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Made me feel totally comfortable and gave the best information, to make my decision. ... Read more

David Anderson, a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon with the Southampton NHS Trust, is also the regional Corneal Specialist. Having joined Grange Eye Consultants from Moorefields, he has been involved in large clinical trials in LASIK and PRK and has subsequently become a lead investigator in clinical research evaluating wavefront-guided LASIK and LASEK. His work involves high volume cataract surgery, corneal transplantation surgery, and privately he offers patients a comprehensive range of refractive procedures including LASIK, LASEK, Wavefront, PRELEX, Refractive Lens Exchange and Phakic IOLs. This range means the most suitable treatment can be offered for your eyes.

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12 May 2009

Made me feel totally comfortable and gave the best information, to make my decision.

19 Mar 2009

Mr Anderson provided a truly outstanding service with excellent preparation for the surgery and follow up afterwards, but most importantly he has given me perfect vision. The results have totally exceeded my expectations and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

08 Mar 2009

Dr Anderson is by far the most proffessional doctor i have dealt with. In particular his knowledge, understanding, reassurance and competence excels any i have received to date. He is a credit not only to the Wessex hospital but to the proffession itself.

05 Mar 2009

I had lasik surgery in June 08 - best thing Ive ever done! Id been wearing lenses for 25 years and my eyes had had enough of them so the glasses were coming out more and more, which stopped me from doing so much of what I like to do, like windsurfing, juggling, uni-cycling, mountain biking etc etc. Now I can do it all without hassle - its fantastic!Go for it - you wont regret it!

15 Jan 2009

Having lived frustratingly with glasses and contact lenses for my -6.5 prescription eyes, I was delighted with the result achieved by LASIK Surgery. I went from not being able to see where my glasses were in the morning to fantastic perfect vision! The surgery was very quick with little discomfort and definitely worth the cost. It has improved my life tremendously. Working as a Nursing Sister doing long shifts on a busy respiratory ward played havoc with my eyes and contact lenses. I developed numerous ulcers and problems related to contact lens use. Having LASIK has improved my working life as well as my personal confidence.Mr Anderson and the whole team at The Grange and Nuffield Hospital were professional and looked after me very well. The after-care and follow up has also been fantastic. I felt reassured and in expertly good hands.

29 Mar 2007

I had wavefront LASEK by Dr Anderson in July 2004. The whole process was very professional and having researched heavily I thought the service provided was well worth the extra money over some of the cheaper high street offers. LASEK was painful once the anisthetic wore off, but within days my eyes were at 20/20 and continued to improve - I now have perfect vision and would happily recommend Grange Eye Consultants

18 Nov 2005

I was treated with Lasek Wavefront surgery on September 2005 by Mr Anderson at Nuffield Hospital in Chandlers Ford. I had previously attended an Open Evening which offered a thorough explanation with no commitment to proceed and no cost to attend the meeting.Mr Anderson would not treat me for about 3 months until my eyes were in the best health for treatment. Although this was difficult, having to go back to glasses instead of lenses, I felt this meant he was professional and not just wanting to cash in and treat maximum number of patients.The day of surgery went very well. Surgery is uncomfortable but only shortlived - the results are well worth the discomfort. Within hours I could see leaves on the trees outside, before I could see clear at a distance of less than 10 cm.As days and weeks went by my sight just got better. I have now been reassessed and have better than 20/20 vision. All the staff at Grange Consultants are very professional and provide top class service.You may find treatment cheaper elsewhere however I fear the level of service will not come near to Grange Consultants. I have nothing but praise for them, thank you for they way this has improved my life

10 Dec 2004

I had Lasik surgery carried out by Dr Anderson at the Wessex Nuffield Hospital in November 2004.The initial consultation was excellent, very friendly, informative and thorough including numerous handouts and models that explained the Lasik procedure. During the operation the service and care was excellent everything was explained clearly and in detail. I was previously very short sighted and could not even read my alarm clock which was around 50cm away from my bed! Within five hours after my surgery I was able to read it clearly, and around 3 days after the operation my vision is amazing! It is fantastic to no longer wear glasses! First class service what more can I say!

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