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I was totally delighted not only with the results of my laser eye surgery but really impressed by the quality of care. ... Read more

Rob Morris an experienced Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon with the NHS in Southampton and Medical Director of Grange Eye Consultants. He has a high volume cataract and refractive surgery practice and performs approximately 1000 procedures per year. He is involved with the training of Junior Surgeons and is The Royal College of Ophthalmologists Regional Advisor for Ophthalmology in Wessex Region. Rob first performed laser vision correction in 1994, but has been constantly updating and training in refractive surgery since then. Now offering LASIK, LASEK, PRK, Wavefront, PRELEX and Refractive Lens Exchange he will spend time with you to discuss which refractive treatment is the most suitable for your eyes and lifestyle.

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16 Mar 2006

I was totally delighted not only with the results of my laser eye surgery but really impressed by the quality of care.

16 Jun 2003

My Lasik surgery was carried out by Robert Morris on 12th February, 2003, at the Nuffield Hospital, Chandler's Ford.During the previous 15 months, I had carried out an extensive survey of the alternatives available. Whilst I never had to pay for a consultation, I was never able to speak to the actual surgeon. During these consultations I received a myriad of advice, recommendations, guarantees & prices. Whilst I gained a good understanding of Lasik surgery, I was left feeling unsure of whether I wanted to proceed, or not.I discovered Robert by personal recommendation. Though I had to pay for the consultation, I was immediately impressed by his no nonsense, practical approach. Every test & resulting data was clearly explained. No promises were made that could not be achieved. Being minus 7 in both eyes it was indicated that my eyes would take 7 months to settle down, that I would experience some "starburst" night vision at first and that some days would be better than others during this settling down period. Nearly four months later I am delighted with my vision. Robert also slightly under corrected my dominant eye to maintain the quality of my "reading" vision. This near sight has improved considerably since my surgery.The fact that the surgery was carried out in a hospital enviroment was a great reassurance. Robert's team have a great bedside manner which enabled me to relax & feel confident. Every step was explained fully & clearly.My post operative care has been equally comprehensive. If I have any questions or concerns I can contact Robert at any time.I really do not have any hesitation in recommending Robert for this type of surgery. For anyone in doubt, as I was, just the consultation is very good value. On the subject of value, Robert was not the cheapest, neither was he the most expensive. I believe I received excellent value for money.

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