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Mr Sheraz Daya

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon Mr Sheraz Daya

95 Reviews

No More Hunting For Glasses!!! I am so glad I went to see Mr. Daya and had my lens replacement procedure on both eyes. I found all the staff kind and caring. I was nervous from the very beginning but found the experience on the f ...Read more

Mr Daya is Medical Director and Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon of the Corneo Plastic Unit and Eye Bank at the Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Trust, East Grinstead.

He is a renowned expert in the field and ranks in our list of the 10 best laser eye surgeons, based on thousands of patient reviews on Lasik Eyes since 2002.

In 1996, Mr Daya founded the Centre for Sight – a high-end provider at the forefront of laser eye surgery, laser lens replacement, cataract and corneal transplants.

But is he the right surgeon for you? Finding a laser eye surgeon you feel happy with is always a personal choice. If you would like a second opinion, Lasik Eyes is making it easy to find a trusted ophthalmologist in your areas, and helps readers book a free consultation with an eye expert to discuss your options.

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1. Qualifications

After graduating from the Royal College of Surgeons in 1984 Mr Daya completed an internship at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

He then completed his training in the United States completing residencies at NY Downtown Hospital (1985 to 1988) and the Catholic Medical Centre at Cornell University (1988 to 1991). He went on to become the Director of Cornea and External Disease at the Catholic Medical Centre.

Today, Mr Daya serves on numerous committees, including:

  1. The Medical Advisory Board of the Eye Bank Association of America
  2. Cornea committees of both European and American Societies of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS, ASCRS)
  3. International Council for UK on the International Society of Refractive Surgery (ISRS)
  4. Refractive sub committee of the ESCRS and the Royal College of Ophthalmologists
  5. Board of Directors of the Cornea Society (USA)

2. Expertise

Mr Daya is a non-London based entry onto the list of the 10 best laser eye surgeons, shortlisted thanks to thousands of patient reviews on Lasik Eyes since 2002.

What’s more, Mr Daya was the first to perform LASIK laser vision correction in the UK, and he has become an expert in the field. As well as serving on the committees mentioned above, he has also appeared as an expert on a number of TV programs, including some on the BBC and ITV.

In addition to expertise in Laser refractive surgery, Mr Daya is internationally renowned for his work in stem cell transplantation (featured on BBC, ITV, Sky News, ABC News USA etc.), corneal transplantation and refractive cataract surgery.

3. The Centre for Sight

The Centre For Sight was set up because Mr Daya was disgruntled with how many private eye care centres were run. He as on a mission to provide patients with world class medical care.

He built the Centre for Sight as a “Centre of Excellence” in refractive surgery, providing the utmost in preoperative and postoperative care and first class levels of training for other surgeons and nurses throughout the country.

The Centre for Sight was the UK’s first provider of Intralase, the femtosecond laser used for cutting flaps in Lasik rather than bladed keratomes. This increases the safety of Laser vision correction, and provides better outcomes, according to the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCO).

4. Patient Reviews for Sheraz Daya

Here are some recent independent customer reviews left on Lasik Eyes for Mr Daya:

I am very happy with my experience at the centre and would recommend them to all my friends and family. Now after my surgery, my dream is to enjoy the rest of my life without the need for spectacles. – Christopher Michel

5 stars, excellent surgeon, excellent facility. Overall experience was fantastic. A very sleek and professional service all round. Very friendly atmosphere. Would do it again! Will certainly recommend Centre for Sight. – Madeleine Edwards-Cook

Fantastic Experience! Staff at Centre for Sight were amazing. Dr Sheraz Daya is great. My vision is better than 20/20. It has been life changing. The results have given me freedom, and they have been better than expected. This is the ‘New Me’ and I feel ecstatic! – Jenny Kingsford

5. The Verdict

So, is Mr Daya the right eye surgeon for you? Of course, that all depends on where you live, and what you’re looking for.

Mr Daya has been at the forefront of his profession for while. That said having his practice in East Grinstead means you might be suited to someone a little closer to you.

With eye surgery considered a safe elective surgery by the General Medical Council (GMC), there are plenty of quality surgeons and clinics to choose from – and you’ll want to meet them before deciding.

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Mr Sheraz Daya Reviews


19 Oct 2012

The care and support both during and after was second to none. We were really looked after at the clinic.

09 Dec 2015

My eyesight was getting worse and my optician said that I had the beginnigs of cateracts in both eyes. Also I had worn varifocal glasses since I was 45, I am now 71. Mr Sheraz Daya and the Centre for Sight had been recommended to me by several friends including an optician golfing mate. So I took the plunge and went to Centre for Sight at East Grinstead for the very thourough assessment and I was told that I was suitable for multifocal iol’s. I had the procedures at Oxshott with the follow up checks in East Grinstead. The whole process was very straightforward and the most painful part was the small prick when the canula was inserted into my arm. Next day I was able to do away with my glasses and can read the small print. If anybody is procrastinating about going ahead with lens replacement at Centre for Sight I have no hesitation in recommending mr Sheraz Daya and his wonderful team.

23 Jul 2015

I just want to say how awesome it is, I am so happy!!!

After wearing reading glasses from the age of 10 years, followed by Lasik treatment in 2009, I learned from a friend how wonderful total lens replacement surgery is.

Right eye operation 8th June followed by left eye on the 10th June, I can only describe the results as awesome.

My vision has never been so good and gets better and better all of the time.
It makes me feel so good as I see new things much more clearly.

My very special thanks to Mr Sheraz Daya and Ms Marcela Espinosa Lagana. they are both so passionate about there work and how they help me as a patient. I am so pleased. The whole team at The Centre For Sight are such lovely people it is a delight and pleasure to have my treatment there and I feel so relaxed and happy too.

Thank you.

02 Jul 2015

Absolutely amazing… Fantastic… Terrific… cant think of any other words… well I can think of many but Just “BLOWN AWAY”!!! Its the best thing I’ve got.

Words cannot describe how the Implantable Contact Lens Laser eye surgery at Centre for Sight has affected my life… I am blown away and quite tearful over it. I had my eye surgery because I had very poor vision. I used to wear contact lenses and have been wearing them since the age of year 13 and had to revert to wearing glasses.

As well as being terribly short sighted, my near vision was deteriorating and the contact lenses would not accommodate it. After which I was not confident wearing glasses at all.

Centre for Sight is local to me and has great reputation. My experience was fantastic, I am blown away… Amazing!!!

Just might burst into tears. Really Amazing.

26 Jun 2015

Remarkably clear and sharp, I can’t believe it! Now I can exercise & keep fit without the annoying glasses – all thanks to Centre for Sight.

Now that we have finally had some decent summer weather I can wear my sunglasses and not have to think about putting in my contact lenses first. I can’t wait to go scuba diving again and this time actually see the fish and coral clearly!

I am an active person who likes to exercise, dive and ski – not ideally activities for someone you needs glasses.

My husband who is an Ophthalmologist insisted that only Mr Daya would be going near my eyes. He has an international reputation for achieving excellent results and is an innovator in the field of refractive surgery.

The whole team including the reception and nursing to staff made me feel at ease throughout my pre-operative visit as well as the day of the surgery.

I am quite squeamish when it comes to my eyes but Mr Daya took the time to explain the procedure in just the right amount of detail to allay my concerns. The environment was calm and the team was very skilled and organised.

I will be definitely recommending my other doctor colleagues who are considering LASIK to come to Centre For Sight.

29 May 2015

Fantastic Experience!!

Staff at Centre for Sight were amazing. Dr. Sheraz Daya is great. My vision is better than 20/20. It has been life changing.

The results have given me FREEDOM… and they have been better than expected. This is the ‘New Me’ and I feel ECSTATIC!!!

– Jenny Kingsford

01 May 2015

There are no words that could possibly describe how much this has changed my life. I feel like I have been given a second chance in life. I am happy.

Thank you to Dr. Sheraz Daya and your amazing team at Centre for Sight for making this possible.

– Laura Beaton

16 Apr 2015

My Refractive Lens Exchange journey at Centre for Sight has been positive. Mr Daya has been very friendly and his one-to-one approach to patients makes a real difference which stands out. This is why I specifically chose Centre for Sight to be treated, as compared to my negative experiences with other private clinics. I highly recommend Centre for Sight.

Ganesh Krishnamoorthy

02 Apr 2015

The process from first enquiry about LASIK through to the surgery itself has been absolutely fantastic. All members at each stage have been courteous and professional taking any feelings of discomfort away immediately. Mr Daya inspired a feeling of absolute self-assurance and confidence and I felt immediately that I was in the hands of a world leader in his field. The results have been phenomenal and I’m looking forward to years of perfect sight.

Why I chose Centre for Sight?
My mother had surgery at Centre for Sight in 2002 and spoke very highly of the organisation. It’s my vision, why risk going anywhere but the best!

Stuart Dunlop

16 Mar 2015

To Mr Daya and all the staff I have met at Centre for Sight I want to say thank you!

I was extremely nervous on the day of my surgery but was looked after so well by all the nurses. I have never experienced such genuine care at any medical centre so I am very grateful.

You have changed by life and given me a chance to become a fighter pilot which is all I have ever wanted to do. If I make it I will take you for a flight, if I don’t I guess I could train as an Ophthalmologist !…

Thanks again,

Calum Hervieu

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