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Mr Eamonn Hynes

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon Mr Eamonn Hynes

14 Reviews

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Dr Hynes was born and educated in the U.K. He attended Cambridge and London Universities and graduated in Medicine in 1980. He commenced his Ophthalmic training at Moorfields Hospital in 1988 and trained in eye surgery in the London area.

He moved to Manchester to work in a busy Laser Eye Clinic in 1994 and now lives in Cheshire. He is married with 3 children. He has specialised in refractive surgery for short sight since 1993 and has presented work at the annual European Cataract and Refractive Surgeons meetings. He has been carrying out lasik since 1999 and has trained on the Nidek, Intralase, Summit and Technolas Laser machines, as well as the LaserSight machine currently used at Visualase. He has carried out over 12,000 procedures and maintains a keen interest in the future developments of laser refractive surgery. He has worked with Dr Doyle since 1994 in the development of surface and flap based laser surgery techniques.

He is registered by the GMC and is a member of the BMA and the ESCRS.

His interests include aviation and photography as well as music.

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Mr Eamonn Hynes Reviews


04 Mar 2013

I recently had eye surgery at the Visualase clinic in Bolton. My eyesight was pretty horrific and although it has been stable for many years one eye recently changed and became -9 prescription. With the cost of lenses and frames a new pair of glasses, sunglasses and spare glasses were very expensive and even with paying for the thinnest lenses they were still 7mm thick which limited me to thick frames and I could no longer have rimless, so I took the decision to have laser eye surgery.I would without a shadow of doubt reccommend Visualse in Bolton. The service I received was second to none, from the inital consultation to the aftercare. On my inital consulatation I met the the surgeon who explained things in depth including the risks and were even very honest about maybe not acheiving full 20/20 vision on the first attempt due to my prescription being so high. There was no 'hard sell' unlike the other larger chains and no 'price sales', pricing and information was all very clear, and I felt very at ease being able to meet with the surgeon and not a sales rep. On the day I was very very nervous, but can honestly say it was a walk in the park! (I'm quite possibly the most squeamish, softest person ever!) There was no pain during or after the surgery and I was talked through every step. If anyone has been putting off surgery because they were worried about the procedure, then please just go for it - you'll be amazed at how easy it is!I attended my follow up appointement the following day and I was amazed to be told that I had hit 20/20 vision! There is still a little blurring occasionally but it will take time to settle. Thank you so much to the Visualase Clinic in Bolton. I have been pressurising my dad to come and see you (same prescription)! Truly amazing!

08 Dec 2015

Greatest Surgeon ever created

16 Mar 2013

Absolutely fantastic! From the very first time I rung up to book my initial consultation to now 2 weeks after the surgery, I am 100% happy with the service I received. I was so nervous on the day of the surgery but all the staff made me feel so comfortable and put me at ease. I am very happy with my 20/20 vision and I am loving life without glasses and contact lenses. I would recommend to visualase to anyone they are a brilliant team and I am so glad I chose them.

11 Oct 2012

ALL the staff at Clough's Bolton were very nice and proffesional. I would highly recoomned both the treatment and particulary the service and after service offered by Cloughs' A very good experience !!

04 May 2013

I went to visualase 6 months ago to correct minor short sight. I fully intended to have both eyes done and budgeted for this. After taking advice from staff at visualase they suggested I just have one eye done, as one eye was fine. This halved the cost to me and they said if I wasn't happy with the result I could always have the other done in the future. I went through with the surgery and am very very happy with the results 6 months on. Glasses are a thing of the past and going to the cinema, driving etc so much more better. Visualase could have easily talked me into having both eyes done which they didn't despite a lesser profit for them. All the staff were excellent and really friendly, especially Elaine on reception. I would have no hesitation to recommend visualase, especially if you prefer a more personal service rather than dealing with one of the larger faceless companies and their high volume low satisfaction methods.

21 Oct 2012

I had my right eye treated on Friday 19th Oct at 3pm. Treatment was painless and by Saturday morning my vision was excellent. Eye drops and care will needed for 7 days. Normally at my age reading glasses would be needed if both eyes were treated but I received advice that because my reading was OK without glasses I could have just one eye treated which avoids the need for reading glasses. I am delighted with the whole process from initial consultation through to treatment.

29 Oct 2012

I just want to thank Hilary & Elaine for all their patience with me.They were absolutely fantastic.Would recommend the clinic to anyone thinking of having their eyes done.

18 Nov 2012

I would highly recommend Visualase Eye clinic in Bolton for anyone considering having laser eye surgery .From first contacting the clinic in January 2011 I was treated with the upmost respect from all the staff from Elaine on reception to all the opticians before and after my treatment and especially Mr E Hynes who first checked my suitability and explained in full detail what would be involved in the surgery and the after care , on the day of surgery again all the staff were excellent in how welcoming and caring they all were in putting me at my ease .It has been the best decision I have made , after wearing glasses for over 40 years I can now get up in a morning without having to reach out first for my glasses before I could even go to the bathroom , wonderful!!!!

19 Nov 2012

The staff and surgeon at Visualase, Bolton were excellent, very helpful, nothing was too much trouble. The surgery itself was excellent, quick and painless, nothing to be worried about. The aftercare was brilliant. I would recommend laser eye surgery at Bolton without hesitation.

27 Nov 2012

I was really scared about having this procedure as anything with eyes really scares me!! However the staff at the clinic are wonderful! I had the Tamazapan but looking back I dont really think that I needed it. The actual procedure was absolutely pain free and I could not feel a thing! I was comfortable and felt fine and relaxed. About half an hour afterwards It started to be a bit uncomfortable but nothing like I had expected and I cannot really call it pain! I continued with the drops every 2 hours for the first 24 hours and all was well. I had it done in the morning and by evening I was watching the television without glasses!! It was really like a miracle as I had never thought that my astigmatism could be corrected and escpecialy so quickly! I would recommend Bolton Visualase to anybody as my StepSon and Neice have had it done there and also my husband's cousin and they have all been fine.Thanks a lot Visualase xx

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