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Birkdale Clinic

birkdale clinic

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I was very attracted to this place because of its excellent price. I had a very good LASIK consultation – (spent about 40mins with me) however, I was told that Birkdale didn’t have the machines to perform a low risk o ...Read more

At the Birkdale Clinic we aim to provide the very best in care and services to all of our patients. Over many years, the Birkdale Clinic’s Department of Ophthalmology has developed unrivalled expertise in the provision of Cataract Surgery, Vision Correction Procedures and other Ophthalmologic services to both private and NHS patients. Lead by a Clinical Governance Committee, we are committed to ensuring that all patients are provided with the facts about their chosen procedure, with a no ‘hard sell’ approach, with this we are confident that all patients choosing to under go Vision Correction or any other procedure with Birkdale Clinic are making an informed decision. Unlike some Laser Vision Clinics, we are able to treat a wider range of prescription, with a comprehensive range of Vision Correction Procedures. We recognise that no two eyes are the same and each person is unique, so each consultation is tailored to the individual requirement. All patients’ can be assured that the Vision Correction Procedure being offered, is the one most suited to them. ***0% Finance Available*** Subject to status, terms & Conditions available on request.

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David Waters

01 Jan 2019
No Rating

09 Dec 2018

I was treated a the Rotherham Clinic. It was explained to me step by step what would happen and was made to feel at ease and constantly reassured through the whole LASIK process. I would recommend anyone to 'go for it', as I feel it has made me feel even more confident than before. I attend Rotherham again for my second appointment this week and am looking forward to seeing everyone again

20 Nov 2018

Attended Rotherham Clinic for a consultation, I was very worried that I would get the hard sell, so I was surprised when that did not happen. It was very informative and had the risks and complications explained to me. I booked in for the operation for the following week. The treatment, whilst a little uncomfortable, wasn't at all what I expected. It has been two weeks since my operation and I have 20 20 vision. The nice thing I discovered was that it did not just specialise in laser correction, Birkdale specialise in eyes, so my Nan is having a cataract operation next week. It has been very comforting that I am being looked after by a company specialising in all types of eye conditions.

24 Aug 2018

I have tried to add my comments on here before but they have never been displayed, so 3rd time lucky! I have had laser eye treatment with Mr Khan at the Sheffield Hospital after being recommended by family and friends. I am delighted with the result I onlyy wished that I had it done years ago. My older sister had implants, because her eyes where really bad, she is thrilled to bits, we have started a new game called I spy without my specs, to see who can see the most. Lucy xx

20 May 2018

After wearing glasses and contact lenses for over 25yrs, i found Birkdale Clinic, in Dec of last year. The people there were proffessional and helpful. The operation was painless and took less than 20mins. My left eye did go back to its original perscription after a few weeks and i was quite upset, but Birkdale saw me straight away and said they would assess me more frequentley to see how it progressed. After 3 months my eye was retreated. I am now extreamley happy as my eyesight is now perfect, i do get odd times where they are dry, but a few eyedrops soon solves the problem. I can now do all my sports, free from cumbersome glasses and irriatable contact lenses . Thankyou Birkdale Clinic

14 May 2018

I went to the Crosby branch in March for a consultation. I was seen by the actual surgeon who did my eyes, he explained things very clearly and gave me alot of information about the risks. I will say I did not expect quite as much information, however it was reassuring that he was painting the whole picture - warts and all. I then spent sometime with a patient advisor, who told me all about the aftercare amd the treatment day, so I was aware of what to expect. Most advertisments say it quick, easy and painless, but they do not point out that you can't wear make up for a little or go swimming. I went away with information to support the consultation, after a week of thinking about it I decided to take the plundge. I was booked in for the operation 2 weeks later. The night before I couldn't sleep, so I was really glad that my appointment was at 9.30am, I do not think I could have waited any longer. The surgeon (sorry I can't remember his name) was very reassuring , the nurses where lovely, but I still felt very nervous. The procedure in all only took a few mininutes but I was in the theatre for about 30 mins. I did not feel anything, it was amazing.....afterwards I could see the clock on the wall, even though it was a little blurry, before I couldn't see it at all. The first night was a little uncomfortable, mild stinging, but by the morning I was fine, and I could see clearly! It has been a month since the operation and I have been told I am seeing better than 20/20, I only wish I had plucked up the courage to do it years ago. I would like, if you are considering it yourself, do your homework, I had attended a consultation in an office block with another company, but decided that I felt comfortable in a proper hospital enviroment, my eyes are precious.

09 May 2018

i had worn glasses for all my teenage life and absoultely hated them. Though my prescription wasn't that bad I needed them for driving but often went out without them because they were such a nuisance. I heard about laser eye sight correction but was a bit dubious so i scanned the internet and found that the Birkdale Clinic was very close to where I lived, collecting all the information I could, I rang Birkdale for an information pack which was very comprehensive, if a bit long. It was the refreshing non-aggressive attitude that they took, which led me to book for a consultation. I was reassured by the fact that Birkdale Clinic work out of their own private equipped hospitals. I rang Claire, my co-ordinator a couple of times to ask her questions I kept coming up with before my surgery date. On the day I was extremely nervous but the friendly reception staff kept me smiling and my surgeon Mr Pandit through the while operation, explained what he was doing and what I should be seeing. The next day when I went back for a consultation (before I could only see up to the third line clearly) I could see the the second to last line and by my next follow-up I could see the bottom line! I am over the moon and for the first time, this summer I can wear hip designer sunglasses - without the added expense of prescription. It's the best risk I ever took.

08 Apr 2018

Absolutly fantastic, pain free still can't believe the difference dont think about it do it,you wont regret it.

04 Feb 2018

I had a consultation at the Rotherham Birkdale clinic for a second opinion after being told that I wasn’t suitable for treatment at Ultralase. I have pretty bad eyesight (-7 in both eyes) with astigmatism and also have fairly thin corneas. Surgery went fine. I would have appreciated more aftercare. Sometimes because the surgery is so quick you can feel rushed in and out.

29 Jan 2018

I was treated at the Crosby Clinic on 9th January. I had Lasek treatment as after the consultation I was not suitable for Lasik. The treatment went as described by the consultant and post op I had good vision from both eyes but it then deteriorated for 4 days. The 4 day recovery period with 'bandage' contact lenses was painful and very light sensitive but after 7 day my vision was improving daily and I was over the light sensitivity. Now 3 weeks post op my eyes are perfect and I have better vision than my husband !. The best Christmas present I have had or likely to have.

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