Your Eyes May Be Giving Away More Than You Know!

So you thought the only thing other people could tell from your eyes was whether you were awake or asleep. Wrong! From whether you’re telling the truth to how well you can hold your drink, your eyes hold the secrets of your soul.

Love At First Sight

Your eyes meet across a crowded room and you get closer to the object of your desire. You may be able to tell if the feeling is reciprocated from their eyes. If it is, their pupils may be dilated, their gaze may linger on your mouth and their eyes may start blinking at the same rate as yours.

It’s Blinking Obvious!

Human beings blink on average 12 times a minute which means that our eyes are closed for about 10% of our waking hours! The main reason for this is to lubricate the eyeballs and to keep out foreign bodies. However, scientists have discovered that some of our blinking is predictable. We tend to blink at the end of sentences when reading or when a speaker pauses while talking. They believe we do it to rest our brains – giving them a little tea break before starting work again!

The ‘Eyes’ Have It

Even your politics can be discovered through your eyes! Researchers have discovered that Liberals and Conservatives differ in the way they react to eye contact with others. Liberals will follow the direction of another person’s gaze more readily than Conservatives – it appears they are more responsive to others. The conclusion is that nature as well as nurture plays a part in the development of our political leanings. So if you don’t want to give away which box you cross on polling day, keep looking straight ahead!

Colours Of The Rainbow

We might think the definition of colours is straightforward. In fact, the perception of colour is subjective and people may see colours in different ways. Our eyes are capable of recognizing up to 10 million shades and some peoples of the world have alternative ways of organizing colours. So you might say the issue of colour is not just black and white!

Still Seeing Straight?

Going out for the evening? Check your eye colour before you leave. People with light coloured eyes can apparently handle the booze better than those with darker eyes. So if you fancy a quiet evening, go out with your light-eyed friends but if you’re up for a party, your brown-eyed mates could be more fun!

Look to the Future

From the day we arrive on the planet (and by the way crying babies don’t produce tears until they’re at least a month old) until the day we leave it, our eyes work hard for us, with their muscles the most active in the body. Look after them – visit an optician on a regular basis and you could avoid 80% of the problems that can affect them and see clearly for the rest of your life.

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