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I had ACLE-Tetraglex surgery at Rotherham Birkdale Clinic in 2006 by Mr K.M.Khan. This business is now called "New Birkdale Clinic" and l am having great difficulty getting in touch with the surgeon or any member of staff. I woul ... Read more

At the Birkdale Clinic we aim to provide the very best in care and services to all of our patients. Over many years, the Birkdale Clinic’s Department of Ophthalmology has developed unrivalled expertise in the provision of Cataract Surgery, Vision Correction Procedures and other Ophthalmologic services to both private and NHS patients. Lead by a Clinical Governance Committee, we are committed to ensuring that all patients are provided with the facts about their chosen procedure, with a no ‘hard sell’ approach, with this we are confident that all patients choosing to under go Vision Correction or any other procedure with Birkdale Clinic are making an informed decision. Unlike some Laser Vision Clinics, we are able to treat a wider range of prescription, with a comprehensive range of Vision Correction Procedures. We recognise that no two eyes are the same and each person is unique, so each consultation is tailored to the individual requirement. All patients’ can be assured that the Vision Correction Procedure being offered, is the one most suited to them. ***0% Finance Available*** Subject to status, terms & Conditions available on request.

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10 Jun 2015

I had ACLE-Tetraglex surgery at Rotherham Birkdale Clinic in 2006 by Mr K.M.Khan. This business is now called “New Birkdale Clinic” and l am having great difficulty getting in touch with the surgeon or any member of staff.
I would be most obliged if anyone can give me any information that would help me contact the original company. Many thanks, Marion Sergeant

23 Jul 2007
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I am considering tetraflex as i am shortsighted and sometimes now have to remove my specs to read small print. Can anyone tell me how long this surgery has been used and about any research or has anyone else had this done?

20 Sep 2006

I have already had a consultation at the rotherham clinic but i wondered if anyone else has had the wavefront and what the outcome was.

08 Apr 2006

Absolutly fantastic, pain free still can't believe the difference dont think about it do it,you wont regret it.

06 Jan 2006
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Mark Ask about mono vision? treat one eye for distant and leave the other eye for reading. you could trial this with wearing a contact lens in your dominant eye for 3 weeks. If it works you won't need reading glasses and it has saved you half the cost. Alternatively try find out about Tetraflex, which is for both distant and reading, My mum has just had it done at Birkdale. Maddie

02 Sep 2005

I finally bit the bullet and went for treatment on Tuesday morning at Birkdale in Rotherham. I didn't experience any pain at all during or after the treatment and the smell of the eye burning wasnt too bad as I was expecting it. At first my vision was quite blurred but that night I was sat watching TV without any glasses. I went back the next day and didn't really know how good my eyes were. I could read the 20/20 line with my right eye, my left eye was just below 20/20. But with both eyes together there was no problem. The slight blurriness is now clearing, I'm getting a few starbursts off headlights etc. when i'm out but hopefully that should clear up. I would recommend Mr Khan at Birkdale.

24 Aug 2005

I have tried to add my comments on here before but they have never been displayed, so 3rd time lucky! I have had laser eye treatment with Mr Khan at the Sheffield Hospital after being recommended by family and friends. I am delighted with the result I onlyy wished that I had it done years ago. My older sister had implants, because her eyes where really bad, she is thrilled to bits, we have started a new game called I spy without my specs, to see who can see the most. Lucy xx

04 Aug 2005
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I had a consultation at the Rotherham Birkdale clinic for a second opinion after being told that I wasn't suitable for treatment at Ultralase. I have pretty bad eyesight (-7 in both eyes) with astigmatism and also have fairly thin corneas. After some calculations I have been told that with the use of a thinner blade in the micro keratome I will be able to have Lasik treatment. Has anyone had any experience of the surgeon Mr Khan at Birkdale?

10 Feb 2005
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I am the Ophthamic Manager for Birkdale Puresight, and will be monitoring this site on a regular basis. If anybody has any questions that they would like to ask regarding any of the Vision Correction Procedures I will respond accordingly. Alternatively you can e-mail direct at Thank you Michelle

26 Sep 2003
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Hi Sakyka Just to let you know - i was told by Optimax that the 241 would only be until bookings taken before end September. Alo - interesting - when i sent details of mine and my daughters info for the 241 - i got no reply - yet when they thought it was sjut me - they replied. !!!!

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