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802 Reviews

Best ever. Super happy with not only the results but also the customer service. Dr Patel from Parsons Green clinic is extremely professional and a excellent doctor. Also 5stars out of 5 to my surgeon. Excellent team. Would recomme ...Read more

1. Review of AccuVision Laser Eye Clinic

Established in 2001, AccuVision is a popular destination for people seeking quality, affordable laser eye surgery. This clinic currently operates in five cities nationwide: London, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol and Newcastle, and has performed over 40,000 treatments and counting.

What did independent inspectors find? According to the CQC’s latest report, there were no complaints between August 2016 and September 2017 from 1,011 refractive eye procedures carried out at AccuVision.

Is there anything else I should know? Most of the eye surgeons on our site enjoy five-star ratings, and the same is true for AccuVision. But it’s worth noting we only have 10 reviews for Dr Prashant Jindal.

Patients always want to find an ophthalmologist they feel comfortable with. That’s why it’s always a good idea to do your own research by trying to meet with your surgeon at an initial consultation, and many clinics offer these for free.

Compare clinics: See if there are any other top-rated clinics near you, and use our simple tool to receive a personalised quote.

2. AccuVision Treatments

As well as common laser vision correction treatments – such as LASEK and LASIK with ultra-accurate Wavefront diagnostics – AccuVision also offers lens replacement surgery, including the UK’s most common surgical procedure: cataract surgery.

  1. LASIK eye surgery
  2. Trans-Epithelial Surface Treatment
  3. Lens replacement surgery
  4. ICL surgery (implantable contact lenses)
  5. Cataract surgery
  6. Amblyopia (lazy eye treatment)

So is it safe? AccuVision promises highly sophisticated, automated devices, with world-class Wavefront technology and the Alcon WaveLight EX500 Excimer laser. According to the clinic’s own study of 500 patients, everyone achieved at least driving standard vision following surgery (including repeat surgery).

3. AccuVision Laser Eye Clinic Prices

AccuVision’s prices are reasonable rates in laser eye surgery. On average, 800 patients told Lasik Eyes they paid £1,200 (per eye) for laser eye surgery, and £3,615 (per eye) for lens replacement surgery (including cataract surgery) – few clinics have lower starting prices.

AccuVision doesn’t publish a fixed price list, but here are the costs you can expect for the most popular eye surgeries:

  • Consultation Price: Free for initial consultation
  • LASIK Price: Average cost £2,400 for both eyes
  • Trans-Epi Price: Average cost £2,400 for both eyes
  • C3R Treatment Price: Average cost £2,000 per eye

Here’s how these prices compare to the eye surgery quotes offered by other clinics:

TreatmentOptical Express Cost (per eye)Optegra Cost (per eye)Optimax Cost (per eye)Centre for Sight Cost (per eye)
LASIK / LASEKFrom £595£1,795£1,695£2,400
Cataract SurgeryFrom £3,195£2,495£2,995From £3,150
ICL SurgeryFrom £3,395£3,495£2,495£3,615

Eye surgery isn’t an insignificant cost for most people. That’s why AccuVision offers a 10 month finance option, which lets you spread the costs of surgery after the initial deposit into smaller monthly fees. You will need to pass a credit check with Hitachi Capital to gain approval for this payment plan.

That said, most clinics provide finance plans for much longer – up to three years, and also team up with health insurers who may cover at least some of the costs of the surgery (which AccuVision doesn’t).

4. AccuVision Review: The Verdict

AccuVision has hundreds of positive patient reviews, making it one of the most popular laser eye clinics in the UK. It also features as one of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK, as well as making our list of the best laser eye surgery in London for raving customer reviews about its professional staff.

But is it right for you? If you happen to live near one of AccuVision’s clinics in London, Birmingham, Leeds or Bristol, you may want to pop in for a free consultation, and quiz the eye consultants there. Or, you are free to double check whether there might be a better match out there using our clinic-matching tool.

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Accuvision Reviews


08 Jun 2010

After finally coming to the end of my tether with my glasses provider, I decided to go for treatment over Christmas 09. My Dad had had laser eye surgery around 8 years ago with Accuvision, so they were an obvious choice. My consultation was clear and concise, and I was told that laser surgery may not entirely correct my vision, as I was a -8.00. I decided to go ahead, because even a very small prescription would be better than what I had currently. My surgery was booked for mid Feb. I arrived early, and was promptly seen to. The actual procedure was around 10-15 mins, then I was up and out of the clinic before my actual appointment time. First check up next day, they were happy enough to take the bandage contact lenses off, and by my week follow up, I was amazed at what I could see. I can now legally drive without and glasses, which is something we weren't sure we were going to achieve. It took about a month before i stopped reaching out every morning to put my glasses on, but its certainly the best money I've ever spent. Thank you to the whole staff, they were amazing, and made the experience as comfortable and informative as possible.

16 Dec 2010

It is the best thing I have done in my life - life without contact lenses is truely a gift. I had a very high prescription at -8.5 and I think the worst part for me was the consultation as it would have been at this point they would have told me if I could or could not have the treatment - the rest was a breeze remarkably enough - the procedure painless and for the next couple of days my eyes felt gritty but nothing more and by 2 days after the op I had perfect vision. My partner is now going to have his eyes done in the new year. This is the only clinic I would allow him to go to with their expertise and technology any other clinic does not measure up and your eyes are something not to be scrimped on

10 Jun 2011

Having worn glasses as a child and then contact lenses for 16 years, at the age of 32 I could no longer bear them in my eyes due to dryness. I desperately wanted to have laser surgery some years ago but was rejected as my corneas were too thin for the LASIK and LASEK treatments. I met Simon Falk by chance as I had read about some contact lenses which may have been worth a try. He suggested that I might be suitable for the Trans-Epithelial treatment Accuvision offer which turned out to be the case. I plucked up the courage to go ahead in May 2010 and am so pleased with the results. As I am now 50 and was at the point of needing glasses for long and short sightedness (aghhhhh!!) I also had the mono vision treatment. Initially my 'distance' eye was much slower than my 'reading' eye and I was a bit concerned although I was assured that if it didn't correct itself (which in fact it did), the eye could be re-treated. Three months later and I have almost perfect vision - only out by +0.25 in my distance eye. I do not wear glasses at all and it's fab! The surgery itself took minutes and there was discomfort afterwards - not a sharp pain but more of an ache and I found it difficult of open my eyes to put the eye drops in. Just took strong pain killers. Fearing I wouldn't sleep, I stayed up until 11pm - should have gone earlier. Slept fine and the pain was gone in the morning. Slight achiness over the next couple of days but that was all. I would thoroughly recommend the Leeds clinic. They are very professional, re-assuring and approachable and I am so happy with the results.

21 Mar 2002

I went to Accuvision for a (free) consultation yesterday (20/3/02). I was impressed by the experience - pleasant environment, helpful staff, and running to schedule. The consultation took over an hour, and seemed very thorough, including both corneal mapping and use of the aberrometer to measure internal refractive problems. The opthalmologist identified lenticular astigmatism on top of my -8 myopia. They were also able to tell me my corneal thickness (over 600 microns), the flap thickness (150 microns) and the level of ablation (114 microns); it's comforting to know that over half of my corneal thickness will be left untouched the the op. They also pointed out that older laser technologies (as used by some other clinics) would have ablated over 200 microns for my prescription.

They were comfortable answering all my questions about what might go wrong, and there was absolutely no hard sell, which surprised me given that the consultation was free. They quoted me 1500 per eye (and they firmly encourage doing both eyes together), with a 20% chance of needing retreatment to refine the vision, which would be provided at no extra cost. Because of the level of my prescription, the initial surgery would not use the fabled wavefront technology, as the astigmatism is only a small fraction (2%) of the prescription. Any reatreatment, however, would probably use wavefront analysis, as the astigmatism would be more significant. My spectacle prescription had included prism, which the opthalmologist found to be unnecessary. However, he pointed out that using wavefront analysis, it would have been possible to counteract a certain level of prism as part of the treatment.

Another good feature of Accuvision is the length of the waiting lists. I was able to get my consultation within a week, and was offered the option of a surgery date in three weeks time.

I left feeling reassured that the benefits of LASIK outweighed the risks, and that I would be happy for Accuvision to do the treatment. However, I think that I will have another consultation somewhere else first; not because I saw anything to concern me at at Accuvision, but simply because a second opinion seems sensible when contemplating surgery on something as valuable as one's eyes.

26 Aug 2002

Here is my update: I had an appointment on Thursday, 22nd August 2002 and am so very happy with the outcome. So happy I went out that night to celebrate again!(Each time I see Accuvision I seem to be celebrating) I just couldn't stop smiling all the way home, but then again from the start that is the effect Accuvision has had on me so that is nothing new!! My sight was tested and my left eye is still 20/20 and when my right eye was tested it has improved and also reached 20/20 vision so that means that my sight has stabilized and both eyes are the same vision now. This is so amazing coming from someone who until 20th June (when I had my op) never had 20/20 vision, my vision was a line below. Also, I had an abberometer test (post-op) which showed that at least 70% of my abberations were removed which is fantastic, so Accuvision don't just correct your prescription but also correct your own personal prescription which makes a tremendous difference to the outcome. Like as well as getting rid of my short-sightedness Accuvision also got rid of my coma abberation. Before my op when I had the abberometer test it was discovered that I had a coma abberation. Vikesh explained to me that a coma abberation is normally found in someone with large pupils even though you don't have to necessary have large pupils to get a coma abberation. My pupils have never been large so I never suspected that I had effects/problems in my eyes which people with large pupils suffer from. I always thought people with large pupils had problem with night glare so when I was told despite having normal-sized pupils I had this coma abberation I was quite surprised as I always thought that someone who has coma abberation would have problems with night-glare especially after having the op. In fact I can honestly say that since my operation my night vision is notably better than before, constantly improving, and I have experienced no worsening night vision, no night-glares or anything like that. If things appear brighter it is actually because I can now see them clearly!! When Vikesh mentioned the coma abberation, another part of a jigsaw puzzle finally came into place. I always found that although I never had night-glare I did suffer from poor night vision and things appeared very dim, like I hated going down steps in the dark - I could hardly see them - but didn't realise how poor my vision was till after the op. Now it has changed my life. My night vision as well as my day vision never fails to continue to surprise me and I could not be happier with the outcome. It is incredible waking up and seeing all the details in everyday life which I didn't notice before the operation simply because I couldn't see it!! Also thank you Vikesh for your time and explaining a bit about the abberation to me, I found it fasinating and as I mentioned earlier, it explains why I experienced the problems I had before my op. My next check-up is in 6 months time + I was told that there is the possibility that my vision will continue to improve and exceed 20/20 but even if it doesn't that is ok - I am so deliriously happy having 20/20 vision, I never dreamt in my wildest dreams that I would have such good, clear, crisp vision all thanks to Accuvision.

Again ....a big thank you to everyone in Accuvision, you truly are an amazing Team who perform miracles.

As I said before:

It's a whole new world ...


02 Jan 2003

I had my surgery on Friday, 6 December. I had been refused last year by Boots Clinic but after hearing about Accuvision, I decided to give it one more go. I was so convinced they would say no, that had only told a couple of people that I was going. All of the staff at the clinic made me feel so at ease. I was told that I had a high prescription, astigmatism and large pupils!! Nothing new there apart from the pupils bit. Just the challenge the surgeon was looking for. They were convinced they could significantly improve my vision. That was it - I entrusted my eyesight to these people that I had only just met. And I had to pay for it. And it is worth every penny. The flap on the left eye dried very quickly and I needed a contact lens on overnight. That was removed the day after. I was very apprehensive for the first 24 hours with the 'expected' fluctuations in sight but after 6pm on Saturday the vision just cleared. The night vision took about a week to settle and each day there was significant improvement. The 10-day check up went very well with 20/20 in both eyes. I can see better than I ever could with glasses and I am so grateful to the team at Accuvision. What a fantastic Christmas present! I want to say a special thank you to Nick for keeping an eye on my Mum who watched the whole thing! THANK YOU

04 Sep 2003

Well, it's over 18 months since I underwent my Wavefront Lasik treatment at Accuvision. Truly it's unbelievable that I've forgotten what being so short-sighted was like, almost taking it for granted that I can see so well. I'm delighted with all aspects of my treatment and aftercare and the attention to detail that the staff have demonstrated. Anyone looking at this site who values their eyesight and understands that there is more to it than "how much will it cost?" could do a lot worse than trust their eyes to Accuvision. Keep up the good work!!

06 May 2004

Excellent after care, very knowledgeable and proffessional consultants, superb surgeon!

13 Jun 2005

I was turned down by a couple of clinics as I was very short-sighted, have flat eyeballs and very large pupils. I found Accuvision through Lasikeyes and phoned them, half expecting to be turned away. To my relief they said that they thought they could treat me, although could not guarantee me 20:20 vision. After a very thorough consultation and a chat with one of the surgeons I decided to go ahead. I had my surgery in March, and am delighted. I went back last week for my latest checkup and now have better vision unaided than I had with glasses before surgery. It was not entirely problem free, there was a problem with the healing of one of the flaps, but it was sorted out promptly and efficiently. All the staff were great, and I think it was money very well spent. I can't recommend them highly enough!

16 Sep 2005

I had considered laser eye correction for a while now and after extensive research came to the conclusion that Accuvision should be on my shortlist of clinics. There were many reasons; Chad Rostrons' (the surgeon)impressive CV, the fact that they use the Wavelight laser which has outperformed everything else in the FDA clinical trials and they charge a fair price for all this expertise. Anyway, my consultation with Vikash didn't disappoint and Mr. Rostron was excellent. My results are beyond my wildest dreams: 20/15 vision with each eye and pushing 20/10 with both. Aftercare has also been brilliant and it seems that nothing is too much trouble for the Accuvision team. A BIG THANK YOU!

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