Mr Simon G Levy

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Simon Levy is a Consultant Ophthalmologist in private and NHS practice, specialising in refractive, cataract and corneal surgery. Mr Levy undertook Refractive Surgery Fellowships at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London and the prestigious Gimble Eye Centre in Calgary, Canada where he was taught by Dr Howard V Gimble, a founding father of modern cataract and refractive surgery. He holds the FRCS and FRCOphth diplomas in clinical ophthalmology and has a cornea research MD from the University of London. Before becoming an ophthalmologist he trained in internal medicine and was awarded the MRCP (UK) diploma.

As a Consultant Ophthalmologist Mr Levy performs high volume refractive and cataract surgery, and was amongst the first surgeons in the UK to perform LASIK. His clinical emphasis is on maximising quality of vision and minimising spectacle dependence after refractive and cataract surgery; optimising patient’s physical and mental comfort during surgery; innovative refractive and corneal procedures.

Career highlights include performing the first no-suture cornea transplant in the UK, advising the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) on Intacs cornea implants and implanting the first Intra Ocular Lens in the UK, made by Rayner, capable of correcting presbyopia and astigmatism simultaneously.

Outside work he has a young family, enjoys the visual arts, travelling and hill walking and has gourmet tendencies.

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