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Sheffield Vision Centre

sheffield vision centre

3 Reviews

Extremely pleased with the whole procedure. 6 weeks on I am still amazed that after 42 years of wearing glasses or contact lenses, I can see clearly both distance and to read. Marvellous. Thank you. ...Read more

The Sheffield Vision Centre is based in the Eye Department at Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital. It provides refractive surgery on a fee-paying basis for people who want to reduce their dependency on glasses or contact lenses. Vision correction procedures are not available on the National Health Service, although they do treat some NHS patients who have eye conditions requiring specialist treatment. Sheffield vision Centre also accepts tertiary referrals from other laser units in the event of complications.

1. Sheffield Vision Centre Clinic Review

Sheffield Vision Centre offers a comprehensive refractive surgery service. Included in the cost of your treatment will be up-to-date equipment during the surgery, fully qualified surgeons, and a follow-up appointment to check your eye health.

Patients enjoy the extensive pre-treatment assessment, and full counseling from start to finish. Plus, following treatment all follow-up for the coming year is included. Re-treatment, if appropriate, is also included in the initial fee.

Sheffield Vision Centre also adheres strictly to industry guidelines, particularly those published by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

Sheffield Vision Centre Prices

Sheffield Vision Centre understands that the cost of laser eye and lens replacement surgery can sometimes be confusing. And it doesn’t need to be. That’s why this clinic offers fixed prices, with no hidden surprises – and there are finance options, making your surgery more affordable.

The Verdict

With so few reviews, the Sheffield Vision Centre doesn’t quite make our best-rated laser eye surgery providers in the UK – you can read their customer reviews below.

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23 Mar 2012

Extremely pleased with the whole procedure. 6 weeks on I am still amazed that after 42 years of wearing glasses or contact lenses, I can see clearly both distance and to read. Marvellous. Thank you.

26 Feb 2011

It has only been a few days since my operation on the 23/02/11 but so far my recovery has been almost painless and quite speedy. Immediately after getting home from the operation I lay down in bed with the curtains closed and sunglasses on, closed my eyes and listened to my iPod. After about 3 hours I felt well enough to get up and move around and while my vision was hazy I had acceptable vision within 4 hours of the operation. It is now nearly 4 days later and I am at work (on the night shift) and my distance vision is very good (and getting better) although my near vision isn't so good at the moment, I was short sighted with astigmatism. The price of the treatment was £2700 (normally £3000) and this was for the treatment best suited to my condition which Mr Edwards the surgeon determines based on the extensive tests conducted at the consultation. All in all a very good service (without all the £xxx for this procedure, or £xxx for this procedure that most places sell) and looking forward to further improvements to my vision as my eyes recover.

27 Jun 2009

At the assessment - I met the consultant ophthalmologist, corneal nurse and the optometrist. I felt reassured that the team was highly skilled and were able to give me an honest assessment of what treatment would be best for me. I was particularly impressed that the assessment was led by the consultant whereas with other providers you don't meet the surgeon until 20 minutes before you have the treatment done. On the day of the treatment (17 June)- The procedure went well and the recovery period is going fine, so far so good. I had a vision test yesterday and the procedure has been successful, no need for specs or contact lenses Aftercare- So far so good. Overall - Really impressed with the service and so pleased I had it done Quick note on the price - Its normally £3000 for everyone but if you work in the health service you get 10% discount which is why I paid £2700

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