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Am bout to have Ultrase's top treatment. Elite lasik with Mr. Vinod Gupta this week.I am met him and he was very nice person ... Read more

Mr Gupta graduated from Punjab University in 1974, started residency in Ophthalmology at Delhi University in July 1975, where he gained a Diploma in Ophthalmology. In 1976 he moved to the UK, working as a junior doctor in Ophthalmology at The Royal Eye Hospital in Surbiton and gained a Diploma in Ophthalmology from The Royal College of Surgeons in July 1977. He became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1981 and a Fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists in 1989. Between 1984 and 1997 he worked as Chief of Ophthalmology and Consultant Ophthalmologist at the Security Forces Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where LASIK laser eye treatment was introduced in 1996.Mr Gupta joined Ultralase in 1998 and has performed more than 34,200 laser eye surgery procedures and has treated over 45 Ultralase colleagues.

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13 Oct 2012

Am bout to have Ultrase's top treatment. Elite lasik with Mr. Vinod Gupta this week.I am met him and he was very nice person

24 Sep 2012

Am thinking of Laser Eye Surgey with Ultraliseis there anything that anyone that can advice?

28 May 2012

I went to have treatment at the Tottenham Court Road branch by Mr Gupta. Everything was explained to me beforehand including using the drops afterwards. Unfortunately, the suction that is used to keep your eyes open when they make the flap wouldn't stay, Mr Gupta tried 5 times and wouldn't do anymore after that because it wasn't safe. He gave me some antibiotic eye drops and said that it was very rare that this happened but that I could wait for my eye to heal and go back in 2 weeks and try again, which I'm going to do. He was very good at explaining everything to me, and the nurses were really sweet and helpful. Really impressed with them and hopefully next time the suction will work!!

08 Feb 2012

Was so pleased with the left eye, that I went back 6 months later and had the right eye done. They still weren't happy enough with the shape to do Lasik, so I had Lasek with MMC. On the day, the laser in St Albans was down, so they took me by taxi to Northampton, treated me and drove me home. It took AGES all in, but it was 23 december and the team stayed till 20:30 at night to treat everyone. Lasek healing is slower, but I am really pleased. Got flowers at my one month checkup because of all the messing me around!

07 Sep 2011

I did not find this to be a hard sell - though they do insist on the Ultra Elite.. who's going to take second best when it's your eyes??The staff are professional, but the run up to my actual surgery was a mess. I went from having 2 eyes done (Lasik), to oh no we can't do your right eye - except with Lasek.. to not being sure they could even do that. They changed the date and time of the appointment 4 times, and given I was coming over from Belgium this was a major stress. However, once I met Mr Gupta I was reassured and the surgery (on left eye only, as I didn't want to be rushed into Lasek when I wasn't sure about it for my correction) was a huge success. I am now considering Lasek at Christmas, if my left eye is still great after 6 months. Refund for the right eye that I had already paid for took ages and was a right mess, but I got it in the end, and all follow ups have been incredibly professional. No complaints once you are there, but the organisation and internal communication could be better!

05 Aug 2011

Awesome. Least 'sales-like' consultation and directed my to this site and another for independent reviews and discussion.Regular re-assurance that all would be ok.Answered all questions fully and promptlySurgery day - treated within 30 mins of arrival, on way home within 90 minutes!Next day follow up visit - better than 20:20 vision!!!Can't fault them!!

17 Mar 2011

Simply superb from strat to finish. Consultation was thorough and information without being sale'sy or pushy whatsoever. They explained the procedure, the aftercare, took pictures of my eyes and described what they would do, why they would do it, and what I should expect afterwards. I got information on the surgeon they recommended for me so I went home and Googled him, such impressive reviews!Overall its been 1 month now and today I had a follow up appointment, everything is going very well and my sight is better than when I wore my contact lenses (I was near 20/20 with my contact lenses, and now I am better than 20/20!).I was at the Hammersmith branch, the reception staff, optometrists, personal advisor's, nurses and everyone there are superbly presented and approachable. I would have no hesitation picking up the phone to discuss any queries with any of them. The aftercare has been thorough, I followed through all instructions to the T - which of course you must! I suffered dry eye as expected but it was particularly in the mornings and evenings, but it was explained that it may well go away once I stop my 9days of prescription eye drops, which it has done. I'm delighted with my results, and happy I didn't go for anywhere cheaper.I'm disappointed to read that a few people haven't had such a great experience at other branches. I can only speak from my experience at Hammersmith which has been nothing short of brilliant...I do hope if there are any problems with certain staff members at other branches that they brush up because Ultralase have been brilliant with me. I can seeeeeeeee everything!! :-)

22 Aug 2010

okay but couldnt understand him very well, would have been nice to get someone i could understand what they where saying

05 Aug 2010

Dear.Vinod I am proud of the heights you have reached in life,I realy feel happy to find some of friend & classmate to such a proud position.Please contact me on my e-mail apolloheartlab@yahoo.comThankingDr.R.K.RawalHisar

07 Aug 2008

Mr Gupta was recommended to me via a colleague and I wasn't disappointed. He obviously knew how to keep the patient calm and trust him with his supportive manner. Straight after surgery he took over and checked everything was okay and after a couple more eye drops i was allowed to go. To have near perfect eye sight is a credit to him. I still marvel at what I can see and regularly impress my collegues at work. I would recommend him every time i am asked.

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