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Best ever. Super happy with not only the results but also the customer service. Dr Patel from Parsons Green clinic is extremely professional and a excellent doctor. Also 5stars out of 5 to my surgeon. Excellent team. Would recomme ...Read more

1. Review of AccuVision Laser Eye Clinic

Established in 2001, AccuVision is a popular destination for people seeking quality, affordable laser eye surgery. This clinic currently operates in five cities nationwide: London, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol and Newcastle, and has performed over 40,000 treatments and counting.

What did independent inspectors find? According to the CQC’s latest report, there were no complaints between August 2016 and September 2017 from 1,011 refractive eye procedures carried out at AccuVision.

Is there anything else I should know? Most of the eye surgeons on our site enjoy five-star ratings, and the same is true for AccuVision. But it’s worth noting we only have 10 reviews for Dr Prashant Jindal.

Patients always want to find an ophthalmologist they feel comfortable with. That’s why it’s always a good idea to do your own research by trying to meet with your surgeon at an initial consultation, and many clinics offer these for free.

Compare clinics: See if there are any other top-rated clinics near you, and use our simple tool to receive a personalised quote.

2. AccuVision Treatments

As well as common laser vision correction treatments – such as LASEK and LASIK with ultra-accurate Wavefront diagnostics – AccuVision also offers lens replacement surgery, including the UK’s most common surgical procedure: cataract surgery.

  1. LASIK eye surgery
  2. Trans-Epithelial Surface Treatment
  3. Lens replacement surgery
  4. ICL surgery (implantable contact lenses)
  5. Cataract surgery
  6. Amblyopia (lazy eye treatment)

So is it safe? AccuVision promises highly sophisticated, automated devices, with world-class Wavefront technology and the Alcon WaveLight EX500 Excimer laser. According to the clinic’s own study of 500 patients, everyone achieved at least driving standard vision following surgery (including repeat surgery).

3. AccuVision Laser Eye Clinic Prices

AccuVision’s prices are reasonable rates in laser eye surgery. On average, 800 patients told Lasik Eyes they paid £1,200 (per eye) for laser eye surgery, and £3,615 (per eye) for lens replacement surgery (including cataract surgery) – few clinics have lower starting prices.

AccuVision doesn’t publish a fixed price list, but here are the costs you can expect for the most popular eye surgeries:

  • Consultation Price: Free for initial consultation
  • LASIK Price: Average cost £2,400 for both eyes
  • Trans-Epi Price: Average cost £2,400 for both eyes
  • C3R Treatment Price: Average cost £2,000 per eye

Here’s how these prices compare to the eye surgery quotes offered by other clinics:

TreatmentOptical Express Cost (per eye)Optegra Cost (per eye)Optimax Cost (per eye)Centre for Sight Cost (per eye)
LASIK / LASEKFrom £595£1,795£1,695£2,400
Cataract SurgeryFrom £3,195£2,495£2,995From £3,150
ICL SurgeryFrom £3,395£3,495£2,495£3,615

Eye surgery isn’t an insignificant cost for most people. That’s why AccuVision offers a 10 month finance option, which lets you spread the costs of surgery after the initial deposit into smaller monthly fees. You will need to pass a credit check with Hitachi Capital to gain approval for this payment plan.

That said, most clinics provide finance plans for much longer – up to three years, and also team up with health insurers who may cover at least some of the costs of the surgery (which AccuVision doesn’t).

4. AccuVision Review: The Verdict

AccuVision has hundreds of positive patient reviews, making it one of the most popular laser eye clinics in the UK. It also features as one of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK, as well as making our list of the best laser eye surgery in London for raving customer reviews about its professional staff.

But is it right for you? If you happen to live near one of AccuVision’s clinics in London, Birmingham, Leeds or Bristol, you may want to pop in for a free consultation, and quiz the eye consultants there. Or, you are free to double check whether there might be a better match out there using our clinic-matching tool.

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Accuvision Reviews


06 Apr 2007

I found the testimonials both on this site and invaluable so thought it only right to add mine. My prescription Right Eye; Sphere minus 8.00 / Cyl minus 3.25 / Axis 25. Left Eye; Sphere minus 8.25 / Cyl minus 2.75 / Axis 158 Friday 16th March 2007 I went to Optical Express in Birmingham and must say the experience left me cold! It felt much like a cattle market and not at all personal. I was told I would be suitable for treatment and was encouraged to pay a deposit there and then in order to secure my operation as soon as possible. This gave me the feeling of a sales-orientated environment and not one whose MAIN goal is the improvement of the patients eyes... (This comes from a woman who is a qualified independent mortgage adviser – who would never resort to ‘hard sell’ tactics). Suffice to say I did NOT pay a deposit and told them that I intended seeing at least one more clinic before deciding. I had already booked my initial consultation with Accuvision on Friday 23rd March. From the moment I arrived at the Solihull clinic I felt comfortable with the environment. Vik was great he carried out the various eye checks and said I was suitable for Accuwave Lasik treatment. He explained the procedure, answered all my questions and said that should I proceed my surgeon would be Brett Halliday. I left the clinic with 4 dates when the next treatments would be conducted, no pressure to pay a deposit and book the surgery there and then. I was already 95% sure that I would return to Accuvision, but thought it through over the weekend. I rang the clinic first thing on Monday and booked my treatment for the earliest available date and I underwent surgery yesterday, Wednesday 4th April 2007. I must confess to having doubts right up until the moment I was in the laser room, in fact the day before I was removing my spectacles saying to myself it wasn’t so bad wearing contact lenses and spectacles (I had worn spectacles since I was 6 and gas permeable contact lenses since I was 17). My appointment was 12 noon – I arrived to find about 5 people calmly sitting in the reception area with their eyes closed due to the fact they had each already undergone surgery. I joined the few that were awaiting their pre-op tests. When one of the pre-op tests was conducted it showed that the surface of my eyes had altered which suggested that my prescription had altered. I therefore had my vision checked by Vik once more to confirm the current measurements. At this point I was worried I would not be operated on that day. I voiced this to Vik who assured me that they would indeed be proceeding. I eventually had my surgery just before 3pm. There is absolutely nothing to be worried about. I did get a little concerned when I was told to watch the green light and I said ‘I can’t see a green light’ – but was reassured that this was normal! WOW! I could see without visual aids!!!! I left the clinic after a final check from Brett and the instruction to rest my eyes for half the time. I spent last night watching a little TV then closing my eyes. I inserted a drop in each eye every hour, as instructed. At 11:30pm I decided it was time for bed and my partner attached the eye shields and had a chuckle at my expense! I woke up several times through the night, which is normal for me. At 6:30am my eyes felt a little gritty and I thought I would like to rub them and sat on edge of bed willing myself to ignore the sensation – my partner suggested inserting drops which was a good move and I went back to sleep for an hour and woke up with no feeling of sore or gritty eyes. I went back for my 1 day check up at 11:45am (sitting in the waiting room reading a magazine!). They were happy with my progress – not yet 20:20, but was reassured that my vision would improve day upon day. As you can see from this diary entry I am using my laptop computer with no problems seeing the screen or keyboard. I say again WOW! I really do wish I had been in a position to have undergone this surgery when I was younger – I am now 43, but hey better late than never. I will endeavour to post another one or two diary entries as time goes on and hope that it helps you to make up your mind. It occurred to me that I am very fortunate to have been able to undergo this surgery and wanted to donate my old glasses to a worthwhile organisation. I searched the internet by entering 'donate spectacles'. You may be interested to do the same.... I opted for the second sight project on the following link: you can enter your name and address and an envelope will be sent to you - they require a £1 donation to process. Feel free to e-mail me.

15 Sep 2007

Review of Accuvision - Fulham Branch I always dreamt of waking up in the morning and being able to see without the aid of glasses. After wearing glasses (and contacts) for over 22 years, a chat with my Brother and Sister in law persuaded me to have the consultation. Last Friday (7th Sept), I finally plucked up the courage to have the surgery. I was quite nervous but I needn't have been as the staff throughout were professional. They relaxed me by talking to me throughout the short procedure (the actual surgery taking approximately 5 mins an eye). It was painless and after it was done I wondered why I had screwed myself up so much. The fear of the unknown I guess. Revisiting the waiting room after surgery was surreal as the need for glasses no longer existed! I am now 2 days on from surgery and I am so pleased with the outcome. I would throughly recommend the procedure to anyone and thank Accuvision for changing my life. Today (13th Sept, I have just been for my week check up and have been told that my vision is 20/20 and could get better. A dream come true and all down to Accuvision. Rob Randall

07 Feb 2008

where do i start when i decided to get laser treatment done i opted for the most advertised company Ultralise... big mistake. I have a very thin cornea which Ultralise failed to mention in the consultation, agreed i could have the surgey and then when the day came the surgeon refused to do the surgery because of my thin cornea. That is when had given up on getting the surgery done. I then got referred to Accuvision who were amazing! they discussed my thin cornea gave me two safe options explained them thoroughly and i had my surgery within a month of my consultation. They were £600 cheaper than Ultralise and 100% better! One month on and my vision is perfect! i have been back for regulary check ups where the after care has been excellent i reccomend Accuvision to anyone and intend to get them more customers! THANK YOU ACCUVISION!!!!

01 May 2008

Before the treatment I was - 2.25 and -2.75 and had a slight astigmatism in one eye. I received the treatment yesterday in the Solihull clinic and today I have 20/15 vision (better than 20/20). I originally went to another clinic but I came out very disappointed as they gave me 3 options, completely confused me with technology and basically said what treatment I received was down to my budget !! I spoke to a friend of mine who had his eyes corrected in January with Accuvision and he recommended them. I booked in for the following day and the consultation was very friendly, extremely professional and the Surgeon explained what treatment would work for me, he then showed me on the screens what I needed and more importantly what he recommended. On the day of the treatment I was slightly nervous but the surgery team were excellent. They explained what was happening, what I should expect and completely put me at ease. I left the clinic and I suffered no discomfort at all. I could see brilliantly the same day but I was very careful not too get carried away and I followed their instructions. Today I have had my follow up consultation and once again they were extremely friendly and professional, I couldn’t be happier with the results. It all seems too easy, no pain at all, I wish I had it done years ago.

15 Aug 2008

I had my surgery in April 2008 and I have just been discharged from the Accuvision clinic in Solihull, Birmingham. I have 130% vision - better than 20/20!! I read lots of reviews on this site and also visited Ultralase before making my final decision. I just felt so at ease with the staff at Accuvision and I felt I could ask them anything and that they were very honest and open. At Ultralase it was almost as if they were repeating the exact same spiel over and over to the thousands who pass through their door. They also wouldn't stop calling me after the appointment. Accuvision don't apply any pressure whatsoever - they leave you to make your own mind up. I think that it's important to know for anyone considering surgery that it can take a while for your eyesight to recover and settle down. I certainly wasn't one of those that could step out of the clinic and immediately see across the road! My eyes were sensitive and my focus rather up and down for a fortnight or so, but I was able to return to work after a few days and was always closely monitored by the clinic. My night vision took several weeks longer as I had quite a lot of halo effect and ghosting so I wasn't comfortable driving at night. I was a bit concerned about this, but they assured me that this was normal. Four months on, it is much better. Accuvision in Solihull is a small clinic and they get their customers through recommendation not intense advertising like their larger competitors. The team are so friendly - especially Nick, and my results are fantastic so I cannot recommend them enough!

11 Dec 2008

I would like to take this opportunity to thank wholeheartedly the staff at Accuvision Fulham. I can say without equivocation, that the service standard I received from consultation to post op review, have been nothing short of exemplary and should be hailed as the platinum experience from a private medical procedure. I was a moderate myopic and opted for a surface procedure Trans-Epi-Lasik to maintain robust integrity of the cornea. Yes there was some transient pain and dry eye problems but within 3 months of the operation my vision was superior to it’s correction with contacts before. In other words the results have exceeded any reasonable expectation and with something such as one’s vision it’s like a continual celebration, no kidding. The staff, big up to Vik he knows the score, were amazing. I was never hurried they were always available for answering questions either by phone or in person. They provided total re-assurance with no hard sell and complete honesty with all clinical questions I had, and I had a lot! I did a lot of research myself to feel comfortable with the procedure and glad I did as it corroborated the information I received from the team. My vision is now 20/15 pushing 20/12. Preposterously life affirming! I even went into the local pub after my last check up and had a good chat and a beer with the guys there. Awesome, simply awesome! Life is different now for us myopes.

31 Mar 2009

I had Trans-Epithelial Surface Treatment (T.E.S.T) laser vision correction at the end of September last year and couldn't be more pleased. I'm only 18 and so thought I might be told I had to wait another few years before I could have the treatment but as my prescription had been stable for a long time I was told I could go ahead. The surgeons explained all the risks to me and then talked me through my options with no pressure whatsoever. I came back a few weeks later for my procedure. Trans-epi Laser surgery has a slightly longer recovery time so I spent a couple of days resting but with no real pain to speak of and felt my vision improve throughout the first week. By 4 days later I was able to see well and go about my normal life. By a week later I could drive again and now I've been told I have 20:20 vision if not better. I couldn't have been more impressed with the service I received before, during and after my surgery, not once was I patronised or treated as anything other than an adult. Furthermore when my parents rang with questions the accuvision team answered all of the concerns and ensured that I was allocated the surgeon my parents specified they wanted for me. Waking up every morning being able to see is something people take for granted but for me it's still an incredible experience and not having to bother with contacts at the end of the night or first thing in the morning is fantastic. Thank you so much Accuvision for making my life so much easier and more enjoyable!

06 Oct 2009

I would recommend Accuvision to anyone. After going in for a consultation, any lingering doubts I had were gone I booked my surgery for the soonest date possible. Six weeks or so post-operation, my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. The staff at the London clinic are most professional, yet extraordinarily personable and genuinely friendly. During all stages of care, I have had all questions answered, each testing procedure clearly explained, and the staff seem to remember every patient that walks through the door. After a lot of comparison shopping, I do not believe anyone out there could beat Accuvision for balance between value and quality of care. Again, the degree of patient-focus is striking.

24 Mar 2010

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the team at Accuvision for restoring my vision which I thought was beyond repair on one of my eyes. My prescription pre surgery was -23 in my left eye and -10 in my right eye. Due to my very high prescription the surgery which suited me best was lens implant surgery. This was explained to me in my initial consultation. I'd like to mention that there was no pressure what so ever after my free consultation to go ahead with the surgery. Accuvision provided all the information I needed and answered all my questions, they were there to support me before, during and after surgery. My prescription post surgery is -1.25 in my left eye and -1 in my right eye. I would definately recommend Accuvision to anybody considering having there vision corrected. Thanks again Accuvision for changing my life.

23 Aug 2010

The service i received at the clinic was first class.I would highly recommend this service,there are no hard sell tactics and everyone i encountered from the first visit was highly professional. If you are reading this considering making an appointment go for it you wont regret it.

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