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1603 Reviews

I received treatment from Ultrslase on 2009 but now i am having problem and i contacted with them and they told me pay again. So be carefull to treatment with ultralase. ... Read more ▾

The first Ultralase clinic was opened in January 1991 at the Clatterbridge Hospital near Chester. At the time, all treatments performed were Photorefractive Keratotomy, or PRK, until the Lasik procedure was introduced in 1995.

With the introduction of Lasik, and the clear advantages it demonstrated for certain patients, Ultralase went through a period of dramatic growth through 2002.

2003 Ultralase introduced the revolutionary UltraPlus treatment with Wavefront technology, giving patients visual outcomes far surpassing those of standard laser treatments. Ultralase became the first provider to have all treatment outcomes verified by independent audit.

In March 2009, the commitment to clinical excellence led Ultralase to become the first UK provider to have all Great Britain surgeons certified in Laser Refractive Surgery by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth).

Comprehensive Aftercare

Your care doesn’t stop after your treatment – Ultralase provide you with all necessary aftercare and monitor your vision at every stage, free of charge, until you’re discharged.

Every effort is made to deliver optimal vision however this does not cover natural changes to your eyes or any complication or diseases not connected to your surgery.



Rating Date
23 Dec 2002

It is now just over 10 months since I had bi-lateral LASIK Hammersmith, Feb 15 02, by Vinod Gupta, see my previous reports. Was discharged by Ultralase after 6 months as I had a very good result and unlikely to change for the worse. I am still entitled to the 12 month aftercare though, and I'm sure if a problem arose after this time they would be most helpful.

I think its important to point out to prospective patients that at Ultralase the Optometrists do all of the pre and post operation examinations. I have not been examined by the same Optometrist twice in a row, if ever. Some are pleasant and helpful, others less so. You only meet the surgeon on the day of the operation and never again, unless you have re-treatment or complications ..... which may or may not be your perception (i.e. not a perfect result but surgeon thinks its within normal parameters..)

Have had many eye tests for work related reasons in the last 10 months. The worst I've had is 6/5 L and 6/6 R. I had very dry eyes that day and was dehydrated , and also because of in-car heating and air-conditioning at eye clinic. Airports are the worst for this.

Both before and since I have been tested at 6/4 both eyes. However as per original post the right eye is still generally worse in vision quality even though I can read 6/4 (last week had a test and could make out 7 letters out of 8 on the 6/4 line with right eye, all of them with left eye.
I'm past the dry eyes stage except occasionally, and then mainly upon waking and for the first hour awake.
Night driving is fine and didn't have problems except in first post-operative week.
Looking at video clock in darkened room is ok - a little blurry, or poor contrast , its 12 FT AWAY, BUT DVD PLAYER has a clock with smaller but brighter digits and is easier to read. This naturally fluctuates so sometimes very clear and easy, sometimes have to concentrate a bit or rest eyes first. Exactly like contacts and glasses when I was wearing them. Clocks are easier to read looking directly rather than at angles, just like before, right?

As its now Christmas season with lots of lights I find much less glare than I used to with specs. Red lights have a small amount of halo, BUT none at all with white, green or other colours. After the first week, bright white light was the worst in quality. Now I can see 'into' the light and its clear, whereas with specs it used to be more of a blob.

All in all I am pleased and I think its important to get your results in perspective, to what you had before corrected and uncorrected, and in relation to their refractive procedures. There were no guarantees given out beforehand and Vie had better than expected result.

I would recommend it to anyone who is deemed medically suitable and cannot see better than 6/18 or 6/24 which is probably adequate for sports. If you can see well enough to drive(6/12) is it really worth the risk? You must ask yourself this.

But I would say do your research thoroughly, have a consultation with more than one clinic, make sure you surgeon has done several thousand procedures, and do not go to a clinic that does other things in addition to eye surgery, such as hair removal.

The surgeon should also have an extensive background in general eye care and is not merely a GP or mid-grade hospital doctor who is hoping to do to LASIK. Ask him how many corneal grafts he has done, which might throw him, but if he is a specialist he will have done this many times. Is your surgeon a member or fellow of the Royal college of surgeons or Ophthalmologists? If he is new to refractive surgery without an extensive Ophthalmic background Id say forget it and move on.

Ask as many questions as you feel comfortable with. Bring a list in with you and a pencil to make notes. Do not let the surgeon put you off. I asked Optimax a list of about 12 questions after a consultation there in writing, and they were reluctant to answer them finally stating that if I wasn't sure or aware of the risks not to go ahead. How do you know the risks if they wont answer the questions?

Amazing since if they had answered my questions in the way Ultralase did I probably would have used them and am very glad I didn't. By the way, they charged me £60 for a consultation fee, on their national booking line (which is only redeemed against an operation) but the sign outside their Bristol Clinic said FREE CONSULTATION. Keep the money Optimax.

Finally I would say you generally get what you pay for, and its worth spending nearly £2000+ to ensure a good surgeon, rather than £1500 to get an average one. If a clinic has many endorsements from the public as well as celebrities then it is a good indication of good surgeons (use the surgeons who operated on the celeb's).

23 Dec 2002

I was treated at Birmingham last month and after the 1st three days my eyesight settled down. I can read to the 5th line with ease ( much better than before) I've had no side effects to speak of and I recommend LASIK to everyone !!

19 Dec 2002

Nearly six months since my treatment. I had my eyes treated by Mr Gupta at Tottenham Court Road after have all the other stuff done at Chelmsford. Both eyes are a tad dry, particularly when I'm tired. Not a great problem though - preserve free drops are great!
Vision is great and I keep reminding myself that I used to wear glasses! I have kept my glasses and from time to time I put them on and wondered how the hell I wore them in the first place! Nope - no problems here! TC

13 Dec 2002

I underwent LASIK treatment at the Ultralase clinic in Tottenham Court Road one week ago with excellent results. My prescription was -3.50 with a mild astigmatism in both eyes. From the initial consultation I have been very impressed with the service I received from Ultralase, all of the staff have been incredibly helpful and able to answer my questions. The treatment itself was performed by Pascal Annonier and his team who were all very professional. At worst the treatment could be described as a bit unpleasant, but certainly not painful, and for me well worth the results. The day after treatment my vision was 20/20 in my right eye and slightly better in my left eye although a bit hazy, this cleared after a day or so. A week later my vision remains better than 20/20 and very clear with no night vision problems. The only side effect I have had is occasional stinging as my eyes settle, partly due to the preservative in the antibiotic drops. I am very satisfied with the treatment I received and thrilled with the results.

12 Dec 2002

It's been two years since having LASIK at Ultralase in Leeds and my sight is still as clear as ever. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made. Some of my friends have also had their eyes done there, and they've all got 20/20 vision too. I can't recommend Ultralase highly enough.

10 Dec 2002

Nearly 12 months since I had LASIK for -4.25,-3.75 with astigmatism. I have excellent vision in L eye and a -.25 in R eye which is noticeable when tired etc. but not a big problem. I still use preservative-free drops for dryness which can markedly affect vision. No night vision problems at all. I'm glad I had it done. However, being a nurse, I do think that those considering it should make a rational decision to proceed based on statistics / facts and not be swayed by evangelical urges to "just do it".

I had both eyes treated by Murad Mossa at Tottenham Court Road on 29th November. I was -5.00 right and -4.50 left. I was very nervous but the staff were great, the actual op was fine the suction ring a little uncomfortable but it was far more pleasant than a trip to the dentist. The next day I could see but things were a bit blurry. Now about a week later my right eye is perfect but my left has -0.5 still left. It is a bit strange as I have two different views of the world as my brain can't put them both together. Ultralase says my left eye should sort itself out. I do have a little haloing but my vision is no where near as good as it was with my contacts. All in all I'm a little disappointed as I have read about so many people having 20/20 the day after. I'm just hoping my left eye will correct itself eventually. Also the surgical tape that you secure the lovely space goggles with leaves my face with big red welts the next day but I'd rather have that than something go wrong.

04 Dec 2002

I have had a consultation at Tottenham Ct Rd clinic and have been told that I am suitable for LASIK. I found the consultant there very helpful and she answered my millions of questions! Very happy about this because I'm always wanted to have this op, don't like wearing glasses/contacts and have to due to my high prescription (approx -5.5).

I've been told that there is a 50% chance that I could suffer from halo vision i.e. thin fuzzy light around fluorescent light at night-time. Have been told that the effect is subjective.

I would be very grateful if anyone could let me know of their halo vision experiences and if they thought it was worth having this halo vision to not require glasses anymore? Also, my surgeon will be Pascal Annonier (if I decide to go ahead with it in Jan). If anyone has any info/comments I would be so grateful.
Will write again about what decision I have made and if I do have op, how it all went.

03 Dec 2002

Glad to hear it went well, Angela, I fully share your sentiments - especially re the rain! However be careful chopping up onions, I chopped one up the other day and my right eye cried drops bigger than I've ever seen in my life! I think LCRS should add that to their list of things you cant do for a month after surgery!

I keep trying to take my glasses off to go to bed - and look for them in the morning sometimes when its dark. Old habits die hard I guess.

I had my two week check-up on Monday, my right eye has absolutely no short-sightedness, it is 0.00 and I am so pleased. I do need secondary surgery on my left eye though, so there should still be improvement in my overall sight. Booked in for January 17th.

02 Dec 2002

I had LASIK treatment on 26th November at the Chelmsford clinic, the treatment was performed by Suzannah Boytha.

The treatment I received was very professional and I found all of the staff to be very pleasant and friendly. I found the operation itself to be pain free but pretty unpleasant, however well worth it. My prescription was -3.75 and -4.75 but now I think I can see as well as I could with my contacts. My eyes feel a little dry from time to time, but nothing that a few eye drops don't sort out.

I highly recommend Ultralase to anyone that is considering LASIK.

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