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Every single staff member I met at Focus Clinics were extremely helpful and offered honest, valuable advice. The whole experience was five star (without a doubt). Thanks again, for being so helpful and patient. I will definitely r ...Read more

Focus is a well renowned, prestigious specialist laser eye clinic based in the London Harley Street medical enclave. It has a reputation for treating celebrities, and claims to have a 99.7% success rate (excluding very high prescriptions).

What makes it different? This is a consultant led clinic, meaning UK-trained eye surgeons combine their advanced surgical skills with the specially selected laser systems that are 100% committed to achieving 20/20 vision.

Is there anything to look out for? Yes, check what you are comfortable paying. Focus is one of the pricier options for vision correction, and the success rate barely differs from clinics that charge half the price.

1. Focus Eye Surgery Treatments

Focus has often led the way in terms of technology advancement over the years. It was the first clinic to correct reading vision using Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) radio waves, which uses radio waves rather than lasers to reshape the eye surface (cornea). The chief surgeon, Mr David Allamby, has performed more CK procedures than any other surgeon in the world.

Mr Allamby is also the first surgeon in the U.K to pioneer and perform the first Z-Lasik Blended Vision (another treatment for reading glasses). He remains at the forefront of specialist surgeons for presbyopia in the UK, and has provided surgical training to visiting surgeons worldwide.

So what’s on offer? The standard procedures at Focus include: Z-LASIK, LASEK and PRK (all with Wavefront technology). The clinic additionally specialises in these popular lens replacement surgeries: refractive lens exchange (RLE), implantable collamer lens (ICL), cataract surgery.

2. Focus Costs

Focus is one of the most expensive places in the UK for laser eye and lens replacement surgery, along with its friends on Harley Street: the London Vision Clinic and Moorfields Private (just around the corner).

Nearly 200 patients told us they paid on average £6,200 for laser eye surgery and £6,700 for lens replacement surgery at Focus. These prices are among the highest out there, and around double what you can pay elsewhere in the UK.

Laser eye surgery costs (both eyes):

  1. LASIK cost: £6,500
  2. LASIK specialist cost: £6,000
  3. LASIK blended vision: £5,400

Lens and cataract surgery costs (both eyes):

  1. Refractive lens exchange cost: £6,500
  2. Cataract surgery cost: £6,500 (standard lens) – £7,500 (premium lens)
  3. ICL surgery cost: £7,500

Then there’s the VIP Package for £12,000, all in. Focus doesn’t reveal what’s involved in this eye-watering price tag, so we’ll go out on a limb and say you may not find great value for money here.

Are there any hidden costs?

You’ll be please to learn that the quotes above are fixed prices, meaning you should avoid some nasty surprises. These costs include a generous 10-year guarantee, and initial consultations are free.

Interest-free finance options are also available, from £179.17 per eye per month, with a £500 deposit. Other clinics, however, offer monthly payment plans for around a quarter of the price.

So is it worth paying more?

Well, it may be if you are looking for: the most up-to-date ophthalmic tech, some of the UK’s most experienced surgeons, and being treated like a king in general. Plus, all procedures use Wavefront technology as standard: a slightly pricier add-on that improves the accuracy of the laser by measuring the eye’s exact measurements.

But don’t feel pressured into paying more than you feel comfortable with. Laser eye surgery is considered a safe procedure, with over 95% of people being satisfied or very satisfied with results, according to NICE. Optical Express, for example, is so confident of achieving 20/20 vision, it has a moneyback offer if you don’t. And prices there are half what they are at Focus Clinics on average.

3. Focus Review: The Verdict

FOCUS Clinics features as one of the best places for laser eye surgery in the UK. Plus, with friendly staff and a “Good” CQC rating, it also makes its way onto the list of the 10 best laser eye surgery clinics in London.

But is it right for you? Focus Clinics does offer plenty of excellent perks for the higher price tags: cutting-edge lasers, pioneering eye surgeons, and hard-to-fault customer service. That said, your money will also fund perks no one really needs: things like the prime Harley Street location, spa-like rooms, and VIP treatment.

Anyone looking to bag a bargain eye surgery should keep looking. Well-reviewed high street clinics such as Optical Express, Ultralase and Optimax might be a better fit if that’s the case.

Ask the eye experts: To see if there is a better rated laser eye surgery provider near you, just click here to use our simple quote tool, and get a tailored quote from a clinic you can trust.


Focus Clinics Reviews



18 Feb 2020

Every single staff member I met at Focus Clinics were extremely helpful and offered honest, valuable advice. The whole experience was five star (without a doubt). Thanks again, for being so helpful and patient. I will definitely recommend Focus Clinics to anyone thinking of getting laser eye surgery.

30 Jan 2008

I am amazed by the change in my sight. I had obviously expected benefit from the treatment but not to the degree I have recieved. I drive a powerboat as my chosen sport and was reaching a position whereby my licence would be difficult to achieve. I am now in a position to continue driving for some years!! Incidently I am 70 years of age. I cannot express my gratitude for the difference the Staff at Focus have made to my continued pleasure in my sport. My thanks in particular to Mr Allenby who was both professional and calming......not an unpleasant experience...... I shall be reccommending the Focus to anyone who mentions laser eye surgery!!

28 Nov 2008

This was the best price available by far, and at Focus they are professional, friendly and reassuring. The clinic itself is very clean and smart, and put me at ease. I was in a conundrum about whether to get laser treatment, my prescription being only -1.25 with astigmatism in one eye, but I felt if I could negate the need for glasses at such an affordable price then why not? I was concerned about all the potential complications with Lasik treatment, but my Consultant gave me confidence in the procedure. I had some initial pain soon after the procedure, but that quickly went with no need for further anaesthetic drops when I got home. My vision was already better just 20 minutes after the procedure, and I now have perfect vision. I am a very satisfied customer, I am so pleased I made the decision to get laser eye surgery, and I have already recommended Focus to friends and family. Thank you Focus!

04 Jun 2012

As a result of my high myopia (R -7.00, L -7.75), astigmatism (R -1.75, L -1.50), age related presbyopia and thin corneas, I was not able to have LASIK from high street "suppliers". I found Focus Laser Vision on the internet. They looked at me and I was offered blended laser treatment - this is not available from mainstream / conventional clinics and is therefore not discussed – which I went for. This was followed up with a PRK surface treatment for the right eye to remove a small residual astigmatism – no extra cost involved. I was able to get everything fixed for what was quite an extreme prescription! I have been so pleased, that I arranged for my daughter to have treatment by Focus in London rather than locally (in Cambridge) and my wife is having treatment there this summer. All members of the Focus team have been extremely helpful on our “journeys” and I recommend them to any reader of this comment.

01 May 2015

From the moment I stepped into Focus, I felt very comfortable and well looked after. Everyone was very friendly and attentive. The level of care throughout my experience and aftercare was professional and personal. The results were life changing for me and I would happily recommend them to anyone. Thanks!

05 Dec 2003

A month ago, I had the eye surgery in Bolton. From start to finish this was a totally professional experience. Dr Allamby is very approachable and pains taking in his wish to explain the surgery in every way. I was impressed by his obvious enthusiasm for the operation - there was never a moment where he faltered. He exudes confidence without being brash and this consequently breeds confidence in the patient. I felt totally at ease with all of the procedure. The surgery itself has been a great success. I am still in a transitional stage in reaching the optimum benefit of this operation but reading glasses were thrown away in less than a week …

14 Aug 2008

I chose Focus Clinic, after having a consultation with another well know clinic - the treatments were to be the same, however the price was about £1,000 more and the "hard sell" put me right off - at Focus, I had all the tests, received costings and information on the proceudres, all without any hard sell! I had my surgery this week with Mr Ali Mearza, it was all very professional, clean and friendly. I was put at ease and the surgery was explained in fulll as we went along - my friend even watched it on the TV whilst holding my hand ! I arrived early for my check up the next day and was fitted in without any fuss or having to wait for my appointment time. All staff friendly and Mr Mearza has steady hands, which is the main thing ! Would definately recommend Focus to anyone looking !

04 Jan 2009

The surgery was great. A little unnerving, but the team helped me to feel very comfortable and at home. Everything went smoothly, I had good vision very soon after surgery and 8 months later everything is still great. I think my vision is actually better than when I was wearing contacts. Focus was also the best price I found for a surgery using Wavefront. So thanks guys! Glen

11 Feb 2010

I had mine done just over a year ago, I deliberately waited for a year before writing this review so that I can be sure my surgery went well and no complications. Can't fault the service at this Focus clinic, everyone is very friendly and most importantly my vision is still good and stable. My surgery went relatively smoothly and only lasted about 10 mins in total, probably less than 5 mins for the surgery itself. And the whole experience was not really painful so don’t be worried. I have no significant problem with dry eye or night vision (Although my eye is generally on the dry side and I can't wear contacts in air conditioned office). It really is one of the best decisions I made, my eye was on average -6 and have gone gradually short sighted since 10 yrs old, which meant I was attached to my glasses for over 15 years. Now I feel so free and words can not describe the experience of being able to wake up and see. I did a lot of research before I went for the surgery and a few tips I would give are 1. Go for the all laser option as it should be more accurate and tailored to your eye shape 2. Take at least a week off to recover and don’t use eye too much during this period, it’s crucial period to aid recovery. 3. Definitely have someone to drive you back from the clinic as you can hardly open your eyes afterwards.

19 May 2011

A friendly service that practically hold your hand as the surgeon reshapes your eyes. A skilled surgeon that perfectly restores your vision to what it was meant to be. Perfect HD Vision: yeah... in this case: Seeing is believing. Now seriously: The Customer care was very friendly and most important they weren't pushy. The Surgeon was very relaxed and confident and dealt with the procedure perfectly. The Result? Better than 20/20 vision and I could see fairly well right after the surgery. Its been 36 days now and I can see perfectly, both eyes. I can read books and play computer, watch 3d movies, exercise at the gym, no worries. Highly recommended, you will not regret it Yours Truly K

26 Sep 2005

I had lasik surgery in both eyes in May of this year and have recently had my final check up. The procedure was painless and I now have perfect vision thanks to Mr Allamby, who inspired confidence throughout the treatment. I would recommend him to anyone who is considering having this type of surgery as the results are truly remarkable (Five star service).

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