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I had surgery 5 days ago at the Reading branch. The results are amazing. Immediately after the surgery, I could see that everything was in focus, despite the white 'cloud' that was there.Once the aneasthetic had worn off, my eye ... Read more

Mrs. Joanna McGraw is an experienced Ophthalmic Surgeon specialising in laser eye surgery and has performed more than 10,000 procedures. She is registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and is a fully trained Ophthalmologist who has undergone additional specialist training in refractive surgery.

She is an Ophthalmic Surgeon for Optical Express and has gained vast experience in a wide range of medical eye conditions. Twice every year, Mrs. McGraw attends International Medical Advisory Board (IMAB) Conferences and is annually assessed by this board. The panel consists of several of the world’s most eminent Refractive Surgeons including Mr. Steven Schallhorn, former Head of Ophthalmology for the US Navy, Dr. Jan Venter, a world leading Ophthalmic Surgeon, and Mr. Jeffery Machat, co-founder of TLC Vision, one of the largest laser vision correction providers in the world.

She has been performing refractive eye surgery since 1994 and has worked extensively in the United Kingdom and abroad, and has presented academic papers and made presentations on diseases of the retina and vascular pathology of the eye throughout the world. She regularly attends conferences and seminars at various locations worldwide and is a Fellow and Member of various affiliated bodies and societies such as The Royal College of Ophthalmologists. Many of her previous patients are well-known athletes, celebrities and film stars and often makes personal appearances on television and radio, discussing laser eye surgery.

Mrs. McGraw gained her medical degree at the University of Cape Town with MB and ChB degrees. In 1985, she trained and specialised as an Ophthalmologist and qualified as an Ophthalmic Surgeon from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg in South Africa where she went on to set up her own private practice, performing laser eye surgery, cataract and implant surgery, corneal grafts and squint correction surgery.

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07 Jun 2012

I had surgery 5 days ago at the Reading branch. The results are amazing. Immediately after the surgery, I could see that everything was in focus, despite the white 'cloud' that was there.Once the aneasthetic had worn off, my eyes were quite uncomfortable, bordering on painful, but a rest and some strong painkillers sorted me out, and by the evening they just felt gritty.You're told to keep your eyes closed as much as possible straight afterwards - I didn't have much choice - my eyes were so heavy, I seemed to lose the ability to control my eyelids. This passed within about 3 hours.The next day, things were still slightly cloudy but I was able to focus well - the first check up confirmed much better than 20/20 vision and I was able to read the bottom line of the chart.5 days on - I have perfect vision (still have halo's at night, but that's expected for a while), any swelling has gone along with most of the bruising on the eye.As for Optical Express - I'm going to split the review into 2 parts, the consultaion and surgery, because the experiences were quite different.The consultation - they kept me waiting for over 45 minutes without explanation. Only when I asked what was going on did I get told they were running behind..... I'd already worked that one out so I wasn't over happy with the pathetic explanation. I was ready to walk out, when they realised I was getting quite annoyed and they suddenly managed to find someone to see me. The consultant was lovely and very thorough throughout all the checks. She confirmed I was suitable and gave me the price. I was then shown to another room where you see your 'counciler' who goes through the procedure with you, but in reality, their main objective is to get you to sign up and pay your deposit. As I was not prepared to make a decision there and then - I was asked if price was the problem as they could do something! I still didn't agree on the day as I wanted to think about it and discuss it with my family.I called back a few days later, and when I said that price was an issue, they immedately took 10% off the price. At this point I booked the procedure.The Procedure - as soon as I arrived, someone was waiting for me and whisked me off for the first set of checks and tests. Once they were complete, I was taken to the surgery suite, which is a much nicer environment than the consultation rooms. There were 2 others ahead of me waiting to be done. I then saw a nurse who went through the aftercare with me, she was a lovely, bubbly character who made me feel at ease. I then met the surgeon, who did some more tests and went through any questions I had - again, she was really nice. next up was the procedure, which from start to finish, took approx 10 minutes for both eyes. Not painful at all, but the 'flap creation' I found quite uncomfortable. All done, I could see and I'm led into a dark room to relax for while before going home. In total, I was in and out within 1 and a half hours.So, in a nutshell - Optical Express are really good for the surgery, but you need to get past the 'sales pitch' first. Make sure you push for a discount, and try and find someone who's had it done before who can give you a money off voucher.

27 Aug 2011

I had surgery 2 days ago (Wavefront Intralase Lasik) and had fantastic vision by the evening of the first day, and its continued to get better, already better then 20/20. My original prescription was -2.75 & -3.25 with an astigmatism.Joanna McGraw was very professional but put me at ease and talked me through the procedure beforehand, as well as being reassuring throughout the procedure, and her team were also fantastic.Southampton was a very professional clinic and i would certainly recommend people consider this location. I had dealt with Kingston and was originally booked in at Harley Street but am pleased that I had the surgery with Joanna at Southampton as the results and customer service have been fantastic.

27 Aug 2011

I was very nervous about going to Optical Express as they were noticeably cheaper then other practices, and I had a concern about only getting what I’d pay for. However after the initial consultation I was quite confident that the technology being used was extremely good.I had a few issues with the customer service side of things, I was left waiting 45minutes for my initial consultation without warning, but when I did eventually see the team they were very good.Once I had booked my surgery I was phoned a week before the surgery by the call centre and told it had to be moved by a rude person who wasn't interested in how un-nerving this was, and only gave me an option I wasn't happy with. Thankfully I still had a contact number for the branch I had attended my consultation, and phoned them and explained the situation and they were very apologetic and booked a different clinic for me.I was then phoned 5 days before the surgery and told I had to get my GP to complete a form due to a present heart condition. A day before the surgery and the form still hadn't arrived, and it actually didn't until the day after the surgery. Amusingly it was never requested before the surgery, so just another hiccup I could have done without!I went to Southampton Clinic on the day of the surgery (two days ago) and they were fantastic. It felt very professional, and the team were very friendly and put you at ease. I think if I had dealt with this clinic all the way through my experience would have been much better.They explained the procedure well, and it was over so quickly, and was far less scary then I had built it up to be in my head. You don’t feel a thing during the surgery, but good painkillers afterwards are a must, along with a sleep. I had expected not to be able to see at all after the surgery but you can it’s just a bit hazy. After a sleep I woke up with really good vision, although still a little cloudy, by the following morning it was amazing, and having had my next day appointment I’ve already got better then 20/20 vision and it will carry on improving.My prescription was -2.75 + -3.25 with astigmatism in one eye.

17 Aug 2011

I had laser treatment on both eyes around 2 weeks ago. I was a little apprehensive prior to the procedure but the procedure itself was relatively quick and painless. I would recommend laser for anyone who finds wearing glasses/contact lenses a nuisance. Good luck!

28 Apr 2010

Very good customer service Staff very friendly Joanne Magraw is also very friendly and puts you at ease the surgery was just a little uncomfortable when they make the flap and then no pain at all afterwards my eyes were a hazy and a bit uncomfortable but if you take pain killers this eases my vision is very good in both eyes 19.25 pm I had the op at 12.15 today Highly recommend Southampton and Joanne Magraw

20 Feb 2010

I had the lasik wavefront procedure at the Southampton branch. The team were very efficient and professional, the nurse who looked after me was very reassuring which helped to settle my nerves. Mrs McGraw herself was very nice and also reassuring and the whole operation was done with a calm but highly efficient air. The nurse will stress to you that you must not move during the op, and not tense up whilst wearing the eye brace because this causes the skin flaps around the eyes to interfere with the procedure - this did become the focus of my attention perhaps more than what was going on, which may not be a bad thing. The position you are in with one eye covered and the other experiencing alternate blurring/focussing on a red light becomes very disorientating and I found it difficult to tell whether I was tensing or not, or even if I was moving! However, it was all over very quickly, there was no pain and the whole thing was only mildly uncomfortable. I experienced mild pain when the numbing drops wore off, for which painkillers were very effective. I kept my eyes pretty much closed on the way home and for a couple of hours, but even half and hour after the surgery I could already tell my sight was good. A few hours later I was pain and discomfort free and my sight was comparable to wearing my contact lenses. The next morning my sight was excellent and I could have easily driven with no problem.The whole experience was much better than anticipated and the pain and discomfort were less than I expected, and I would absolutely recommend the procedure. I have to say I had been very, very nervous beforehand, but I would assure you that you will be so delighted not only with the results but with the pride of having overcome your fears.My only maybe negative observation was that we were treated a bit like a conveyor belt, I could not believe the number of patients having the procedure at the same time as me, which led to some waiting time, which in itself is not a good thing if you are already nervous.As regards to Optical Express themselves, I would urge other patients to make sure they have been made fully aware of the monovision versus single vision procedures, ie whether your prescription will leave you needing reading glasses following the treatment. I was not given all the information on this at my original consultation, but luckily saw a further optician leading up to procedure who was able to change the prescription to a distance one. Another patient who I talked to had no idea until the day of the procedure that she would need reading glasses with the treatment she was scheduled for, which was a total surprise to her, so she decided to go for monovision at a later date. In actual fact I myself have ended up not only with good distance vision but my reading vision is much better than they said it would be, and I can manage most reading, and computers, without glasses.

16 Jan 2010

I thought I would leave a post about my surgeon as i struggled to find one during my research.I have Wavefront Intralsae Lasic with the Optical Express Southampton clinic in December 2009 following consultation at the Horsham branch in the middle of the year. I initially had consultations with Optical Express and Ultralase to make a comparison between the two companies. I did find optical express a little bit more salesy and thought that the Ultralase set up in Guildford looked more professional as it was in a separate building rather than a shoppiong centre. After lots of reading reviews and research i decided that there was no benefit in paying £1200 more for what seemed the same treatment at Ultralase - they did hard sell their lifetime care plan which when you read into it does not really tell you what is covered.I found both companies professional and informative at the consultations and the only difference being that Ultralase told me that there was no point going for standard Lasic and that I 'needed' wavefront.I must say that the treatment itself was really nothing to worry about, the staff in Southampton made me feel very comfortable by joking and chatting with me during the checks etc. My only negative comment here would be about being left downstairs in the shop area for too long before being taken upstairs to the laser treatment rooms and not being informed well enough about timings and what was happening next.I met my surgeon Mrs Joanna McGraw who explained what the treatment would consist of and not to worry - she was very calming.The treatment itself was painless Joanne and her assistants made me feel very at ease and explained everything they were doing. In total the treatment lasted less than 2 mins per eye although you are in surgery longer because of setting up etc.I walked out of the surgery assisted and could see without glasses - in fact i forgot to take my glasses back out with me. There was less discomfort than I expected on the first day although I did have blurriness and double vision. I was told that when i woke up the next day i would have a big surprise and i did – I could see perfectly!The routine to follow with drops and goggles is a pain - stick to it and you will recover quicker.Its now a month since my treatment and my distance vision is superb, my near vision is not as good as it was but this was expected – I would rather wear glasses 10% of the time for reading than 100% of the time. The halos at night-time are MUCH better and continuing to improve. Optical express have now seen me three times since my treatment and are happy with my progress. I still get dry eyes and use the blink drops regular but this is easing.My advice is not to read too much about laser treatment – get it done – its fantastic. I would have no hesitation in recommending Optical Express Southampton and Joanna McGraw.

24 Dec 2009

I was originally supposed to get my treatment at Cribbs Causeway by Tom Materman but he was ill so at the last minute I opted to go to Oxford at 8.50am 23/12/09. From the start all the staff made me feel very welcome and at ease. There were a couple of people going in before me and I was quite comforted by them coming out looking quite relaxed and pain-free. I was still very nervous but when I went into the laser room the nurse (sorry I can't remember her name, it might have been Jasmine?) was wonderful, explaining everything and trying to put me at ease. Dr McGraw was extremely professional and came across as very assured and competent. It was all over pretty quickly and I was relieved when it was but it really was not as bad as I had feared. The flap cutting and replacing was definitely the worst part and if I had one less positive comment to make it was that towards the end I could feel more sensation in my left eye, as if the anaesthetic was wearing off. This made me feel very tense. Once I got home I took a couple of paracetamol and tried to snooze. I couldn't have opened my eyes even if I had wanted to at that stage and when I did open them they were stuck together, I opened my eyes and all this stored up liguid ran down my face which gave me a gross out moment. But as the day wore on it got easier. My left eye seems to not have healed quite as well as my right and the following day, my right eye feels absolutely perfect, my left eye still feels a little bruised/gritty - but even so I can see very well through both eyes. I think the left eye will be ok in the end and I am taking the drops and following the rules religiously! I am about to go to Cribbs to get my check up, I am hoping that the results will be positive. The novelty of waking up and being able to see - well I can't imagine it wearing off any time soon. I can't than Dr McGraw and the team at Optical Express enough and would highly recommend them and getting the LASIK Wavefront with Intralase as I am sure this is what has given me such a good result and relatively fast healing. If anything else occurs I will update my review. FYI my prescription before was -3.50/-3.25, but when measured by the equipment was more like -3.15/-3.00.

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