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Mr Khalid Khan

7 Reviews

Dissapointed , Very dissapointed , I was quite excited when I was told that i could have fantastic eyesight for £1790.00 with the best of the best treatment , I signed up to it straight away , I was told that I was a great candid ...Read more

Mr. Khan is an experienced Ophthalmic Surgeon specialising in laser eye surgery and has performed more than 38,000 procedures. He is registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), is a fully trained Ophthalmologist who has undergone additional specialist training in refractive surgery.

He is an Ophthalmic Surgeon for Optical Express and a consultant for the NHS who has gained vast experience in a wide range of specialities and today is an active member of various affiliated bodies and societies such as the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons.

Twice every year, Mr. Khan attends International Medical Advisory Board (IMAB) Conferences and is annually assessed by this board. The panel consists of several of the world’s most eminent Refractive Surgeons including Mr. Steven Schallhorn, former Head of Ophthalmology for the US Navy, Dr. Jan Venter, a world leading Ophthalmic Surgeon, and Mr. Jeffery Machat, co-founder of TLC Vision, one of the largest laser vision correction providers in the world.

Mr. Khan studied medicine at The University of Newcastle, qualifying in 1982 and progressed to the position of House Officer in the West Yorkshire area. In 1985 he began working in the area of Ophthalmology as a Senior House Officer at Westbourne Eye Infirmary in Bournemouth.

He then moved to the Hallamshire Hospital where he was also a Senior House Officer before further progressing to the role of Registrar in Ophthalmology. During this time, he gained experience in all areas of Ophthalmology and obtained his Fellowship from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

In 1989, Mr. Khan became a Consultant Ophthalmologist at The Jeddah Eye Hospital in Saudi Arabia where he participated in an active teaching programme for Hospital and General Practice doctors and was a regular speaker for these sessions.

Mr. Khan regularly attends conferences and seminars as both speaker and delegate, keeping him aligned with new procedural and clinical enhancements and highlighting his commitment to his field and his dedication to outstanding clinical outcomes.

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Mr Khalid Khan Reviews


24 Apr 2008

I`ve had the privilege of being operated on by Mr Khan on the 16th April at Leeds.I could not recommended him highly enough for his efficiency, great knowledge and humble disposition.He put my mind at rest before, during and after the procedure and it`s because of that I can never thank him enough.

01 Aug 2008

I had my eyes lazered by Mr Khan on Saturday 10th May, at Meadowhall, Sheffield,11 weeks ago. I felt no discomfort during the procedure at all and felt very relaxed throughout. I'm sure I was in good hands. I can't recommend Mr Khan and lazer surgery highly enough.

25 Jan 2009

Had lasik intralase surgery on 8th Jan 09. In Leeds with Khalid Khan.My prescription before surgery was -6.5 and -5.25.Mr Khan was professional and experienced. The procedure is uncomfortable as your eyes are clamped open but the surgery itself is v v quick really around 20 seconds.The next day I returned for a check up, and was able to read well enough to drive. The following week I can see all distant object v clearly and have better than 20/20 vision in both eyes.Note; I am 48 and still require reading glasses for reading as laser treatment does not address the age related aspect of needing reading glasses.I am so very happy, with the treatment, it was really expensive but worth it . Why didn't I have it done years ago ?

28 Jan 2009

I had appointments at two other clinics with other surgeons before I chose to have my Refractive Lensectomy at the Birkdale clinic in Rotherham by Mr. Khan. I was impressed by the efficiency at the clinic, and also how Mr Khan explained the procedure. I also was impressed that there was only one optometrist, Mr Adam Kennaugh who dealt with me throughout. His manner and helpfulness throughout was outstanding.I was advised to have an artificial lens implant because I had the beginning of a cataract. I was operated on by Mr Khan on the 29th July 2008. I had surgery on both eyes at the same time. I was unsure about this but was put at ease by Mr Khan. I have been subsequently very pleased I had both eyes operated on at the same time. I had discomfort for one day. (I think it helped that I was previously a contact lens wearer.) Following surgery I was able to see without glasses and only used glasses for reading. However because I had astigmatism it was explained I would need Lasek surgery to improve my vision further. I also had YAG treatment to remove cloudiness and glare from lights which had made it difficult to drive at night.I had LASEK surgery by Mr Khan on the 9th December 2008. There was hardly any discomfort at all. Again both eyes were operated on at the same time. I expected my vision to improve immediately and was initially disappointed as my eyes did not seem to focus together but now one month on my sight is amazing. I am unable to measure the difference between vision with contact lenses and surgery but it is amazingly better than with glasses. I feel that it is better than the vision I had with contact lenses. I no longer need glasses and my distance vision is very very good. I do not need glasses to use the computer and only need glasses to read small print or if light is poor. I think this is good considering my age is 63. I am highly delighted with the result and would highly recommend Mr Khan, Mr Kennaugh and the Birkdale clinic Rotherham.

17 Dec 2010

Mr Khan carried out Lasik Wavefront with Intralase on me at Optical Express Meadowhall on Dec 5 2010 and I was very impressed by his very relaxed friendly and considerate personality as well as his excellant clinical skills. I had done some research on him beforehand and all the reviews of his work I could find were very impressive and I am happy to do the same. I would recommend him without hesitation.

10 Sep 2012

Had my eyes treated by Mr. Khan about 3 days ago now, he certainly didn't mess about and my treatment lasted about 5 minutes. My eyes stung for a few hours afterwards but in the morning the pain was gone, the cloudiness wasn't as bad and I read 20/15 no problems at all. My eyesight before correction was -4.75 in both eyes and I have never been able to see this clearly even with Glasses. It cost a fortune - £3490 for the Intralase Wavefront treatment, the best possible. The results speak for themselves. 20/15 the day after treatment.

22 Jan 2013

Dissapointed , Very dissapointed , I was quite excited when I was told that i could have fantastic eyesight for £1790.00 with the best of the best treatment , I signed up to it straight away , I was told that I was a great candidate for treatment and it would be straight forward procedure , On the day of treatment I travelled to Leeds (an hour and a half away), the staff where very friendly and they put me at ease , they told me I could go in straight away which made me feel a bit rushed but I thought let's go for it , the procedure itself didn't hurt but it feels uncomfortable , within ten minutes I was sorted , my eyes where very sensitive to light so I closed them all the way home , the pain of extremely gritted eyes was at times awful so I took some strong painkillers put the goggles on and went to bed and in the morning the pain had gone , the right eye was I fine and I could see clearly but the left eye was a totally different story it felt like I had something in my line of vision , at the check up the next day they told me I had inflammation which I thought was the case but as time went by and with many more drops and creams the problem carried on , my anxiety went straight through the roof and with many sleepless nights it was started to become a real life changer, after 5 months I went to see the surgeon and he told me that it was debris and that he could clear it by lifting the flap and washing it away ,so with a great sense of relief I thought brilliant BUT THIS IS WHERE IT REALLY ERRKED ME a guy who was in patient relations said to me after I had seen mr Kahn I GUARANTEE YOU THAT THIS WILL BE SORTED !!!!! I SAID YOU CAN GUARANTEE IT ,, HE SAID TWICE MORE I CAN GUARANTEE IT ,,, so as you can expect I walked out of there on cloud nine , I even asked if I could jump on the days list and get it done that day , so I went back two weeks later to have the second procedure done , whilst I was having it done the surgeon checked if it had all been cleaned away , he said to me sorry but we will have to go back in to clear the rest off but i I thought no problem if it's going to do the trick , unfortunately they didn't put the patch back on my right eye so I could see the procedure through the reflective part of the machine , it's not what I wanted to see , but by then my eye drops had warn off so I could not only see it but I could feel it , it was awful , so with it all done and dusted and I went home , that was just before Christmas and although the debris has cleared my vision is still very very blurred , before I had the second treatment I had what's called ghosting where you see a double of everything like a second image ,well I still have that which is a massive shame because I would of been happy if that had cleared up , I have nothing but dread for the future , I don't think they can or will do anything to correct this , this is all on top of one other massive failing with the original treatment . When I first had my consultation I was told that I would be able to see really clearly at night time but nothing could be further away from the truth , even in the day when I see any lights eg .on cars ,street lights or even at home it has changed my eyesight to so blurred that its similar to squinting my eyes on a permanent basis , most people who have this treatment are happy straight away , I feel nothing good will come of this and it's made me feel very very depressed , please please please think very clearly about having this treatment , I CAN SAY I TOTALLY REGRET HAVING THIS DONE, it would be brilliant if i could come back on here in the near future and say it's all cleared now and it's great , but I don't think that will happen ,,,,

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