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I was always nervous at the thought of having laser surgery as my prescription was very poor and my optician had advised it might not be a good option for me. I went for a consultation and was told that I was not eligible for las ...Read more

Viewpoint offers wavefront guided Zyoptix laser treatments for all patients because it is the most superior treatment available. This confirms our philosophy of ‘No compromise in safety to save you money’. All consultations and follow ups are with the surgeon who performs the treatment. The pricing structure is all inclusive of surgery, post operative care and enhancements for up to one year.

Our centre is a designated Centre of Excellence by Bausch and Lomb and is used for teaching and training purposes.

Our surgeon, Mr Deepak Chitkara, is a specialist in cornea and refractive surgery and internationally recognised as a pioneer in his field. In addition to Laser eye surgery we specialize in treatment for presbyopia, corneal diseases and cataracts. Other procedures performed at the centre include Phakic Implants (contact lens implants), Accommodating implants with refractive lens exchange surgery, Intacs, Conductive Keratoplasty, Corneal inlays and corneal transplants. We are dedicated to providing the finest and most comprehensive refractive care possible. Patients contemplating refractive surgery at Viewpoint Vision can therefore be rest assured that they are in ‘safe hands’.

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Viewpoint Vision Reviews


03 Oct 2017

I was always nervous at the thought of having laser surgery as my prescription was very poor and my optician had advised it might not be a good option for me. I went for a consultation and was told that I was not eligible for laser but could have lenses implanted. I was much more comfortable with this option as it is reversible and can be changed in the future. It isn’t cheap but I felt it was worth it and am pleased I have had it done.
I liked having the procedure within an NHS setting as this was local and the staff who looked after me, very friendly. The care was excellent and follow-up also very good.

15 Feb 2016

After 45 years of wearing glasses I decided to go to a consultation at Viewpoint Vision after a friend had had surgery. I was absolutely terrified at the thought of it but Deepak put me completely at ease explaining the procedure in detail.
I went ahead and could not believe how quick and pain-free it was. I didn’t need any pain relief after and just had the drops for the next few weeks.
The after care is unbelievable… It’s 4 months since my surgery… Loving seeing when you wake up! I’ve had no problems.. I have comfort drops for if I should need them but I would recommend this clinic and Deepak makes you feel so at ease. My vision is wonderful…. GO FOR IT! I’m so glad I did ?

14 Dec 2015

Absolutely fantastic surgery and aftercare. After 50 years of wearing glasses/contact lenses, no more of either, not even for reading. I am made up with the results and would recommend viewpoint to anyone considering eye surgery.

10 Dec 2015

Fantastic customer service from start to finish. Deepak explains everything in detail and puts you completely at ease during the consultation. The actual surgery was very quick (5 minutes), and didnt hurt at all. I was home within an hour of having it done and back to work with fully restored vision 3 days later. All my follow ups with Deepak have been thorough and he explains how your eyes are healing and what changes have occurred. My vision is now better than 20/20 and I have had no issues/problems whatosever. I cant recommend Viewpoint highly enough 🙂

11 Jul 2012

Extremely pleased with the outcome of my surgery, 100% satisfied and glad I had it. I've recommended Viewpoint to the brother in law so cant say any more than that!

20 Mar 2011

I booked my consultation at viewpoint after a recommendation from my optician. After the initial consultation I decided to go ahead with the wavefront guided lasik eye surgery.

At the time of the surgery my right eye seemed to take forever and it was discomforting. That day my eyes were extremely sore and I had a severe headache. Once I attended my follow-up I was told my vision was 20/20. I didn’t believe this to be correct as I was still struggling with my vision. I then decided to book myself in at my optician and have an eye test which resulted in -0.75 in both eyes. After discussing this with my surgeon I was advised the opticians are only telling me this to sell me glasses. However I continued to struggle with my vision in dim lighting and at night.

It has been just over 2 years since my eye surgery and I have had another eye test at my opticians who have now confirmed my vision is -1.0 in both eyes. My optician stated I was becoming short sighted again and also informed me they have stopped referring customers to viewpoint after they had failed to honour their incentive for referring patients. I then contacted viewpoint who said I had been discharged so it wasn’t there responsibility and it would cost me £80 to have my eyes checked again. I thought this was ridiculous after being an existing patient.

I really should have known better as when I had my initial consultation there was a customer arguing over the phone who wasn’t happy with their surgery. Then when I had my surgery there was another angry customer on the telephone and again the surgeon was claiming it was not his responsibility as the patient had been discharged. I could have pulled out at this stage and looking back now I would have done if given the opportunity again. On one occasion for my follow-up I had travelled all the way to Manchester only to find the clinic closed and my appointment completely forgotten about. I found this very unprofessional.

I advise anyone considering any form of eye surgery to avoid viewpoint at all costs. Even my optician has stopped referring patients to viewpoint after complaints. Viewpoint have since moved to St Helen’s Hospital, St Helens. Please, please beware of this clinic.

09 Oct 2008

I cannot recommend viewpoint highly enough. Unfortunately, I have had experience with two other ophthalmic surgeons and their clinics who came highly recommended. I had a lens replacement in my right eye with very poor results. The lens had to be replaced by another surgeon but again the results were disappointing. Deepak has now corrected this eye and done the lens exchange in my left. The results are brilliant. The personal care has been exceptional and his expectations are very high. The lens Deepak used has been free of all complications and I am in the sorry position to have compared 3 types firsthand! I only wish I had gone to viewpoint from the start. Thanks as well to Anne for all her help

06 Aug 2008

I didn't know about this website so when I decided to take the plunge and get rid of the specs and contacts for ever, I asked my optician's advice. She said that at Viewpoint, I would be assessed, advised and treated by the same person - someone fully qualified to do so. I'm pleased to say she was right, but what she couldn't know was just how personal the service really is - totally professional and yet relaxed and friendly. Deepak Chitkara puts the patient at ease with his manner, his genuine concern (he will ring you before and after the treatment to check you are okay), and his professionalism. I found the treatment to be a strange experience, but completely painless, and the slight discomfort afterwards is no worse than that experienced if I'd worn contact lenses for too long in my very dry eyes. Less than 3 weeks after my treatment, my eyes are fine, I can see colours I never knew existed (must get the carpet cleaned), and I can both see in the distance and read in any conditions. My Minus Fives are now Twenty-Twentys, and even the spec-induced grooves down the sides of my nose are fading. This was my 50th birthday present to myself, albeit a few months late, and if truth be known I spent a small pension on it that probably should have been invested elsewhere, but, what the heck, what price perfect eyesight for someone who's been short-sighted since the age of twelve? As you can probably gather, I'm not just happy with Viewpoint Vision and Mr Chitkara, I'm ecstatic!

16 Jul 2008

I was recommended to Viewpoint Vision by a friend, who had exactly the same procedure as myself. I have to say from start to finish I was not disappointed receiving first class treatments and service all the way through. The procedure was explained thoroughly to me leaving no doubt to what would be happening There was a contact available 24 hours a day if there was any worries following the procedure.The results for me were instant. I was driving 24 hours following the operation. If you are considering eye surgery I would certainly talk to Viewpoint Vision who I have to say have improved my quality of life I would certainly recommend Viewpoint Vision - Excellent Service and after care

07 Jul 2008

Mr Chitkara performed Lasik surgery on my right eye last year. The left had already been treated by PRK at another clinic around eight years ago. This was not a pleasant experience, so therefore put me off having the other eye treated until I was introduced to Mr Chitkara. The difference was amazing. He immediately put me at ease and explained the procedure in detail and gave me a very thorough examination. I had no qualms then and decided to have the treatment. This went smoothly too with minimal discomfort. The after-care has been great too. Mr Chitkara even rang me the same evening after the procedure to make sure I was OK. I would recommend anyone who is considering laser eye surgery to contact Mr Chitkara for a consultation.

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