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802 Reviews

Best ever. Super happy with not only the results but also the customer service. Dr Patel from Parsons Green clinic is extremely professional and a excellent doctor. Also 5stars out of 5 to my surgeon. Excellent team. Would recomme ...Read more

1. Review of AccuVision Laser Eye Clinic

Established in 2001, AccuVision is a popular destination for people seeking quality, affordable laser eye surgery. This clinic currently operates in five cities nationwide: London, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol and Newcastle, and has performed over 40,000 treatments and counting.

What did independent inspectors find? According to the CQC’s latest report, there were no complaints between August 2016 and September 2017 from 1,011 refractive eye procedures carried out at AccuVision.

Is there anything else I should know? Most of the eye surgeons on our site enjoy five-star ratings, and the same is true for AccuVision. But it’s worth noting we only have 10 reviews for Dr Prashant Jindal.

Patients always want to find an ophthalmologist they feel comfortable with. That’s why it’s always a good idea to do your own research by trying to meet with your surgeon at an initial consultation, and many clinics offer these for free.

Compare clinics: See if there are any other top-rated clinics near you, and use our simple tool to receive a personalised quote.

2. AccuVision Treatments

As well as common laser vision correction treatments – such as LASEK and LASIK with ultra-accurate Wavefront diagnostics – AccuVision also offers lens replacement surgery, including the UK’s most common surgical procedure: cataract surgery.

  1. LASIK eye surgery
  2. Trans-Epithelial Surface Treatment
  3. Lens replacement surgery
  4. ICL surgery (implantable contact lenses)
  5. Cataract surgery
  6. Amblyopia (lazy eye treatment)

So is it safe? AccuVision promises highly sophisticated, automated devices, with world-class Wavefront technology and the Alcon WaveLight EX500 Excimer laser. According to the clinic’s own study of 500 patients, everyone achieved at least driving standard vision following surgery (including repeat surgery).

3. AccuVision Laser Eye Clinic Prices

AccuVision’s prices are reasonable rates in laser eye surgery. On average, 800 patients told Lasik Eyes they paid £1,200 (per eye) for laser eye surgery, and £3,615 (per eye) for lens replacement surgery (including cataract surgery) – few clinics have lower starting prices.

AccuVision doesn’t publish a fixed price list, but here are the costs you can expect for the most popular eye surgeries:

  • Consultation Price: Free for initial consultation
  • LASIK Price: Average cost £2,400 for both eyes
  • Trans-Epi Price: Average cost £2,400 for both eyes
  • C3R Treatment Price: Average cost £2,000 per eye

Here’s how these prices compare to the eye surgery quotes offered by other clinics:

TreatmentOptical Express Cost (per eye)Optegra Cost (per eye)Optimax Cost (per eye)Centre for Sight Cost (per eye)
LASIK / LASEKFrom £595£1,795£1,695£2,400
Cataract SurgeryFrom £3,195£2,495£2,995From £3,150
ICL SurgeryFrom £3,395£3,495£2,495£3,615

Eye surgery isn’t an insignificant cost for most people. That’s why AccuVision offers a 10 month finance option, which lets you spread the costs of surgery after the initial deposit into smaller monthly fees. You will need to pass a credit check with Hitachi Capital to gain approval for this payment plan.

That said, most clinics provide finance plans for much longer – up to three years, and also team up with health insurers who may cover at least some of the costs of the surgery (which AccuVision doesn’t).

4. AccuVision Review: The Verdict

AccuVision has hundreds of positive patient reviews, making it one of the most popular laser eye clinics in the UK. It also features as one of the best laser eye surgery clinics in the UK, as well as making our list of the best laser eye surgery in London for raving customer reviews about its professional staff.

But is it right for you? If you happen to live near one of AccuVision’s clinics in London, Birmingham, Leeds or Bristol, you may want to pop in for a free consultation, and quiz the eye consultants there. Or, you are free to double check whether there might be a better match out there using our clinic-matching tool.

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Accuvision Reviews


18 Mar 2002

I had Wavefront LASIK surgery last week and it was the best discision I have ever made. I had over -5 perscription in both eyes, and recently been told never to wear my contact lenses again as I've been wearing them too long and they have damaged my eyes. I'm only 20 so knowing I need to rely on my glasses full time was a bit of a blow so I looked into Laser surgery. The surgery was a complete success, I now have 20/20 vision. It's amazing, I can't thank the team at Accuvision enough they have changed my life, I thoughly recommend this clinic to anyone, but I suggest you do your revision on the surgery itself before hand, as even though it was the most exciting thing I've ever done, it's also the scariest!

18 Mar 2002

From the moment I arrived at this hospital I knew that I had made the correct choice.The professionalism of all the staff was without equal.I was made fully aware of the procedure and explained all the exact steps from consultation to surgery itself.The surgery was virtually painless and was conducted very quickly with a thorough examination following the operation.I was delighted with the outcome and would not hesitate to recommend this clinic to my friends or anyone who is thinking of going for eye surgery.Ten out of ten

21 Mar 2002

I went to Accuvision for a (free) consultation yesterday (20/3/02). I was impressed by the experience - pleasant environment, helpful staff, and running to schedule. The consultation took over an hour, and seemed very thorough, including both corneal mapping and use of the aberrometer to measure internal refractive problems. The opthalmologist identified lenticular astigmatism on top of my -8 myopia. They were also able to tell me my corneal thickness (over 600 microns), the flap thickness (150 microns) and the level of ablation (114 microns); it's comforting to know that over half of my corneal thickness will be left untouched the the op. They also pointed out that older laser technologies (as used by some other clinics) would have ablated over 200 microns for my prescription.

They were comfortable answering all my questions about what might go wrong, and there was absolutely no hard sell, which surprised me given that the consultation was free. They quoted me 1500 per eye (and they firmly encourage doing both eyes together), with a 20% chance of needing retreatment to refine the vision, which would be provided at no extra cost. Because of the level of my prescription, the initial surgery would not use the fabled wavefront technology, as the astigmatism is only a small fraction (2%) of the prescription. Any reatreatment, however, would probably use wavefront analysis, as the astigmatism would be more significant. My spectacle prescription had included prism, which the opthalmologist found to be unnecessary. However, he pointed out that using wavefront analysis, it would have been possible to counteract a certain level of prism as part of the treatment.

Another good feature of Accuvision is the length of the waiting lists. I was able to get my consultation within a week, and was offered the option of a surgery date in three weeks time.

I left feeling reassured that the benefits of LASIK outweighed the risks, and that I would be happy for Accuvision to do the treatment. However, I think that I will have another consultation somewhere else first; not because I saw anything to concern me at at Accuvision, but simply because a second opinion seems sensible when contemplating surgery on something as valuable as one's eyes.

28 Mar 2002

Date Of Surgery: November 2001. I can't describe the feeling of waking up the next day and being able to see everything with crystal clear vision. With my year old toddler, who loves grabbing any object in sight, wearing spectacles was a chore. I thank Mr William Ayliffe and his team at Accuvision for all that they have done - they treated me with absolute care and efficiency. I strongly recommend to anyone out there seeking and considering Laser Refractive surgery that they should go to Accuvision.

03 Apr 2002

I had LASIK on 20/2/02. I had been thinking about this surgery for over ten years but was never confident with the technology available. After wearing double glazed glasses since 8 yrs old and then contact lenses for over 13 years I decided it was time I looked into whether surgery was an option for me. After reviewing a number of the clinics offering this surgery I decided to go with Accuvision. They were the only clinic that gave me an assurance that although they couldn't guarantee I would not still need glasses for driving/tv, there was a strong chance I would not. All the other clinics told me I would definitely need glasses as after LASIK I would be left with a small prescription. My prescription was approximately
-8.00 in both eyes with high astigmatism in the right eye. I could not understand why one clinic could give me this assurance while the others couldn't. It boils down to the laser and equipment that Accuvision use which pinpoint your exact requirements. The surgery itself is a big decision but Vik and Darius at Accuvision really do answer any queries that you have and professionally guide you through the consultation, surgery and the aftercare. You are not pushed to go ahead with the surgery and at one point I actually felt like my surgeon Dan Reinstein was trying to put me off! I understand there are risks with any surgery. After getting up from the operation table I could see the surgeon's face and I knew I'd made the right decision. Before he would have been a blurry blob. I was tempted to look at things but you are advised to shut your eyes and rest them. All I can say is I wish this surgery had been available years ago and it is honestly the best thing I have ever done for myself. My prescription now is virtually 20/20 in the left eye and 15/20 in the right and NO GLASSES. And it has all been down to the team at Accuvision. I would recommend them if you want to make an informed decision.

06 Apr 2002

I had laser correction surgery on Friday 5th April, just yesterday and I am sitting here typing this without my glasses or contacts - utter freedom!

I found Accuvision to be a remarkable bunch of people, extremely thourough and informative, and best of all - no pressure!

The consultation was very indepth and showed me everything in detail, in order to help me make up my mind if I really wanted to go through with it. I was a good candidate for surgery and I was really fed up with having to wear glasses or contacts after 20 years or so. I made up my mind to have the surgery and here I am - free!

The consultant and the surgeon went through everything again thouroughly just before surgery which left me with no doubt that I was doing the right thing.

The actual procedure was painless, although the feeling as they applied pressure to the eye to get the flap open, was a little weird. However, it was also no more than five minutes on each eye. I could not believe that I had done it. I hate anything to do with surgery and was, to say the east, very nervous indeed.

However the staff again were so brilliant in their assurances and their courtiousness that I got through it with absolutely no trauma!

After five minutes with my eyes closed and 30 minutes after the surgery I was travelling back home on the train with my wife with no problem. The aneasthetic started to wear off in about 2 hours and there was a feeling that I had sand in my eyes. The drops helped to sooth this and within 6 hours, it was quite comfortable.

I slept like a baby last night, after all the tension, and woke up refreshed this morning to remove the eye protectors and there it was - I could see well, without my glasses or contacts. My vision is a little blurred around the edges as I write but its getting better as each hour passes. I am assured that it will clear completely within the next few weeks.

This morning I threw out all my contacts and all that goes with them. It is s liberating feeling.
I do alot of outdoor activities such as sailing and this is going to make a HUGE difference to the quality of my life.

I cannot praise the Accuvision staff to highly, from the receptionaist to the surgeon. After much research before mking the decision, I also decided that whilst they are probably a little more expensive than the average, that they do have the latest and best technology and after all- it is MY eyes.

I have no hesitation in recommending Accuvision to anyone who is considering have laser eye surgery. I look foward to a visual aids-free life from now on - the only one regret - I didn't do it years ago!

08 Apr 2002

I had my surgery on 02/03/02. It feels fantastic to wake up in the morning and not have to reach for my glasses. Thanks to the efforts of the Accuvision team I can now see better than my partner.

The level of care and attention I received was second to none. Their demand for perfection has meant that I now have 20/20 vision. I cannot thank them enough for giving me back my sight and taking such good care of me.

Jo Pugsley

08 Apr 2002

After deliberating for many months I finally booked a consultation at Accuvision on about 3 weeks ago. Having looked at all the information available to me, including this site, I'd decided that if I was going to have anything done it would be the latest wavefront guided laser procedure, which can only be carried out at Accuvision (at least in the UK).
I was very happy with the consultation (initial testing by Vic and further testing specifically for the wavefront procedure by Darius) as all my questions were answered in full, they took plenty of time to explain all the pros AND cons, and there was no 'hard sell'. I was very impressed by the state of the art equipment used and all in all I was very happy to book up an appointment for the actual procedure. I went in for this just under 48 hours ago and now I am working at my desk, having driven in to the office this morning, happily tapping this into my computer. My previous prescription was -3.5 in my right eye and -5.5 in my left, with some astigmatism in both. Now I would describe the vision in my right eye as near perfect and slightly watery in my left = overall about as good as I ever had with contact lenses and not quite as good as I had with glasses. I can expect my vision to improve over the next days and weeks so I'm very happy - I can hardly believe that I'll never have to wear glasses or contact lenses again!
The procedure itself was very quick, uncomfortable but not painful. I was in and out of the door in less than an hour with the actual surgery taking barely 10 minutes. For the first 4-5 hours afterwards my eyes were very watery and it was more comfortable to keep them closed which is advisable anyway. 7 hours after the operation I was in a restaurant with my wife having a celebratory dinner, my vision hazy but improving. Yesterday morning I was astonished by how much better I could see - it was a bit like waking up with my contact lenses in. At the follow up visit to Accuvision yesterday they said my eyes are healing perfectly.
I have to go for another check up in about a week so I'll update my entry after that. If anyone wants to contact me my email is

09 Apr 2002

I underwent surgery in the first week of December 2001; in fact I was patient number three. Before treatment my vision in both eyes was between -7.00 and -8.00 and I relied totally on my spectacles and contact lenses.

I had contemplated laser treatment for a number of years but never quite built up the courage to seek further information. It was not until a friend recommended Accuvision that I actually got the ball rolling.

On the day of the surgery I was quite apprehensive in case anything went wrong but the staff at the clinic from the ophthalmologist through to the receptionist were all very helpful, supportive and reassuring.

I was surprised at how quick and painless the whole procedure was and in fact by the next day I was able to drive to the clinic for my first post operative check up upon where I was told my vision was just off 20/20 .

By the first week post operative check up I was at 20/20 vision and in fact this week I will be visiting the clinic for my 6 month check up. All in all my experience at Accuvision from first consultation to date has been a very pleasant one and the best invest I have made in recent years.

Finally it just remains for me to say thank you to everyone at Accuvision for restoring my eyesight...

16 Apr 2002

Well, I just had my initial consultations at Optimax (Finchley Rd) and Accuvision. See comments under each clinic. At Accuvision I was examined very thoroughly by a knowlegeable and enthusiastic member of staff. They also carried out wavefront analysis, which gives a far more precise picture of the optical defects than refraction alone. Overall a very impressive setup. I was blown away by the high-tech kit they have there - obviously a huge investment, so they must be pretty confident about recouping it with sufficient patient revenues over the next few years. They've only had about 450 patients so far, so everything's still very new & shiny – and you can take a peek through the window into the op room. Met one of the members of staff who'd had LASIK done there - and was invited to see her eyes under the microscope! (which I graciously declined - they looked just fine to me) The only disappointment was, I didn't get to meet a surgeon as it wasn't an operating day - but they said I was very welcome to come back & see one if I liked. One benefit of Accuvision & wavefront: their laser would remove approx 30 microns less cornea (40 vs 70) than the Nidek at Optimax, due to the custom ablation profile. The more cornea I can hang onto, the happier I'll be!
The main thing I gained from the day though, was to realise how being myopic (I'm -2.75 & -3.5) can stop you needing reading glasses when presbyopia kicks in in middle age. I'd read about this on the web before, but now I've seen for real. Here's what happens: when they put the drops in your eyes to dilate the pupil, it also paralyses the lens, which stops you being able to focus close up (I may not be exactly right about this – I'm not an optician, but I think that's the way it was). I found I wasn't able to see my watch with glasses on, but only had to lift my specs, and my trusty short-sighted mince pies could see the time clearly - case closed. So, you have to trade off losing some good near vision in later life, against great distance vision from now on. At least that's how I see it.

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