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Was recommended this clinic by my optician as due to my line of work glasses would not be practicable. I rang up the same day and got an appointment that evening for a free consultation with Dr Quinn. Dr Quinn was extremly friend ...Read more

At Exeter Laser Eye Surgeons, our philosophy is that you, the patient, come first. You will have a free consultation with one of our Consultant Eye Surgeons, and with our highly experienced Optometrist, and we will give you the expert advice on which treatment suits your eyes. The consultation with the Consultant is 45 minutes long, so all your questions will be answered.

We have the finest technologies to correct your vision. Many of those dependent on spectacles or contact lenses will benefit from blade – free LASIK with the Ziemer LDV femtosecond laser and the AMO VISX S4IR laser. The VISX laser treatment is proven to deliver precise and safe results. It uses ‘Customview’ wave-front guided technology, to correct all the focusing elements of your eyes. This is the system chosen by Tiger Woods and Cindy Crawford for their laser vision correction, and has been approved by NASA for their astronauts. The Ziemer LDV laser gives a level of safety and accuracy never before possible in laser vision correction, known as Z-Lasik.

When LASIK is not suitable, we also offer LASEK, again with ‘Customview’ wave front guided technology, and for those for whom any Laser vision correction is not possible, the full range of lens surgery options are available.
We work together with Exeter Nuffield Hospital, where all treatments are carried out in the carefully controlled operating theatre environment. You will relax before and after treatment in your own comfortable room with en suite facilities, and the Pharmacist will provide you with all your eye drops to take home. Our Nursing team will care for you before and after treatment.

Book your free Laser Vision Correction consultation with Exeter Laser Eye Surgeons. Call Melanie on 01392 431255 or 01392 496874.

Visit our website at for more information and to book your consultation by email. If you want to know more, but are not ready for a full consultation yet, come to one of our monthly open evenings at the Exeter Nuffield Hospital and meet our Consultants. Call Melanie to reserve a place.

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27 Nov 2010

I am so pleased that Mr Quinn was able to operate on both eyes, with replacement lenses. This has enhanced my life, I no longer have to fuss about glasses for everyday use. The operation was a complete success and its really reassuring that I will have this perfect sight for the rest of my life. I can highly recommend to anyone whose eyes are suitable for this surgery. Mr Quinn looked after me in a very reassuring way, which was much appreciated.

17 Jan 2011

Having laser eye surgery is one of the best things I have had done. It really has made a big difference, I hated wearing glasses but couldnt manage without them. I was really apprehensive about having it done and visited many different companies to look at having the procedure but never felt confident enough with the company to have the procedure carried out. I attended an evening at the nuffield exeter where I had a free short consultation with consultant Tony Quinn. It seemed much more professional and I felt much more at ease. I booked in for a full consultation which made me decide to go ahead. Throughout the whole process from first meeting to having the surgery I felt completely informed and confident that I had chosen the right people. the day of the operation I was quite apprehensive but was reassured and talked through every step. The aftercare was amazing and I was seen several times and given Tony Quinns number so I could ring if I had any problems when the office was closed. I would highly reccomend anyone who is thinking of having it done to go along to an open evening. I highly recommend!!!

06 Feb 2011

I originally went to Exeter Laser Eye Surgeons to investigate the possibility of laser surgery. The initial information session (which was free) was very informative and the follow up appointments were all with the surgeon (Mr Quinn) who explained all the options to me very clearly, with the associated risks and benefits. He discovered the cataracts and explained that consequently laser surgery was not appropriate. I felt well informed throughout and able to weigh up the options. The operations themselves went very well, all the people involved were excellent and I have been delighted with the results. One of the real plus points for going to this surgery for me was that I was seen at all times by the surgeon who did the operation. There was a bit of a mix up at one point over an appointment time but Melanie the secretary sorted it out for me and was very helpful whenever I called.

12 Mar 2011

Excellent service throughout from my initial visit to an open evening at the Nuffield hospital, through the early consultations and then eventually to having the treatment. I am absolutely delighted with the results and would be happy to recommend this procedure to anybody. It is so good to be free after years of contact lenses and glasses! I really couldn't believe how quick the operation was and I can honestly say that I had no after effects at all, no pain and only a slightly dry eye for approx one day after. Thank you.

04 Dec 2013

I had Lasik in both eyes on 18th July with Exeter Laser Eye Surgeons. I was looked after fantastically from the first appointment onwards, and I couldn’t be more delighted with the result: to be able to see so clearly and easily without glasses or contact lenses feels like a miracle.

I’ve been considering laser eye surgery for about 10 years, but have been put off by the ‘hard sell’ approach of other providers. The first company I contacted bombarded me with letters and phonecalls for weeks afterwards, and the second rang me on a Friday evening offering a one-chance-only £2000 discount on surgery in Bristol the following morning.

It was great to discover not only that the procedure was available in Exeter (other companies offer consultations in Exeter but you still have to travel to Bristol for the surgery) but also that not everyone treats your eyesight like a commodity.

From my first phonecall to Exeter Laser Eye Surgeons, I felt that I was in safe hands, and the whole process from initial consultation through to post-op check-ups has been very calm, thorough, and unrushed. Mr. Quinn seemed to have all the time in the world to answer my questions; I felt fully informed at every stage – of the risks as well as of the benefits of surgery – and there was never even the slightest pressure to go ahead with the procedure.

I was very nervous on the day of the surgery, but the staff at the Nuffield looked after me very well and put me at my ease (the pre-op Valium may have helped a bit too!). In the operating theatre itself, everything that was happening was explained to me, even down to the sounds the machines would make – this also really helped me to stay calm. I felt that everyone in the theatre was absolutely focused on the success of the procedure and on my well-being. It was also very reassuring to be given Mr. Quinn’s home and mobile numbers in case of any problems after discharge from the hospital. I didn’t need to use them but it was made clear that I could call at any time if I was even slightly worried.

The surgery itself was completely pain-free. My sight was slightly blurred and my eyes felt a bit gritty the first evening, but when I woke up the next morning there was no discomfort at all, and I could see for MILES!

There have been some unexpected benefits too: people tell me that my eyes are brighter (no irritation from contact lenses?), my skin is smoother (no screwing my face up to try to see things?) and that even my posture is better (no leaning forward trying to peer into the blurry distance?). I also just feel much more aware of what’s going on around me. It really is wonderful.

On the downside, I haven’t been getting much work done – been too busy just looking at things and going ‘wow’.

The cost of the treatment was slightly more than I had been quoted by other providers, but to me it was money well spent: I felt from the outset that here were people I could trust, and this has been borne out by the first-class care I’ve received throughout.

02 Jul 2015

My wife and I both had cataracts and rather than wait for NHS treatment in 7 years time we decided to go privatly we looked at all the options and decided on the ExeterEye ophthalmic surgeons . We felt really comfortable with Daniel Byles who was very patient with us ( being late 60 s ) and reassuring . Neither of us had any problems with the ops and cannot believe how good it is not to have to wear glasses. The follow up is reassuring and although probably unneccesary we know we can return at any time with plausible problems.

08 Nov 2017

I was going to have my eyes done for my 40th birthday but backed out as I was too scared. Ten years later on my 50th birthday I decided if I didn’t have it done then I never would. It was the best thing I have ever done and it has changed my life. I wish I had had it done years ago.
I had my right eye corrected for distance and the left eye left mildly myopic to give me some reading vision.
I was absolutely terrified on the day of my op but now I realise that I was worried for nothing. It was over in moments and I could see perfectly straight away.
I had a bit of trouble with my eyes stinging for the first couple of hours and they wouldn’t stop watering but Anthony Quinn gave me some drops for my eyes to make that better. The nursing staff at the Nuffield were lovely and Mr Quinn is a very caring and thoughtful Consultant, I couldn’t have wished for a better team.
The next day was fine and I haven’t looked back since.
The aftercare was also pretty good.I felt safe in the knowledge that they were on my doorstep and only a phone-call away.

10 Aug 2018

I went with Dr Quinn as he is the best eye surgeon in the area, with a wide knowledge of all eye issues. It was important that I received the best quality advice, meet the surgeon and had confidence in the process. I later found out the same surgery would have been far cheaper with a high street clinic.

10 Dec 2018

Was recommended this clinic by my optician as due to my line of work glasses would not be practicable. I rang up the same day and got an appointment that evening for a free consultation with Dr Quinn.
Dr Quinn was extremly friendly and thorough with his assesment. No question was deemed too trivial or ridiculous! All the stories I had been told about this procedure were misinformed as he explained the risks involved and the procedure in depth and I was happy to proceed. A week later I saw an opthalmist who double checked all the measurements previously taken by Dr Quinn then a few days after this I went to the Nuffield hospital to have my eyes mapped for the op, this took five minutes.
On the day of the op I arrived about two hours before my appointment and had a private room where I was visited by a lady with a menu for dinner after, a nurse to take my vitals and Dr Quinn to check in on me and sign some paperwork. Was then taken to the op room and the procedure took no more than ten minutes then back to my room for dinner and a visit by a pharmacist with the various eye drops to be taken in the following weeks. After an hour or so Dr Quinn checked my eye and I was allowed to leave. I suffered only mild discomfort for about half a day and a mild heamatoma (which disappeared after two weeks) and in fact three hours after the procedure I was sat in the cinema enjoying a film!
I had a follow up appointment a day later to check everything was Ok and then two weeks, a month and finally six months later.
The result has been stunning and I am extremly happy. The clinic and Dr Quinn have been efficient, friendly and extremely professional throughout. To be seen by and operated on by the same Doctor throughout was an inspired turn and very reassuring. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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