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118 Reviews

Giving consent to any surgeon, even one so highly qualified, experienced and recommended, to ‘chop’ into one’s eyeball is rather daunting; but the courtesy, care and competence of all the personnel at Optegra and ... Read more

Optegra is a leading provider of ophthalmic treatments (Laser Vision Correction and Refractive Lens Exchange) in the UK with state of the art equipment and a team of world-class surgeons, ensuring that our level of service is completely unrivalled.

Optegra was founded with the aim of creating world-class centres of excellence in eye care. For us, this didn’t only mean providing the very best treatments available. We wanted to create a completely new kind of experience; one that guarantees superb levels of care and attention for everyone, every step of the way.

Our Treatments

For those of us dependant on spectacles and contact lenses, Laser Vision Correction and Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) at Optegra can enable a whole new quality of life – faster and more easily than you ever thought possible.

At Optegra, your treatment begins with the first conversation you have with your surgeon. By getting to know you individually and understanding your needs, your surgeon will be able to offer you personalised treatment completely tailored to you, giving you the best possible results.

Our Hospitals

From your first visit, you will understand what makes Optegra so different. Our hospitals have been specially designed to provide a calm and comfortable environment in which our patients feel relaxed and cared for – and in which our surgeons can deliver world-class treatments using the very best surgical equipment available in the UK. The tranquil recovery room provides the perfect environment in which to rest and recover after your treatment.

Our Technology and Equipment

World-class eye care requires world-class technology. Optegra has invested in the most advanced laser available anywhere in the world today, to ensure the best possible results for our patients. The Wavelight CONCERTO laser works at 500 megahertz per second, allowing your experience to be quicker and more comfortable. Having a faster laser reduces the risk of infection and dry eye, and increases the chances of the patient returning to normal day-to-day activities sooner. The CONCERTO laser itself, also reduces the risk of night-vision problems occurring.

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Optegra Reviews

Rating Date
04 Dec 2013

Giving consent to any surgeon, even one so highly qualified, experienced and recommended, to ‘chop’ into one’s eyeball is rather daunting; but the courtesy, care and competence of all the personnel at Optegra and their expert handling of start-of-the-art equipment at the pre-operative assessment convinced me that my sight was in safe hands, and that I could face the two Clarivu procedures with total confidence. As a physicist I knew what the books said about the effects of Cataracts on the transmission and scattering of light, but to personally experience the restoration of visual activity, true colour perception and wide peripheral vision was amazing.

13 Jul 2012

The service was impeccable, the staff are all so welcoming and helpful. Dr Rob Morris is one of the best and nicest surgeons I have ever met. I am thrilled and marvelled by the results. Thank you.

13 Jul 2012

I was a little sceptical at first and thought that at best it would be marginally better than wearing contact lenses - the reality is radically improved sight and comfort and excellent service.

13 Jul 2012

I’m delighted with the result. Having worn specs since the age of five, being free of glasses at the age of 61 is truly amazing.

13 Jul 2012

I am absolutely delighted with the results of my procedure. Mr Morris and everyone at Optegra Solent were so informative and reassuring and made everything as stress-free as possible. I am now recommending Optegra to everyone I know.

13 Jul 2012

The operation was easy and painless. At 83 it has given me a new lease of life.

13 Jul 2012

Recently I had a cataract operation at the Optegra eye hospital in Guildford. I would like to say that I am very happy with the results. The care I received from everyone was just excellent.

13 Jul 2012
No Rating

When I visited my optician for the regular glaucoma test she did my eye test and said she had not seen my lenses before. She was very impressed and said “You wouldn’t get those on the NHS”. I cannot recommend the treatment and staff highly enough! I would certainly have it done again!

13 Jul 2012

Everyone concerned with the procedure was very attentive and helpful. I am absolutely delighted with the results and would certainly recommend Mr Morris to anyone. Thank you all at Optegra.

13 Jul 2012

I have been thrilled with the results of these lenses. The staff were fantastic, very kind and helpful and Mr Morris is ‘Mr New Eyes’. I would have no hesitation in recommending the treatment at Optegra to anyone.

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