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Duchy Hospital

duchy hospital

42 Reviews

From the very first moment i met Mr Kumar at a Lasik presentation evening he was very knowledgeable, professional, approachable and keen to answer any questions you throw at him. My vision is normally so bad that without lenses or ...Read more

Duchy Hospital is a leading private hospital located in a pleasant rural setting on the outskirts of Truro. Opened in 1981 the hospital was designed to offer the highest standards of clinical and personal care, Duchy Hospital is dedicated to providing a professional and friendly service to all patients.

Duchy Hospital is part of the Ramsay Healthcare Group, a leading independent provider of high quality health care. Established in 1964, Ramsay has operations in the UK, Australia and Indonesia.

In the UK Ramsay operates a network of 22 private hospitals, 10 NHS Treatment Centres, neurological rehabilitation centres and diagnostic imaging services. These provide a wide and comprehensive range of clinical specialties to insured, self-pay and NHS patients.

Duchy Hospital just misses our list of the best-rated laser eye surgery providers in the UK – you can read their customer reviews below.

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Duchy Hospital Reviews


09 Dec 2015
No Rating

I had my surgery 10 days ago with Icon Eye Academy. I was only having my left eye done. It had a rating of -4. I had my second check up today.

On the day of the surgery they we’re very professional. They perhaps could have explained things more. But maybe they just sensed I wasn’t nervous so let me be. The operation took around 15 minutes or so and was relatively painless. Only the part that sucks your eye up really hurts and that is a sort of build up of annoyance as when they first put it on it wasn’t bad at all.

I had a 30 minutes in the rest room after the op and then I was off home. One thing they could have done better is gone through the form that tells you what to do after the operation before the op. The last thing you want to do is read a form after you have just had your eyes done.

That night my eye was quite sore and dry. However the pain killers and sleeping tablet get you through it. From the next morning onwards there has been no pain.

I found out today that my eye had improved to -1 (or 20/30) which is not exactly spectacular results. For me it may be enough as it was the difference between my bad left eye and perfect right eye which was causing the problems.

However the Doctor said today that the eye is still not stable and that it may still improve. It takes 3 or 4 weeks before it finally settles down. My cornea is also very dry apparently and that doesn’t help. So I have been given artificial tears.

I have based the rating purely on the improvement in my sight which is what I think most people will really care about. I expected much better improvement in the sight than -1. I will write again after my 4 week check up and if there is any change I will alter the rating accordingly.

09 Dec 2015
No Rating

After enhancement of my right eye last week, it is now perfect. It is a shame they didn’t get it right first time, but I am glad it has worked. The enhancement treatment was easier than 1st time as there is no cutting, he just lifts up the flap which will always be there (this can be done up to 24 months, but it never actually heals 100%) Unfortunately, my left eye has been deteriorating since 1st treatment [went up -5.00 to – 0.50 and is now down to -1.00] but I can get it done a 2nd time as well, for no more money. This will be next year as I want to wait, and the surgeon said after Christmas would be better.

09 Dec 2015

I had my LASIK treatment on 14 October with Dr. Kalognomas. My prescription was -3 left eye with slight astigmatism and -2.75 in my right eye. I was told I had a mild prescription and the lasers would only last about 6 seconds for each eye. I was very nervous and was given a valium before hand although I don’t think it was given long enough to work fully. The treatment itself was over with quickly. I was worried about wanting to blink while my eyes were held open, but the doctor constantly puts drops in so it’s never an issue and I felt no pain at all, just pressure when the flap is made and luckily that happens when everything goes black – which lasts only about 3-4 seconds.

I got home at 11.30am and drifted in and out of sleep. At 3pm I woke because my eyes were quite painful so I took 2 painkillers and after 1 hour the pain went and never came back. The grittiness in my eyes felt like contact lenses were inside out and this only lasted just over a day. The next day checkup went OK but my vision was still blury. After 1.5 weeks at the next checkup my eyes are fine, but my right eye has been slightly blurry whereas the left eye is very clear. This surprised me as my left eye was more shortsighted. Anyway, I have 20/25 vision at the moment which is good enough to drive and I was told to come back in 6 weeks which is the maximum time for the eyes to settle. I’m reasonably happy but after reading others experiences with similar prescriptions was hoping for 20/20 by now. Hoping I won’t need any more surgery though!

09 Dec 2015

I had a my eyes corrected at ICON The Eye Academy. Both my eyes were -275, I had been wearing contact lenses
for 6 years.
When I initially came in for a consultation after 2 weeks of not wearing contact lenses, I was told my left eye was not ready
for the procedure and was recommended to return after another 4 weeks, which seemed to be a bit excessive but never the less I came back after
the 4 week period on the 3rd Oct 02.
The procedure took half an hour for both eyes after which within 3 to 4 hours I was able to see and focus on distant objects such as my huge nose
which before the procedure I did not think I had. Never mind its a small price to pay for a 20/20 vision.
My month check-up will be at the end of Oct 02 were god willing everything should be fine.

09 Dec 2015

Consultation early August. Said same as Ultralase and Maxivision, that my high prescription and astigmatism meant that results could not be guaranteed. The doctor spent ages examining my eyes so I was a lot more confident than with Ultralase. He did not understand why ultralase had said that I may not be able to pass the driving eyesight standard if I had surgery although the results might not be as good as I hoped. He found I have macular degeneration in my right eye. Maxivision and Ultralase never spotted this. He recommended getting my GP to book me a proper examination in an eye hospital which I have done. After that, and seeking their advice, I will go back to Icon to have the surgery. In the meantime I have decided on a third attempt at wearing contact lenses. I have to have specially made Toric ones because of my prescription. Damn these eyes of mine.

09 Dec 2015

After 2 consultations,I decided to go ahead with the corrective surgery on both eyes, although the surgeon stated that they might not be able to achieve 100% correction due to the eye make up(stigmatism and my age 44).
The procedure itself, although uncomfotable was quick and painless.
I left the clinic after less than 1 hour with blurred vision.
The next day, when I returned for my check up, I was told we had achieved 20/20 vision .(perfect)
2 weeks later on a follow up check, the surgeon was delighted that my eyes were now 20/15 (eagle) vision.
The results were far greater than anything we could have previously hoped for.
I am writing this 2 months later , and can honestly report that I have not had a single moments discomfort or viewing problems.I do not yet require reading glasses and the only experience is that i have had to have my overhead light turned off as i work in a dealing room (4 screens in front of me) and my eyes are more sensitive to light.
Would definately recommend the procedure to anyone who like me has had to wear glasses/contact years for a number of years(20 in my case).

09 Dec 2015

I had my treatment last September, and was -5.25 with an astigmatism. Bearing in mind my brain had been seeing images badly for 37 years, I was expecting 20/20 the next day, but did have some clouding. The consultant kept telling me to be patient for a week or so, let the brain learn how to see the new crisp and clear images. He was so right!!!! If you have any doubt, please listen to advice, and don’t expect a 24 hour miracle. Be patient, let the eyes settle, and like me, you will regain 20/20, with better 3D and colours look wonderful. I can now see my children in the swimming pool without those damned glasses. A year later, and its brilliant.

09 Dec 2015

Update. I have had my seven day review and my eyesight is now 20/20. I am really glad I had the treatment and I would recomend this procedure

09 Dec 2015

I had laser surgery yesterday and my eyesight is now at 80%, good enough to drive! It is expected to improve over the next 7 days to 90-95%. My perscription was -3 and -2.75 left and right respectively. My vision is still a little blurred, however my first treat this morning was to be able to see the alarm clock without groping for my glasses.

The surgery was painless but the anithseptic wore off on the train home and my eyes felt like they were being rubbed by sandpaper. This only lasted a few hours. Overall I am really pleased and cannot wait to see how it improves over the next week

04 Dec 2015
No Rating

I had the LASIK treatment on 7 March. I returned on the following day as planned and also today, Friday 15 March. From today’s examination I have discovered that I now have 20/20 vision. I am very pleased with the results.

My original prescription was right eye -1.75 and left -2.25. Also I can confirm that there was no pain. Only eye drops are used for the surgery which was all over in about 25 minutes from when I left the waiting room. When I first got up from the surgery, the nurse was talking to me and asked about my vision. This was a rather strange experience in that I could see well but it was like looking through clear jelly which led to a feeling of being within myself.

I was then taken to the recovery room where I rested for about 20 minutes and the vision started to improve. I had some discomfort for a few hours that afternoon when I returned home when I found it difficult to open my eyes. Probably best described by the feeling you get when you get a poke in the eye and when to try to open it you just want to close the eye again. The vision improved that evening but it is the next day when I woke up I found the biggest change. Whilst my vision was not perfect at this stage it was obvious that the surgery had been successful. To prove it I put my glasses that I used to wear back on and everything was a blur.

I returned to work on Monday 11 March. I work in IT and owing to the nature of my work I spend most of my day at a PC screen. Due to my eyes feeling sensitive I found the office lighting and the screen uncomfortable and found myself wearing sunglasses in the office for the first two days. I found work was a little more of a struggle that usual. With the benefits on hindsight I would have probably taken I couple more days off of work to recover. However, if you do not work in this situation this would not be necessary.

I was aware that I would need to wear reading glasses after the surgery. This was something that I was OK with as I knew I would require bifocals for my next pair of glasses. However, whilst no doubt I should of been aware, I did not realize that the good close vision sight that I did have would disapear following the surgery.

I hope that these comments will help others who are considering having this treatment as I found this site very useful. Reading the advertising material was one thing but I felt much happier reading about the experiences of people who had undergone the surgery. Good luck with whatever decision you decide to make.

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