Mr Christopher Stephenson

Mr Christopher Stephenson

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The Mayo Clinic has changed my life, in more ways than one.A liltte over 3 years ago, I began having serious health issues. I had been a healthy person my entire life, and to be going through such chronic problems at age 25 was v ... Read more

Mr Christopher Stephenson is an NHS Consultant and specialist eye surgeon having qualified as a doctor over 25 years ago. After initial work in general practice he went onto specialise in ophthalmology and was awarded a Fellowship by the College of Ophthalmologists in 1995 as well as the Fellowship by the Royal College of Surgeons in the same year. He then gained registration on the Specialist Register (Ophthalmology) with the General Medical Council in 1996. He is also a fully accredited laser eye surgeon holding the “Certification in Refractive Surgery” qualification from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists after under-going strict assessment in surgical skills and patient management.

Mr Stephenson has been an NHS Consultant for more than 12 years and performed over 10,000 eye surgery treatments. He currently holds the position of NHS Consultant Eye Surgeon at Hinchingbrooke NHS Trust and Addenbrooke’s NHS Trust in Cambridgeshire and has previously held a Fellowship at the prestigious St Thomas’ Hospital, London.

He has written and presented more than 25 scientific papers across the world including at the Royal College of Ophthalmologists Congress and the renowned journal “Ophthalmology”. Several scientific papers have been written alongside Professor John Marshall, Professor of Ophthalmology at St Thomas’ Hospital and widely respected as one of the most influential individuals in the world in the field of laser eye surgery. Mr Stephenson also holds membership with the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, and the United Kingdom Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

There are just 54 surgeons in the UK who have attained the Royal College Certification in laser eye surgery and Mr Stephenson, a respected Cambridge based NHS Consultant and specialist, is proud to be one of them.

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09 Mar 2013

The Mayo Clinic has changed my life, in more ways than one.A liltte over 3 years ago, I began having serious health issues. I had been a healthy person my entire life, and to be going through such chronic problems at age 25 was very difficult. After many doctors visits, it was determined that I suffered from Chronic .For about a year, my condition was treated by my local doctors through medication. As is the case with many people with UC, my colitis kept breaking through the medications. After being hospitalized at my local hospital, it became clear that I was going to have to consider having my colon removed a colectomy.Once my wife and I made the decision to explore the possibility of a colectomy, we decided that we should research having it done at the Mayo Clinic. From the moment that I sent the very first contact email to Mayo, everyone with whom I have come in contact has been nothing less than wonderful, genuine, kind and knowledgeable.My wife and I first visited the doctors of Mayo in January of 2006. Arriving in Rochester in January wasn't the best decision we've ever made, but going to Mayo was certainly one of the best. It became very clear from the moment we arrived that Mayo is not your average hospital, and these are not your average health care professionals. Everyone from receptionists to surgeons were absolutely wonderful. Never once did we feel ignored or unimportant.My surgeon, Dr. Robert Cima, was a really cool guy. Not only was he a masterful surgeon, but he had a great personality and was wonderful not only to me, but to my family as well. The folks at Mayo understand that medical issues impact not only the patient, but their family and friends as well, and they treated all of us with respect and care.After my first surgery at Mayo, I spent a week there. The nurses were the best I have ever come in contact with. Not once did I feel that I was in anything less than the best of hands. All of the nurses were not only expert nurses, but friendly people as well. Knowing that I was going to have to travel halfway across the country to get back home, they made sure that myself and my wife were completely prepared. After we did get home, the Mayo staff was always on the ready to help whenever we had a question.Due to a small infection after surgery, I had to visit my local ER after arriving home. The doctors at my local hospital (one of the best on the East Coast), were impressed at the surgical work of Doctor Cima and his staff. So much so that they actually commented on it to me.My visit to Mayo for my second and final surgery was just as good as the first. Once again, I experienced a level of care that is completely unrivaled. Those who visit Mayo for their regular medical care have no idea how medical care is for the rest of the country. Mayo simply has no equal.After my colectomy and recovery, my quality of life has improved dramatically, and I have the wonderful people of Mayo to thank for that. Now that I no longer have medical issues, I am still connected to Mayo through Lee Aase, who started this blog, and has served as a shining example of how social media can connect people and strengthen communities. Mayo has always been on the leading edge of the medical profession. Now, with its implementation of social media as a way to strengthen its commitment to its patients, Mayo finds itself on the leading edge once again right where it belongs.The Mayo Clinic truly is a special place, and it will always have a special place in the hearts of myself and my family. From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone at the Mayo Clinic for all they have done for me. It might be more than they will ever know.

17 Dec 2012

The official price for my procedure listed at ultralase website at the actual date of my surgery (14/12/2012) was 800 GBP lower than the one on my contract signed at the end of October (my surgery was initially scheduled for November, and I was told December is 'full'; however, the procedure had to be postponed due to conjunctivitis). I have not questioned the price initially, wrongly considering it to be a fixed price for a health product rather than a negotiable business deal (or something bound to change during the 'full' December?)The procedure went fine, all was explained properly, the surgeon was kind, calm and reassuring, taking the effort to announce constantly that we are all doing fine. I am less enthusiastic about the aftercare. On the second day check-up, I was adviced to double the frequency of predforte drops (mild inflammation in both eyes) but without upgrading my predforte stocks and with the next visit scheduled in 4 days time (Wed). I ran out of the preforte drops on Monday morning, I learnt the cambridge clinic is closed on Mondays, and the 'on call' staff together with the peterborough clinic offered that I can come and pick up the drops in Peterborough (optimax), which I did (no other options offered) and after about 8 hours break resumed my hourly treatment with every intention not to spill a single drop.

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