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My prescription was -6 in one eye, -3 in the other. I have worn glasses all the time since the age of 5, unable to wear contact lenses because of my high prescription. Mr Kumar performed lasik surgery on both of my eyes 2 weeks ag ... Read more

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My prescription was -6 in one eye, -3 in the other. I have worn glasses all the time since the age of 5, unable to wear contact lenses because of my high prescription. Mr Kumar performed lasik surgery on both of my eyes 2 weeks ago, I can now live my life free from glasses, sport is so much easier. I can’t wait to go swimming and surfing with my children and be able to see them. Mr Kumar is extremely professional, a nice man who puts you at ease and is very good at what he does. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering this, it is worth every penny, he has given me the gift of sight, amazing.

13 Mar 2014

I am delighted with my new vision and feel I have been well looked after by the whole team. Please say “thank you” to Mr Barsam for me.

13 Mar 2014

I had been wearing glasses for 18 years and contact lenses for 9 years, so had been thinking about having laser eye surgery for a few years. Many of my friends had decided it was time to get rid and undertake the surgery in various locations, all reporting fantastic results, so I decided to bite the bullet and book an initial consultation with Dr Kumar. His secretary was very helpful and willing to arrange an appointment at my convenience. Dr Kumar was supportive from the moment I entered his clinic room, initially carrying out tests on my eyes, to ensure I was eligible for the procedure and then running through the procedure, when he gave me the all clear. He could sense I was nervous and offered me Valium if I wanted to go ahead, as this would calm me. I was then able to take all the information away with his personal contact number, to contact him once I had made my decision. I quickly decided I had to do it, so phoned the hospital and arranged the surgery at my convenience. On the day of surgery I was welcomed by a nurse who immediately helped to ease my anxiety and gave me the Valium Dr Kumar had promised, whilst preparing me for surgery. Dr Kumar also greeted me and ensured I was happy, once more giving me the details of what was going to happen. Even upon entering theatre, all staff introduced themselves and tried to make me feel relaxed, with a nurse present to hold my hand, making the procedure much more comfortable. I didn’t feel in any pain, but it is a very unique, serial experience, which goes quickly. Once the procedure finished, I was asked to sit up and look at the clock on the wall. I was able to see the clock and tell the time, although a little dazed, it was an amazing feeling. A nurse then took me into a darkened room to relax with my eyes closed and I was then taken to another room and offered a hot drink and snacks. Everyone was very welcoming, supportive and friendly throughout the procedure and there was no rush, so I cannot fault anything. Dr Kumar arranged to see me the next day, which confirmed my positivity, as I was able to see and read the letters on the vision test screen easily without any discomfort. I would highly recommend this procedure at Duchy Hospital with Dr Kumar to anyone. I would never willingly undertake a cosmetic surgical procedure, but it is truly is the best decision I have made and I will never look back…although I have tried to take my glasses off since, but they weren’t there…that in itself I feel speaks for itself!

13 Mar 2014

Dr Kumar was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Excellent service on day of procedure and fantastic aftercare receiving Dr Kumar’s personal details in case you had any questions/concerns. Regular follow up appointments. Amazing results!!! Highly recommend

Mr Kumar was very relaxing and an excellent surgeon. Information given before hand was superb and never had to wait long for appointment. Setting comfortable and professional. Slight issue with paying as had to pay prior but short turnaround with appointment making it difficult to get there especially as operation was just before Christmas. Think a little more flexibility could be had but this was a minor thing. I felt the location close to home and the professionalism of the surgeon far outwayed the cost and it has been worth every penny.
After care has been superb and always feel Mr Kumar would happily help with any queries or problems, although there have been none.
The actual procedure is like a minor miracle! I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone who asks and have, in fact, already done so.

17 Jan 2014

A very friendly and professional service. Attentive staff and the the surgeon Mr Kumar was first class. Honest and up front with all the info so you were able to make and informed decision. You are given his personal mobile if you have any queries or concerns so you feel completely safe. The process its self is very quick and you can have a sedative if you choose. I would not describe the operation as painful but more uncomfortable for a few hours, but afterwards WOW! The next morning I returned for my scheduled check up and surprised myself by reading the bottom line of the eye chart….amazing! Thoroughly recommend the procedure and Mr Kumar and his team at the Dutchy, can not fault the service or the results. Wish I done it years ago.

29 Jul 2013

I had LASIK surgey in May, I was really nervous as I think most people would be and Mr Kumar was simply amazing.I didn't ask many questions, prefering the I would rather not know option, and on the day I arrived at 9 and was on my way home by 11.I really do recommend everyone have this done, I participate in alot of sport and have worn glasses for circa 30 years and as others have said, my only regret is not having done this sooner!Mr Kumar is a complete gentleman and I trusted him and his judgement from the minute I went in to his consulting room and many of my colleagues at work had recommended him and the treatment too.I could not read the top letter on the chart prior to surgery and now can read the bottom row and have better than 20/20 vision.THANK YOU!!!!!

22 Jun 2013

I only have one regret about this surgery and that is that I didn't have it done years ago! I find it hard to put into words how extremely happy I am with the outcome of this surgery and it has changed my life in ways I never realised I.e. walking in the rain and not having to clean my glasses off every time I go into a shop or taking my 2 year old son swimming and being able to see perfectly without having my glasses steam up!Mr Kumar is a lovely man and he and the staff at the hospital are extremely friendly and on the day of the surgery were very reassuring as I was nervous. In actual fact the operation was complete in less than 10 minutes and I could see better than I ever have as soon as I sat up in the operating theatre!I cannot recommend this procedure highly enough it has changed my life!

19 Jun 2013

Brilliant service. I had to change my consultation last minute & they were very helpful in assisting to more convient time.Following my consultation, I was offered surgery only 3 days later - best decision i ever made.Mr Kumar allowed me to call him several times with many questions before the operation and also after too. The whole team and procedure went very smoothly and i was home within 2 hours of leaving the house! I was re-assured at all time with honest & trust-worthy details throughout all aspects.Highly recommended!

20 May 2013

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