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Mr David Allamby

Dr David Allamby laser eye surgeon

61 Reviews

If you ever decide to have laser eye surgery, Focus Clinic is the place to have it!First of all, I am not paid to write this review. I only decided to pen down my experience having seen some less distinguished practices elsewhere. ...Read more

Mr David Allamby specialises in LASIK, LASEK, Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) and other laser eye treatments at Focus Clinic, which he himself founded, and where he now works as the medical director.

Mr Allamby also happened to be the first surgeon in the UK to perform CK for long-sightedness (presbyopia), helping to free his patients from reading glasses. He also stands out as one of the only laser eye surgeons in the UK to focus solely on refractive laser treatment full-time, making him a leader in this field.

For these reasons and many more, David Allamby sits proudly in the list of the 10 top laser eye surgeons in the UK, based on thousands of patient reviews on Lasik Eyes since 2002.

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1. Qualifications

Mr David Allamby, FRCS(Ed), FRCOphth graduated from Sheffield University Medical School in 1987, and has specialised in ophthalmic surgery since 1989. He became a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and then a fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists in 1993.

David Allamby has worked at some of the United Kingdom’s leading eye centres, including Moorfields Eye Hospital in London and the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.

As you would expect from a leading laser eye surgeon, Mr Allamby has published work – in ocular scar formation – whilst at the University of Manchester, which received funding from the prestigious Wellcome Trust grant.

2. Experience

Mr Allamby peforms the main types of laser eye surgery: LASIK and LASEK laser eye treatment, and CK radio eye correction – an innovative treatment for age-related vision issues – using state-of-the-art technology.

He works closely with each of his patients to determine which procedure most suits them, believing in the importance of his clients’ active participation through a process of full informed consent, so they can decide together which option is best.

In addition to clocking up more than 3,000 LASIK and LASEK laser surgeries to date, Mr Allamby has performed over 2,000 CK radio eye treatments, as well as providing CK surgery training to visiting consultants from countries around the world.

His particular expertise lies in the enhanced ‘light touch’ CK technique (a technique now adopted as standard by surgeons across the globe), which he partly pioneered at FOCUS Laser Vision and has more experience in than any other doctor in the world.

As a thought leader, David also runs a new informational blog for anyone wanting to learn more about LASIK and PRK laser eye surgery. It includes general information for UK patients, polling on key topics (currently on LASIK prices), informational videos and PDFs including watching live LASIK eye surgery and of course the opportunity to post your replies to blog topics, ask questions and request blog postings on subjects of interest.

3. Focus Clinic

Mr Allamby is the Chief Surgeon at Focus Clinic, a renowned Harley Street eye clinic. Focus enjoys a reputation as the go-to for celebrities, and claims of a 99.7% success rate for standard surgeries.

What makes it different? As you would expect from any independent eye clinic, it’s the consultants who led Focus Clinics, which means you’re unlikely to face hard sales strategies to use particular equipment, or accept a specific treatment.

Is there anything to look out for? As always, when choosing the right laser eye surgery provider for you, you don’t need to feel pressured into paying than you are comfortable with. With no finance options, and some of the highest laser eye surgery costs, this clinic won’t be for everyone.

4. Mr David Allamby Review: The Verdict

So, is Mr Allamby the right eye surgeon for you? Of course, that all depends on where you live, which treatment would suit your prescription, and what your budget is.

David Allamby is the medical director of one of the best laser eye surgery clinics in London, so if you live in the capital you may like to arrange an initial consultation with him to discuss your options.

That said, you’ll find cheaper laser and lens replacement costs elsewhere. If your optometrist diagnoses you with uncomplicated eye health, common procedures such as LASIK have a high success rate wherever you go, so you don’t have to feel pressured into paying more than you would like.

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Mr David Allamby Reviews


16 Jul 2012

100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. That spoke to me. From the first contact with Malisa on the telephone (who is an absolute star), it was all about “What can WE give?”, not “What can I get?” They’ve got something really special going on here and they don’t need to convince me - professional excellence and quality of conduct speaks for itself. Every one of the Focus team I’ve met has been consistently open, friendly, welcoming, accomodating and AVAILABLE. I continue to receive OVER AND ABOVE the level of care, expert advice, courtesy and consideration that I would expect from anyone. They give you full information as to who they are (and that just happens to be the OUTSTANDING EXPERTS in their field!), what they do, and how everything works. Not one decision has been made without me being included, every step of the way.I’d had 3 dissatisfying conclusions from 3 leading providers, so I was fully prepared to pay twice the price to get THE BEST – this IS central London! But Focus were able to quote me an accurate cost of treatment - at around £200 LESS THAN ANY OTHER PROVIDER - before I even came along to see them. Plus I got a £500 discount through a special offer, and all this comes with LIFETIME AFTERCARE with the SAME SURGEON. This level of learning, expertise, research and technology doesn’t come at ‘high street’ prices, but not for one minute did I feel like these people were trying to ‘sell’ me something. Instead there was a strong and quiet assurance that they are damn good at what they do, because their heart and soul is in this work, and that they really are doing their best to make it as affordable and available as they can for us.Mr David Allamby, the surgeon who performed my treatment, has a real gift. My prescription was R -8.00 and L -8.50 with astigmatism of R -1.5 and L -1.25. I don’t know how he did it!! No-one else could. He assured me he would make his best effort to get me as close to 20/20 as possible - I knew he meant it. He talked me through every second of the surgical procedure, I didn’t have a chance to get scared about it. Dr Allamby meets you with equanimity, congruence, and integrity. He is not only a highly-qualified medical/healthcare practitioner who is clearly fulfilling his purpose in life, he is also a gentleman. I’ve met a lot of slick, super-successful, money-grabbing ego-maniacs! Professionalism alone doesn’t reach people. This man’s kindness, humility, generosity and engaged passion for what he does are an absolute joy to be around. I can’t thank him enough for doing what he does, and perhaps why he does it – not for any self-serving aggrandisement, but for the genuine benefit of others.The quality of the service Focus provides and dedication to the well-being of their patients is second to none. Safety is paramount, and consideration of the long-term health and happiness of each individual patient clearly comes first. I see A LOT OF HAPPY PEOPLE whenever I come to the Focus clinic. The most valuable thing you can give another human being is your time and attention – and that is what you get here. I have been held though this whole process. This is a team of authentic, honest, totally trustworthy, and genuinely LOVELY people! I would not trust anyone else with my sight – believed me, I’ve tried.Dr Allamby has not just corrected my extremely short sight – he has changed the lens I see the world through. It’s no longer ‘me’ and this ‘world’ I’m looking out at - it’s MY WORLD and I feel FULLY ALIVE in it, and TOTALLY INSPIRED. Gratitude abounds. I am OVERJOYED at waking up and being able to SEE!; at watching the stars at night with my naked eye (& no halos!); at getting caught in the rain when I’m cycling, because it really doesn’t matter anymore!!…………And while I’m seeing my life now with CRYSTAL CLEAR & BRIGHT, BETTER THAN 20/20 VISION new eyes, somebody in a less affluent country is probably looking at their own children for the first time in years - Focus made me a part of that. Check out their EYE FOR AN EYE CHARITY. JUST AMAZING. I’ve never had my money used so wisely by somebody else! Total respect to these guys. I wish each and every member of the Focus team all the continued success and happiness they deserve in all of their lives. 10/10. THANK YOU a million times!!!

31 Jul 2012

Due to my high myopia and high astigmatism I wasn't sure if I would qualify, but the team put me completely at ease. They did not directly say "all is good", but told me to take Flaxseed Oil for a month and come back for a second check-up, because my eyes were a bit too dry and it would have caused me discomfort after the surgery. Wow, that it putting the customer first!Every one of the Focus team I’ve met is warm, friendly, welcoming, always available for all questions and genuine happy for me to now live without glasses. Special thanks to David Allamby, the surgeon, Ritu Jagpal, who did all the initial check-ups, Joanne Atalay and Malisa D'Souza, my direct contacts for all questions! **Promotion Deleted**

09 Oct 2012

I saw an offer for half price eye surgery and I was very undecided on whether to take advantage of it. I finally decided to phone Focus and find out more. From the first phone call I felt I was in safe hands, and I decided to go ahead and am so glad I did. The eye tests to decide whether I was suitable for this type of surgery were rigorous and if I had been found unsuitable I would have been told and Focus would not have performed the procedure. I found this very reassuring as I'm sure there are less professional clinics who would operate regardless, or maybe I'm just cynical... I met David Allamby who performed the procedure on the day of the operation and I immediately felt I was in safe hands. I was very nervous before I was taken into the operating theatre but there really wasn't anything to fear. The procedure is painless. I can now see really well and I'm so glad I've been able to ditch my specs - I've never enjoyed wearing them and I love the freedom of not having to reach for them as I wake up. It's quite miraculous and I spent the first few days being amazed by how well I could see.All the staff at Focus are very professional and put you at your ease. So a big thank you to all of them and I can't recommend Focus Vision highly enough.

02 Nov 2012

I had LASIK in both eyes five years ago, for 'blended vision' and was delighted with the result. Two years ago when I started a degree course, I started to wear reading glasses to support my 'distance' eye. Ie to make both eyes reading eyes. I came to rely on them more and more until I couldn't read without them. I was unhappy about this and remembered that Focus provide lifelong aftercare, so went back for a consultation. It appeared my prescription had changed, which is quite rare, but it could be corrected by either more LASIK in my reading eye, or by having the Kamra inlay procedure. As I'd previously had surgery at Focus, this treatment would be at 50% of the cost for one eye only. Everything was thoroughly explained to me from the treatment to payment, including all the aftercare. The staff are so friendly, as well as being totally professional. Mr Allenby is an excellent surgeon who installs confidence. The surgery, equipment and waiting rooms are modern and spotless. I really enjoy my visits for check ups and afterwards do a little shopping on Oxford St and Bond St which is about 5 minutes walk away.I have recommended Focus to my friends and family and would recommend them to everyone.

05 Mar 2013

From the first free consultation to the day of the procedure my treatment has been fantastic, I can now read everything clearly and my distance vision is 20/12, which is better than the normal.After wearing contact lenses for over 35 years I had to wait for my eyes to settle down, I had thorough eye examinations each month to check if the prescription and astigmatism were changing. After 4 months the procedure could go ahead.Mr Allamby was truly wonderful, explaining everything clearly and putting all my nerves to rest, prior to him undertaking one final eye examination before the procedure. It is now over 1 month since the procedure and my vision is perfect.I can fully recommend Focus Laser Vision.

24 Oct 2011

The atmosphere in the clinic is relaxed and helpful.This new technique was clearly explained, and even demonstrated.The surgery was almost painless, just a little discomfort when pressure had to be applied, and the results immediate. Within 24 hours both eyes were painfree, and my distance vision near perfect.3 months later and my distance vision is better than 20/20 and I now have my peripheral vision back! My reading improved sharply in the first week and noticeably more after one month - no more glasses needed for work (i.e. using a computer).It's very easy to take it all for granted, like I did years ago, so I have to remember what a pain glasses are - how they pinch and get dirty so quickly - to appreciate not having them anymore.Definietly recommend the procedure.

25 Mar 2013

I have just come in for my 24 hour post surgery check-up. Yesterday was very stressful as I was very nervous beforehand as laser eye surgery was something I had wanted to have done for several years but hadn’t had the nerve to do until now. I did a bit of research beforehand including asking friends of their experiences and I have to say that I definitely chose the right place. From the moment that I arrived for the initial consultation until today the team at Focus have been so friendly, reassuring and thoroughly professional. My surgeon David Allamby gave me absolutely no doubt that he was about to do the best job possible and thus far the results are proving this to be true as my vision is amazing. Thank you!

08 Apr 2013

After several months of deliberation, I decided that I would like to proceed with having laser eye surgery. So, I went to a very well-known High Street opticians to find out how to proceed, but they told me it was impossible to have laser eye surgery, due to the fact I have an astigmatism in both eyes. After doing some extensive research online I found that Focus Laser vision were able to operate on some patients with astigmatisms. So, I phoned to find out more. From the moment that I picked up the phone and spoke to the receptionist, who was extremely friendly and informative, I had no hesitation in booking my initial consultation.The thought of having laser eye surgery was extremely daunting, but I can honestly say that from the moment I walked into the clinic, I knew I was in the best place. Every single member of staff I dealt with was friendly, informative, helpful, and caring. Dr Allamby and his team were absolutely fantastic. The procedure didn't take very long and Dr Allamby talked me through every single step. I felt no pain whatsoever. The after-care service and support is second-to-none. I am happy to report that I now have better than 20/20 vision and no need for glasses anymore. Had I known it would be this easy, I would have had this surgery a long time ago. I simply cannot recommend Focus Laser vision highly enough, they are absolutely outstanding in every way

08 Apr 2013

Ab-so-lute-ly incredible. I can't stop grinning. It's the morning after and literally no more than 18 hours ago, I was nervously lying down on a clinical bed being told to stare directly at a green flashing light. Now, for the first time in 15 years, I'm looking freely out of the window, tracing the tops of houses in the distant horizon and typing without the need for glasses or contact lenses. For me it feels unreal and I can only describe this 10 minute procedure as bordering miraculous.It's amazing to think that yesterday, I was short-sighted by around -3.75 in both eyes and suffering from astigmatism. I felt embarrassed and disappointed by my inability to define even the largest full-sized letter E without assistance. Today, on the other hand, in the very same examination room, I somehow managed to surprise myself by being able to reel off the tiniest letters on the bottom of the chart entirely unaided and with my own two eyes. That aside, I was thrilled to learn that my eyes were not only corrected and recovering well but I had attained near 20/12 vision... overnight. Almost twice better than the average 20/20? Gobsmacked is an understatement!Like most, I've been considering having laser surgery for a while and researched thoroughly into several companies. Having had consultations with most major clinics, I can report that all were highly professional and welcoming - but it was Focus Clinic who stood out as a clear cut above the rest. From the outset, I sensed my eyes would be under the safest supervision and best care possible. Perhaps it was the fact that every staff member here - from reception to treatment room, assistants, technicians, the lovely Emma from patient-care to the formidable surgeon David Allamby - all without exception appeared dedicated to offering the maximum information along with uncompromising attention. Or perhaps it was the unfailing smiles, the extremely thorough examination and re-examination or the proud confidence of having the best laser equipment in the country with an outstanding 100% track record to match? Whatever it was, you won me over and I can truly say that my expectations have been surpassed beyond what I thought was possible! Thank you so so much.For the first time, I can now understand why the same cliched responses appear again and again from your patients. Yes, the procedure really is that fast. Yes, you really do get the results (if you comply strictly to the aftercare programme). Yes, I really do wish I had done it sooner. And yes, if anyone happened to be considering it, I would urge them to go ahead and do it - and to look nowhere else but you. I cannot recommend you highly enough.

08 Apr 2018

Blended Vision- All at Focus were extremely pleasant, reassuring and professional and Mr Allamby is clearly a highly skilled surgeon. Focus was recommended to me and I will recommend to others. I wish I’d had it done years ago!

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