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802 Reviews

Best ever. Super happy with not only the results but also the customer service. Dr Patel from Parsons Green clinic is extremely professional and a excellent doctor. Also 5stars out of 5 to my surgeon. Excellent team. Would recomme ...Read more

1. Review of AccuVision Laser Eye Clinic

Established in 2001, AccuVision is a popular destination for people seeking quality, affordable laser eye surgery. This clinic currently operates in five cities nationwide: London, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol and Newcastle, and has performed over 40,000 treatments and counting.

What did independent inspectors find? According to the CQC’s latest report, there were no complaints between August 2016 and September 2017 from 1,011 refractive eye procedures carried out at AccuVision.

Is there anything else I should know? Most of the eye surgeons on our site enjoy five-star ratings, and the same is true for AccuVision. But it’s worth noting we only have 10 reviews for Dr Prashant Jindal.

Patients always want to find an ophthalmologist they feel comfortable with. That’s why it’s always a good idea to do your own research by trying to meet with your surgeon at an initial consultation, and many clinics offer these for free.

Compare clinics: See if there are any other top-rated clinics near you, and use our simple tool to receive a personalised quote.

2. AccuVision Treatments

As well as common laser vision correction treatments – such as LASEK and LASIK with ultra-accurate Wavefront diagnostics – AccuVision also offers lens replacement surgery, including the UK’s most common surgical procedure: cataract surgery.

  1. LASIK eye surgery
  2. Trans-Epithelial Surface Treatment
  3. Lens replacement surgery
  4. ICL surgery (implantable contact lenses)
  5. Cataract surgery
  6. Amblyopia (lazy eye treatment)

So is it safe? AccuVision promises highly sophisticated, automated devices, with world-class Wavefront technology and the Alcon WaveLight EX500 Excimer laser. According to the clinic’s own study of 500 patients, everyone achieved at least driving standard vision following surgery (including repeat surgery).

3. AccuVision Laser Eye Clinic Prices

AccuVision’s prices are reasonable rates in laser eye surgery. On average, 800 patients told Lasik Eyes they paid £1,200 (per eye) for laser eye surgery, and £3,615 (per eye) for lens replacement surgery (including cataract surgery) – few clinics have lower starting prices.

AccuVision doesn’t publish a fixed price list, but here are the costs you can expect for the most popular eye surgeries:

  • Consultation Price: Free for initial consultation
  • LASIK Price: Average cost £2,400 for both eyes
  • Trans-Epi Price: Average cost £2,400 for both eyes
  • C3R Treatment Price: Average cost £2,000 per eye

Here’s how these prices compare to the eye surgery quotes offered by other clinics:

TreatmentOptical Express Cost (per eye)Optegra Cost (per eye)Optimax Cost (per eye)Centre for Sight Cost (per eye)
LASIK / LASEKFrom £595£1,795£1,695£2,400
Cataract SurgeryFrom £3,195£2,495£2,995From £3,150
ICL SurgeryFrom £3,395£3,495£2,495£3,615

Eye surgery isn’t an insignificant cost for most people. That’s why AccuVision offers a 10 month finance option, which lets you spread the costs of surgery after the initial deposit into smaller monthly fees. You will need to pass a credit check with Hitachi Capital to gain approval for this payment plan.

That said, most clinics provide finance plans for much longer – up to three years, and also team up with health insurers who may cover at least some of the costs of the surgery (which AccuVision doesn’t).

4. AccuVision Review: The Verdict

AccuVision has hundreds of positive patient reviews, making it one of the most popular laser eye clinics in the UK. It also features as one of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK, as well as making our list of the best laser eye surgery in London for raving customer reviews about its professional staff.

But is it right for you? If you happen to live near one of AccuVision’s clinics in London, Birmingham, Leeds or Bristol, you may want to pop in for a free consultation, and quiz the eye consultants there. Or, you are free to double check whether there might be a better match out there using our clinic-matching tool.

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Accuvision Reviews


07 Dec 2007

I am a pianist and musical director for the Royal Shakespeare Company, so my vision is absolutely crucial to my job. It was also an issue for me sometimes having to appear on stage without wearing glasses etc. I had considered laser surgery on and off for a number of years, but was squeamish about even wearing contacts, before deciding to take the plunge, and after doing some research opted for Accuvision in Solihull. My prescription was not too severe so I was told I would be an ideal candidate for Wavefront. I found the procedure to be totally painless and much less stressful than I was expecting. The surgeon was excellent at keeping things relaxed and letting me know what I needed to do. My recovery experience has been pretty much what was predicted - some lights at night had a halo like glow around them which faded over a couple of weeks or so. This aspect was of particular importance to me as I work in an orchestra pit or dark back stage areas etc, while having to read music scores under bright, localized lights - so I am very pleased that this side effect has been only temporary. My eyes felt a little dry at times and slightly ached initially but again these effects have not lasted. At my one month check up, I was informed my vision was 130%, so I am absolutely delighted with the results and would whole heartedly recommend Accuvision to anyone considering Laser surgery.

18 Apr 2008

It has been over 2 years since i had my eyes lasered at Accuvision and th check up I had recently revealed that I still have 20/20 vision. Nothing has changed; it’s still as good as it was 2 years ago.

The team make you as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure and are with you every step of the way.

15 Nov 2008

I had my treatment at 4pm yesterday & cannot believe how fantastic my vision is already, and it is still settling down! My experience at Accuvision was absolutely world class, they have got the whole package perfect from consultation stage to after-care. The staff at Solihull made me feel that they were privileged to be able to treat me and every single one of them as warm and friendly at all times. I had to go for the treatment on my own and they really took care of me especially as I was very nervous;one of them even held my hand the whole way through! The whole thing took less than 20 minutes, with the treatment itself less than 2 minutes per eye; and it was totally pain and discomfort free. I did not really know what to expect having read so many different peoples feedback on this site;but I can honestly say it was easier than going to the dentist; the fear of the unknown was the worst thing, it was just a surreal experience. If I was recommending anyone for treatment I would not hesitate for a second about recommending Accuvision, but I would advise them to go for other consultations to see for themselves how good Accuvision really are. Thank you Accuvision .... I think you are wonderful !!!

11 Mar 2009

Treatment- Wavefront LASIK I am REALLY HAPPY with every element of my treatment. From the very first appointment / consultation. I had been to a few consultations elsewhere but ACCUVISION were the one that made me feel the most comfortable-no pressure just plain information which I was then left alone to make my own decision. On the day of surgery I was very nervous but I can say it was painless. A strange experience but the staff were lovely in calming me down. Since, the check ups have been friendly and great - especially with the now fantastic vision. I have already forgotten that I ever wore contacts or glasses! I will be recommending Accuvision to anyone who wears glasses.

29 Jul 2009

I started to wear glasses at age 7. I moved onto wearing contact lenses only from age 16 to age 37. My contact prescription was -6 and -6.5 with some astigmatism. I had wanted to get my eyes lasered since I first heard about it around age 20. Contacts/glasses had always got in the way when I played sport. For the last few years I had been aware of Accuvision and the excellent feedback from customers. I had excellent vision wearing contacts and my hesitancy on having the operation was due to my strong prescription and there being a small chance of not quite getting 20/20 vision after the operation. I was also very wary of having a flap on my eyeball that may be a weak point on my eye if my eye ever received a knock. I had almost resigned myself to having the flap operation, then sometime last year I became aware of the Trans-epi treatment at Accuvision. I ramped up my research again and basically decided I wanted it done and I wanted Accuvision in London specifically Chad Rostron to do it. I was 80% certain I wanted the trans epi treatment but I wanted to hear Accuvision's advice. You have to wear glasses for 7 days before the consultation so I booked in for the consultation and treatment on the same day simply because I did not want to wear glasses for any longer than necessary! So on the 6th March 2009 I went for my consultation and Accuvision advised I was suitable for either the flap operation or Trans-epi. I choose Trans-epi simply because I could not bear the thought of having a potential weak spot on my eye where the flap had been created. The operation was done by Chad Rostron and now 4.5 months later I have 20/15 vision in my left eye and 20/20 in my right eye. It's absolutely amazing to not wear contacts anymore and also not have the worry of a flap weak spot on my eye. I would suggest to not have the consultation and operation on the same day, as on surgery days they are very busy and my consultation felt slightly rushed. When I had my check ups after the surgery it all seemed more relaxed as it was not a surgery day. For 24 hours after the operation my eyes were very sore and I could not open them, just to use the drops every hour. By day 3 I could open them ok but it was day 7 before they felt fine. I would suggest 10 days off work. My eyesight then settled down but was variable over the next 6 weeks, and very sensitive to bright light. By month 4 they were in my mind perfect and this was backed up by my check-up last week. Overall incredible! Thanks Accuvision!

23 Feb 2010

A fantastic experience! Very friendly, no sales pressure at all. The technology is amazing (they talk you through every aspect) and the procedure itself was quite literally a zero pain process. No discomfort at all after the procedure. I had a severe (+5) astigmatism in both eyes which is now fixed. I've ditched my glasses - both for reading and long distance. Best thing I ever did.

13 Jul 2010

I have been impressed from the first meeting I had with the Accuvision team. They are highly professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I appreciated that they could answer any questions I had and put my worries to rest. The procedure was over so quickly and as the other testimonials have mentioned there was no pain. It was a strange feeling but not painful. Within an hour I was ready to leave and go home. The next day my eyes were sensitive but I could see clearly! Since my procedure a friend of mine has had it done here too. I am so pleased I went ahead with it, and so grateful I found this great team to support me through it. I was 100% sure and confident in them and their capabilities. Thank you!

31 Jan 2011

I had my eyes done on 29th January 2010, I was worried about the surgery and very apprehensive at the time, all my questions were answered by the Accuvision team. They re-assured me and answered every question I asked. I have to say I'm 43 yrs old and I have to say I made the best decision I've ever made in my life by having laser eye surgery! I have only one regret........that i never did it years ago!!! I can recommend Accuvision and infact I have, 4 people I have recommended have ALL had laser eye surgery and like me are delighted with the service they have received. Go and have a free consultation you wont regret it.........I didn't. Michael :-)

05 Sep 2011

As a fairly sporty person, I had been looking over the previous 10 years to have laser eye surgery to improve my vision, which had stabilised to around -4.5D. Therefore, I have experience of visiting different clinics, and whilst I cannot say if other clinics are really good, or not so, my instinct told me not to commit to surgery with a couple of them over the years. One complication I had was 'Keratoconus', which Accuvision told me about 4-5 years ago. However, at this same period, whilst looking for second opinions, some other (reputable) clinics, did not diagnose this, and were very willing to take me for standard surgery. Despite, disappointment of not being able to have laser eye surgery many years ago, I'm absolutely delighted that Accuvision gave me the best advice objectively, using advanced imaging technology way back then. It was even with greater pleasure therefore that a new treatment (Corneal Collagen Cross Linking) now exists for 'Keratoconus' - this to stem the worsening of the condition. This was all I expected when I went for my treatment in July this year. It was a complete bonus therefore that Accuvision were able to do secondary treatment to improve my uncorrected vision too. It is now 2 months later, and I must say that my dream for the last ten years has more or less been fulfilled, despite the long journey. In other words, I am spending my daily life without contact lenses and without glasses. My testimonial for Accuvision is glowing. From their honest appraisal so many years ago, to the quality of their staff and the treatment and after care they offer. Every single member of Accuvision in Fulham treat and talk to you, they genuinely care. I had no hesitation in putting my eyes in their trust. The clinic team is led by Daryus Panthakey and for me it was important to know that I was not entrusting just experienced surgeons, but also one of the early pioneers in laser eye technology with my precious future vision; how lucky is that?! I can say that I did my detailed research about many clinics, and Accuvision was one of the best on paper. Having had the chance to visit a few, I really feel that they are one of the best (if not the), and not just on paper. They walk the talk...........

27 Oct 2014

I had the laser procedure carried out as I had astigmatism. My husband had laser eye surgery twelve years ago at Accuvision, and is still enjoying excellent vision, I could not have been happier with the results and aftercare. My vision is perfect, a very well managed clinic, with a very capable team of surgeons and

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