. Focus Review: The Verdict

FOCUS Clinics features as one of the best places for laser eye surgery in the UK. Plus, with friendly staff and a “Good” CQC rating, it also makes its way onto the list of the 10 best laser eye surgery clinics in London.

But is it right for you? Focus Clinics does offer plenty of excellent perks for the higher price tags: cutting-edge lasers, pioneering eye surgeons, and hard-to-fault customer service. That said, your money will also fund perks no one really needs: things like the prime Harley Street location, spa-like rooms, and VIP treatment.

Anyone looking to bag a bargain eye surgery should keep looking. Well-reviewed high street clinics such as Optical Express, Ultralase and Optimax might be a better fit if that’s the case.

Ask the eye experts: To see if there is a better rated laser eye surgery provider near you, just click here to use our simple quote tool, and get a tailored quote from a clinic you can trust.


Focus Clinics Reviews


14 Jul 2006

I had Lasek treatment at 112 Harley Street on May 30th. Having been a theater sister I researched all clinics and data available before making a decision. I chose David Allamby because he has the essential qualifications, huge experience and has chosen to specialize in refractive surgery. It was the right decision. I had very good eyesight in my youth but as I developed presbyopia (when I needed reading specs) I gradually lost all focus distances. I ended up with contact lens for distance, and reading glasses on top. Otherwise it was variofocals which were a nuisance walking in the rain or trying to put on makeup!! Going away meant taking a huge magnifying mirror, and then I developed an allergy to the contact lens. Like you all I was scared and thought I would just go for the consultation and dwell on it for another year! Anyway I felt total confidence in David Allamby's ability and went ahead in the afternoon with the treatment. My prescription was +2.25 rt.eye and +2.50 left eye for distance. I then needed another +2.25 to read. He programmed the laser for +2.25 for the left eye and + 4.00 for the right eye having established my left eye was dominant and therefore the eye to use for distance vision. The right eye was lasered to give me close vision. The following week was uncomfortable, particularly on the third day and especially in the higher prescription eye. That is when I thought why did I do this!! I should also mention that there is a myopic shift after treatment, whereby everything becomes very close up. This is normal and expected with hyperopia, and takes a few weeks to regress into the given prescription However, I have to say that six weeks down the line I am so happy with the results. It is improving all the time and I have just had my follow up appointment, which showed that all is perfect and better than 20/20 vision. A joy to wake up and see the clock and be able to look across the garden and beyond without trying to remember where my glasses are!! If you want to go back to those wonderful days of youthful vision, go and see David Allamby.

13 Nov 2008

Had my Lasik on 11th Nov 08, couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was, the staff and surgeon were brilliant. Pre-care and after care are second to none, would recommend Focus to anyone seeking Lasik eye surgery. Day 2 after surgery and I am already back at work; the only problem I have is remembering when to take my eye drops 😉

Enjoying not having to wear glasses or contacts lenses. Love the fact that I have 20/20 vision or better. Couldn’t ask for a better result.

23 Apr 2009

I found focus vision to be brilliant, highly recommend them I was very nervous and was apprehensive even on the day,but David Allenby and every single one of the staff at focus vision were friendly and very understanding and all worked at putting me at ease. The entire clinic is also spotless and they serve a great cup of coffee. My only regret is that I did not have this treatment years ago.THANK YOU AGAIN DAVID AND ALL THE STAFF AT FOCUS LASER VISION YOUR SIMPLY THE BEST.

11 May 2010

I was very nervous and anxious before going in for the surgery. However, the entire team were incredibly professional and supportive throughout the entire process, and I soon felt calm and safe. I would thoroughly recommend any service they provide.

24 Oct 2011

The atmosphere in the clinic is relaxed and helpful. This new technique was clearly explained, and even demonstrated. The surgery was almost painless, just a little discomfort when pressure had to be applied, and the results immediate. Within 24 hours both eyes were painfree, and my distance vision near perfect. 3 months later and my distance vision is better than 20/20 and I now have my peripheral vision back! My reading improved sharply in the first week and noticeably more after one month - no more glasses needed for work (i.e. using a computer). It's very easy to take it all for granted, like I did years ago, so I have to remember what a pain glasses are - how they pinch and get dirty so quickly - to appreciate not having them anymore. Definietly recommend the procedure.

16 Sep 2014

I chose Focus after extensive research as they offered a more personal approach rather than some of the other clinics which appear to offer a one option fits all conveyor belt solution.

The service afforded me by Focus has been excellent, from initially making contact through to the aftercare I have nothing but praise for all the staff who are alway willing to help in any way they can.

Thank you team Focus for making every step of an at times worrying journey a pleasure, I would not hesitate is recommending Focus or simply saying if you are considering laser eye surgery go nowhere else.

Go team Focus!!

01 Dec 2008

I arrived into London from Somerset on the day of my operation 21st October as nervous as hell. I had already backed out twice before from two other Lazer clinics over the years as I did not feel secure in the knowledge that they had my sight in their hands and lost my deposit both times. I had worn contact lenses since I was 17 and I am now in my mid fifties. I had a very bad car crash in the late eighties where I nearly lost my right eye. I was one of the pioneers of the Extended Contact lens surgery. This allowed at the time the lens to stay in permanently and to be cleaned once a month.......... but as time went on there were so many problems I went back to monthlies............BUT that was the only other time in my life I could see as soon as I awoke...........UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!! How fantastic is this to get a second chance at my age. I underwent Z LASIK treatment to correct short-sightedness in my right eye only although I arrived to have both eyes corrected. I had my consultation with Mr Ali Mearza and he checked my eyes again and advised me only have one eye corrected as my near vision was 20/20 and he could not get this any better and I would lose the near vision in both eyes. He also advised that if I could not get on with the Blended Vision I could have my left eye at any time.My surgeon could have just gone ahead and done what I requested and I would have been no the wiser. Not only do I have a bionic eye now for long distance my left eye has been kept the same -1.75 and only cost me £820.00 too boot! I must say that it was a bit weird for a few weeks but now I do not notice a thing. My right eye is now long distance and my left eye is near distance so I can read, sew etc., Focus have made me a small pair of glasses to keep in my car as I was a bit concerned that I would feel a bit strange driving in the dark as I live in the country and have no road lights. I have in fact only used them a few times and now I don't even think about it but this was another little touch from FOCUS. I had been searching the Internet and found the Focus clinic and liked the look and sound of it and the fact that its pricing was far and away the most competitive. I contacted the the clinic and was put through to Paula Cole and very nice but professional lady. I explained to her what had happened in the past and asked if I was a probable candidate for the treatment. She was very reassuring and I also found all the other staff at the clinic BRILLIANT. Instinct told me I didn't need to shop around because I felt comfortable and made my first appointment for end of July.......and you guessed right I backed out but Paula spoke to me and said just to call her when I felt I could come again and I finally went in September. What a fool I felt because as soon as I arrived the service and advise I received was like a 7 star hotel EVERYONE so lovely and understanding. She was very honest about Z LASIK and went through all the procedures from the minute you arrive for the operation and the following 6 six months. I knew what was going to happen from the word go. They were very honest about the fact that it may cause a slight discomfort afterwards - which it did! - for at least 15 minutes until the anaesthetising drops were put in but Mr Mearza once the eyes had been double checked. After the op you are taken to a little private recovery room until Mr Mearza's checkup is due. After this you are free to go back to the room or off you go....................they said home but I was overjoyed and went to buy some diamond earrings!!! The op itself was totally painless and not at all invasive or upsetting - it was over so quickly and actually rather nice and peaceful. It took about 5 minutes from start to finish and that included the eye clamp being fitted the op and then all clamp removal, eye check and drops. The first thing I saw was the big brown eyes of the surgeon and then saw the clock and was amazed and have remained that way ever since. My eye is occasionally a bit dry but I have had that since the car crash so nothing different there. The surgeon Mr Ali Mearza explained everything he was doing so at no time did I feel scared or worried. The operation itself was weird it involves pulses of light, a little pressure on the eye and it is like a psychedelic experience not that I have ever had one but this is what I would expect to be pain at all just a little discomfort after. I thoroughly recommend this procedure to anyone considering it. When I think of all the money I have spent on lenses and glasses over the last 40 years ............................

07 Aug 2009

The service at Focus Laser Vision is second to none, expecially Paula, who without her help and safe hands, I wouldn't be typing this without my glasses and watching the telly with no problems whatsoever. The surgery was a daunting process but the determination I felt that I could do this and the faith I had in the surgeon, proves that taking a risk can be worth it. The surgery staff where brillant and I just cant express my gratitude to them enough. I know that price can have a deciding factor but with the presentation, personnel and the skill that Focus Laser Vision have, I wouldnt hesitate in recommending them. You really need to check them out. So concentrate on today, yesterday has gone you cannot change it, tommorrow is just a few hours away, so take your vision in your hands and change it. Dont hesitate, the only regret is that I shoulld have had it done when I was 21 and now 38!!!!!!!

10 Feb 2011

I booked a deal through Groupon after waiting five years to make sure my vision has stabilised. I had high astigmatism and was -6.5 so pretty short-sighted. This was a massive decision but the cost reduction of £1500 spurred me on. I was hugely impressed with the level of service, the speed at which I was able to make an appointment and have the surgery and the after-care experience. My surgeon, Dr Alanby, was very thorough and all the other staff I saw during my time were very professional. I now have great vision and genuinely think it is the best thing I have ever done. I would really recommend using this clinic.

09 Oct 2012

I saw an offer for half price eye surgery and I was very undecided on whether to take advantage of it. I finally decided to phone Focus and find out more. From the first phone call I felt I was in safe hands, and I decided to go ahead and am so glad I did. The eye tests to decide whether I was suitable for this type of surgery were rigorous and if I had been found unsuitable I would have been told and Focus would not have performed the procedure. I found this very reassuring as I'm sure there are less professional clinics who would operate regardless, or maybe I'm just cynical... I met David Allamby who performed the procedure on the day of the operation and I immediately felt I was in safe hands. I was very nervous before I was taken into the operating theatre but there really wasn't anything to fear. The procedure is painless. I can now see really well and I'm so glad I've been able to ditch my specs - I've never enjoyed wearing them and I love the freedom of not having to reach for them as I wake up. It's quite miraculous and I spent the first few days being amazed by how well I could see. All the staff at Focus are very professional and put you at your ease. So a big thank you to all of them and I can't recommend Focus Vision highly enough.

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