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Before surgery my vision was -8 and therefore I couldn’t read a book, or see facial expressions etc without using my glasses. I would definitely recommend Centre for Sight. I’d dwelt on surgery for 10 years since my initial ...Read more

1. Review of Centre for Sight Clinic

Centre for Sight is a long-standing and renowned eye surgery clinic, with three practices in London, Surrey and West Sussex. Its leading consultant eye surgeon, Mr Sheraz Daya, founded the clinic way back in 1996 with a clear mission: provide exemplary eye care to patients in facilities that are purpose-built with their needs in mind.

What makes Centre for Sight different? Centre for Sight is based on Mr Daya’s vision that better surroundings can provide a higher standard of care. Today patients get to enjoy a spa-like or luxury hotel experience, rather than the dread of most hospital surgeries.

Is there anything else I should know? As you’d expect then, this clinic also comes with the price tag that accompanies a five-star experience. Yes, the facilities are kitted out with high-end diagnostic tech and quality lenses, backed up by a team of highly trained staff. But you leave all the fancy atmosphere behind the moment you step outside the clinic, and it won’t be a priority for everyone.

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2. Centre for Sight Treatments

Centre for Sight has expertise in all the major eye treatments, from LASIK to lens replacement surgery, and implantable contact lenses. Here are some of the most popular surgeries:

  1. LASIK / IntraLASIK laser eye surgery
  2. Laser and non-laser lens replacement
  3. Implantable contact lenses (ICL surgery)
  4. Laser cataract surgery
  5. Corneal grafts
  6. Keratoconus

To find out which procedure would work best for your unique eye prescription, always talk to a qualified ophthalmologist. As with all leading clinics, Centre for Sight provides initial consultations where you can talk to a specialised eye consultant, and understand the risks and options available to you.

3. Centre for Sight Prices

On average, 723 patients told Lasik Eyes they paid between £2,400 and £3,615 per eye for laser eye and lens replacement surgery at Centre for Sight since 2002. These costs are slightly above the average price range of £1,789 and £3,152 – high street clinics such as Optical Express and Ultralase were the cheapest places we found.

Here are the fixed costs of eye surgery at Centre for Sight:

  • Laser eye surgery cost: £2,300 per eye (from £77 per month)
  • IntraLASIK Supracor cost: £2,575 per eye (from £86 per month)
  • Implantable contact lens cost: £2,975 per eye (from £85 per month)
  • Implantable contact lens cost (toric lenses): £3,450 per eye (from £93 per month)
  • Cataract surgery cost (monofocal): £2,975 – £3,575 per eye (from £94 per month)
  • Cataract surgery cost (multifocal): £2,975 – £3,575 per eye (from £94 per month)

Your costs will include: a free consultation (for laser surgery), the full cost of the procedure, a 24-hour service line, and aftercare for one year after treatment. Laser eye surgery consultations are free, but lens replacement surgery assessments cost £295.

Centre for Sight also provides interest free pay monthly finance options over a generous 24 months – with some clinics, you’ll be paying 11% APR after the first year. As with most clinics, there’s a deposit of £500 to secure the surgery, but this cost comes off the total cost.

4. Centre for Sight Review: The Verdict

Centre for Sight is featured as one of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK. With a thumbs-up rating from the CQC and a reputation among customer for top-notch customer care, this address also makes our list of the 10 best laser eye surgery clinics in London.

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Centre For Sight Reviews


05 Jan 2017

5 stars. Completely liberating!

05 Jan 2017

Difficult to criticize as overall experience was extremely positive. I was extremely nervous when I first embarked on this journey. I feared the worst however Mr. Daya has proven that his is exceptionally good at what he does.

05 Jan 2017

5 stars. Good overall attention. Happy that the cataract is removed. Seeing shop labels better a little.

05 Jan 2017

No More Hunting For Glasses!!!
I am so glad I went to see Mr. Daya and had my lens replacement procedure on both eyes. I found all the staff kind and caring. I was nervous from the very beginning but found the experience on the first eye interesting but the second eye which was two days later amazing with all those colours. The only slight inconvenience were the multitude of eye drops needed for four weeks afterwards to prevent infection, about which Mr. Daya is very conscientious. Very reassuring. My eyesight now confirms the wonderful small details I had missed for a long time. Many thanks to Mr. Daya and his team.

05 Jan 2017

I am delighted with the outcome of the procedures, it has made a significant improvement to my life. Thanks to Miss Lucia Pelosini and everyone at Centre for Sight in East Grinstead.

31 Aug 2016

“I was recommended by my optician. Very happy with the whole experience.”
– Eileen Collyer

31 Aug 2016

I am very happy with my experience at the centre and would recommend them to all my friends and family. Now after my surgery, my dream is to enjoy the rest of my life without the need for spectacles.
– Christopher Michel

31 Aug 2016

Very good experience, I would recommend it to anyone.
– Jillian Green

31 Aug 2016

I am delighted with the outcome of the procedures, it has made a significant improvement to my life. The courtesy, care and level of professionalism shown to my by all the Centre for Site staff was outstanding.
– Kevin Hornsby

18 Aug 2016

The first time I wore a pair of glasses I was a year old. Contact lenses seemed like a miracle at first, but quickly became the bane of my life.

After three hours of extensive eye tests (my corneal shape and composition, dry eye, the quality of my tears, and the degree of prescription were measured) I had a consultation with laser eye surgeon Mr Sheraz Daya.

He told me I was suitable for the surgery and explained I wouldn’t feel any pain during the procedure as my eyes would be numbed by anaesthetic drops.

The next day I was back to see Mr Daya at my 24-hour post op check. I had 20/20 vison.

The following day I was back at work.

It’s now been six months and several all-clear check-ups since my surgery.

I’m glad I did it.

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