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Prashant Jindal

10 Reviews

I must admit I was very nervous about the treatment but the surgeon Dr Prashant Jindal and his team were simply great. Being a -8 prescription, not many surgeons could have done it so I am glad i took the right decison. Money well ...Read more

Mr Jindal doesn’t quite make our list of the best laser eye surgeons in the UK, but there are plenty of patients who vouch for him.

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15 Apr 2011

Fantastic service. Booked my free consultation for March 27th and had surgery on April 13th. Kim and Simon at the Wetherby clinic were very professional and courteous. Simon did a thorough examination of my eyes and due to my high prescription ( -6.5 and -6.0 and astigmatism) he decided I should have Wavefront Lasik customised for both eyes. He explained everything very clearly and also answered my questions and completely put me at ease. After the consultation there was no hard sell to book surgery there and then( unlike other competitors) and I decided that Accuvision would perform the surgery. Paid the £500 deposit and booked surgery for April 13th. On the day of the surgery everything went smoothly. Although the procedure itself is a very "weird" experience , I didn't feel any pain or discomfort. It was very similar to a laser light show! After surgery I could see straight away, although it was a little bit blurry. Went back the next day to have my lens bandage removed and my eyes had healed very well. 3 days after surgery I can see very clearly without any pain or discomfort. Accuvision have been superb from start to finish. Highly recommended.

05 May 2011

I've been wearing glasses since I was 5 years old, and contact lenses since I was about 15. I'm almost 21 now, and had started to get fed up with planning my life around glasses and contacts. That's no exaggeration - if I wanted to go out on the Saturday night, I couldn't wear my lenses for a few days before in order to ensure my eyes would be ready. I went for a consultation at the London clinic, and everybody was so helpful, friendly and welcoming that I knew I had chosen the right place to have surgery. I booked for the 20th April 2011, and on surgery day, I was so nervous, and also quite frightened, but with the help of my very supportive parents, we took the trip to Parsons Green. I was instantly made to feel at ease and was looked after the whole way through the process. During the surgery, I spoke to the team around me which helped keep me at ease. If anybody has ever wondered what you can see during the surgery, I would describe it as a kaleidoscope; a mixture of colours going in and out of focus, nothing scary at all. The process DOESN'T hurt, and with just a little bit of dry eye in the few days after my surgery, I already have 20/20 vision and am enjoying life without the need for glasses or contacts. It was a big deal to me; I felt very self-conscious all of the time wearing glasses, so thank you very much Accuvision for a fantastic experience.

05 May 2011

I'm writing this 3 weeks after undergoing LASIK wavefront treatment at Accuvision in London to correct a complex prescription of -10 in both eyes.I'm delighted to say I have had a successful outcome and I do not need glasses or contact lenses anymore. after being dependent on this since I was 8 years old all I have to say is...Hooray!!!I am thoroughly pleased with the professional service and care I received from the Accuvision team. I would like to say thank you to them for a job well done and especially to Vikash Patel for his thorough assessments throughout.I chose Accuvision as they highlighted all the potential options available to me and importantly they outlined the risks and benefits to me clearly in my initial free consultation. They gave me the confidence to make an informed decision and put me under no pressure to have the treatment.If you are planning to go for laser eye treatment and especially if you do have a complex prescription like I did then I would definitely recommend Accuvision.

10 May 2011

Fed up of being totally reliant on glasses every waking moment? I was. Frightened to undergo Eye Correction laser surgery-just in case.....? I definitely was, especially as my cousin was left partially blind in one eye 10 years ago by one of the 'other' Major companies.Well, dont be!! look no further than this amazing clinic- age 52, I believed myself too old for surgery, but Daryus soon assured me that their most recent patient had been 79! so my 'journey' began. i arranged a consultation with the unbelievably able (and humorous!) Simon-the Optometrist with all the answers-and more!-at the lovely, relaxed Wetherby Clinic. that was feb'11. on being informed i was a suitable candidate, i booked the appropriate surgery for my particular requirements; that was the Mono-Vision Laser treatment whereby my stronger eye undertakes the distance vision and my weaker one the reading aspect.with hindsight, my only mistake was booking for April 13th- two months hence-so that i could organise time off from work. it gave me too long to worry about things!so April 13th came and i confess to being terrified, but Simon calmed me and inserted the numbing eye drops. then came my turn and off i went up the stairs to my 'life changing' moment. In what seemed to be less than 10 minutes the job was done and i entered the recovery room. there was a very scary moment when my contact lens bandages came adrift, but this wonderful Team swiftly and expertly steered me back to surgery and corrected this set back! (THANKS TEAM!!) I later discovered this was due to my not blinking enough-or properly!Back home, i followed all the rules and retired strajght to bed-armed with two sets of eye drops to soothe and protect my 'new eyes.' i wont pretend i have not suffered discomfort-especially the 'Dry eye syndrome' but proper and regular blinking saw me through (cheers, Simon!)Well, that about portrays my particular experience at this amazing Clinic. Hope it helps those who are close to taking the major step. Three weeks and three days after surgery, I am slowly but surely adapting to my new, non-blurry world without glasses. Vipee! it is now MY choice if I ever want to wear them in the future because I now have at least 20/20 vision!! THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE AT ACCUVISION!!!

22 May 2012

I had excellent service and care throughout. From a no nonsense consultation that left me feeling confident, through surgery and two aftercare meetings. Life without lenses is well worth the time and effort involved and I would have no hesitation in recommending Accuvision to friends family and work colleagues.

26 Nov 2013

I don’t very often submit reviews but I was keen to write one on this occasion because there is so much content on the internet about laser eye surgery that I think it’s actually very difficult to make an informed decision about undertaking treatment.

Obviously this is just one more personal experience and I would recommend that anyone considering treatment reads widely about the possible risks and the potential rewards.

After going for my initial consultation back in April 2013, I procrastinated (and saved some money) for several months before I finally decided to go ahead with LASIK treatment on Friday (18 October) at the Accuvision clinic in Parsons Green.

It’s now two weeks later and I’m more than impressed with the results. I’ve had a follow up appointment and I’m delighted with my vision – it’s amazing not to be wearing glasses or contact lenses after years of doing so.

On the day the surgery itself was extremely quick. I would say less than ten minutes in total. Once in the laser suite I was told to relax and everything was clearly explained to me, I was guided through the process by the surgeon as he completed each part of the process. I won’t go in to the procedure in vast detail as it’s better explained in the professional literature but very briefly I was given anesthetic drops, then I had a special blade applied to peel back the top layer of the cornea, the surgeon directed the laser in to my eye for about 20 seconds, replaced the flap, added more drops and then repeated this on my other eye. In all, I felt the part with the blade to be the least pleasant aspect. It’s important to note that during this part I felt no pain whatsoever just a slight pressure on the eye for what was probably an absolute maximum of 40 seconds per eye. The rest of the treatment including the laser itself I didn’t feel at all. Other people I spoke to later in the waiting room said they found the insertion of drops afterward to be more unpleasant than the blade so this is obviously different for different people.

Immediately after the operation I was led to the waiting room and offered a cup of tea. My eyes watered a lot at this stage and were extremely sensitive to light. I felt fine in myself and chatted to a few people but I wasn’t keen to open my eyes very much. A taxi home is a must!

For the next few hours I was still very sensitive to light and my eyes continued to stream. As instructed I placed drops in my eyes once per hour and I was happiest in a darkened room; I certainly couldn’t look at my phone or the TV (indeed you’re strongly advised not to do so.) I slept well that evening with no pain and only mild discomfort.

By the next morning I was already well enough to commute back and forth to my follow up appointment by tube (raybans at the ready) and even went for a walk along the river in the afternoon.

I’ve continued to progress rapidly since then. In all the speed of recovery has been remarkable, I certainly hadn’t anticipated it being so quick.

Throughout the process I found everyone at Accuvision – from the reception staff and optometrist to the surgeon and nurse on the day – to be professional, straightforward and kind. As for my new eyes, I can’t fault them at all – on my last check up I was told I have 20/20 vision. The only thing that is taking slightly longer is I still have some night hazing (for example when I look at street lights and headlamps at night), it’s clearing slowly and I expect this to improve over the next few weeks.

For anyone reading this trying to weigh up whether or not to have treatment I can only say that in my experience I would thoroughly recommend LASIK at Accuvision. If I’ve missed anything or you want to ask me anything, please feel free to drop me a message.

15 Jul 2014

Im a Dentist based in Birmingham and had laser eye surgery to treat early stages of keratoconus and also to reduce my optical prescription.

The surgery was carried out at their Fulham clinic in London, and the aftercare appointments in Solihull, Birmingham.
I found the fact that they have multiple locations throughout England to be of great convenience as it allowed me to continue seeing Dr. Prashant Jindal or one of his colleagues without ever being too far from a clinic, regardless of where I was in the country.

From the initial assessment to the aftercare, I was extremely pleased at how well I was looked after and the standard of professionalism demonstrated by Dr. Jindal and the whole Accuvision team.

I have been contact/spectacle free for 5+ years now and could not have wished for a better result. I have recommended Accuvision to numerous people as well as some of my patients, and will continue to do so!

J S Bhopal

30 May 2016

I had my surgery 9 months ago now and I don’t have 20/20 vision in my right eye. I’ve been told that it may be because it’s not healing correctly, although it’s been the same ever since I came out of surgery. I noticed that they corrected it less than my previous glasses prescription, so I suspect that that was the problem, but they keep ducking that explanation and not giving me a straight answer.It all just seems a bit dodgy the way I’m being ‘handled’ as I’ve complained about this and tried to understand why it has happened after I paid an awful lot of money to have 20/20 vision.Otherwise my left eye is perfect and it’s fantastic to not wear glasses!

09 Apr 2018

Five years since the treatment occurred I am still very happy with the result. Thank you!

10 Apr 2019

I must admit I was very nervous about the treatment but the surgeon Dr Prashant Jindal and his team were simply great. Being a -8 prescription, not many surgeons could have done it so I am glad i took the right decison. Money well spent 🙂

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