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Like many others who have posted here before, I had been considering having surgery for many years. This year I am pleased to say that I finally decided to do something about it and find out if I was suitable. I had increasingly f ... Read more

Mr Rostron is a consultant eye surgeon specialising in corneal and kerato-refractive surgery, with a practice based at 10 Harley Street, London.

He is LASIK surgeon and Medical Director of Accuvision Laser Eye Centres, and also operates at the Wellington Hospital, St John’s Wood, and the Advanced Surgery Centre in Colindale.

He was previously Consultant Ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Department at St George’s Hospital, and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Ophthalmology at St George’s, University of London.

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31 Jan 2012

Like many others who have posted here before, I had been considering having surgery for many years. This year I am pleased to say that I finally decided to do something about it and find out if I was suitable. I had increasingly found wearing contact lenses uncomfortable and desperately needed a new pair of glasses and, having a prescription of -8.75 with astigmatism, resented the thought of the expense this would entail. Having read many positive stories I decided that Accuvision would be the best place to try.I attended my consultation in September with an open mind and was quite prepared to be told that nothing could be done. I was delighted to find out that my eyes were suitable for surgery and that I should expect a good outcome from it even though there was a chance that I would be left with a small residual prescription. My surgery was booked the next day for the end of October. Everything went according to plan and the procedure really was over so quickly with only minor discomfort.. My check up the next day was positive and by my one week follow up my vision was as good as it had been with glasses beforehand with a promise that with further healing it should get better still. I did not expect a miraculous recovery and my vision certainly fluctuated during that first week. Personally I would not have been happy to have been at work for that first week but I would say that after 2 weeks my vision felt perfectly stable. There is still some night vision 'interference' but I feel quite comfortable driving in the dark. I do not find this to be any worse than driving at night whilst wearing my glasses or having worn contact lenses all day.My overall experience at Accuvision was excellent. I had read how professional and friendly the team are and found this to be totally true. I never felt under any pressure to go ahead with surgery and that my welfare was the priority. I hope I haven't rambled on too long here but to be able to see properly without glasses or lenses having relied upon them for nearly 40 years is a revelation. I can particularly appreciate my new vision on such a wonderful clear sunny day here today.If you are thinking of having this procedure I would thoroughly recommend Accuvision. This was a big decision for me to make and I am so pleased that I went for it.Thank youJason

10 Jun 2011

My name is Linda Ramsden and I have had lens implants and monovision for one year now and it's fantastic.On 18th March 2010 I had my assessment at Accuvision, Solihull, Birmingham, the assessment took about an hour. As I always wear contact lenses I had to leave these out for a week to give my eyes a rest for the assessment to be accurate. This I hated as my latest prescription (31.12.09) in my right eye was -12.75 (sph), -1.25 (cyl), 3.5 (axis) and my left eye -9.50 (sph), -3.00 (cyl), 1.70 (axis). As you can imagine I was extremely short-sighted and wanted to do something about it. I had the assessment and found out that I was not a candidate for laser treatment, this would have meant that laser surgery would still leave me with wearing glasses, this was not an option. So I decided to have lens implants at a cost of £5,000, which seems a lot of money but when you are spending £65.00 every month on contact lens and glasses every two years (£300.00) I would soon get my money back. The next step was to travel down to Accuvision in London to meet Mr Chad Rostron the eye consultant to assess if I am able to have lens implants.My friend and I travelled down to London on 19th March met Mr Chad Rostron, had my assessment, I then paid and booked for lens implants, no going back now! Mr Chad Rostron explained that I would have to travel down to the Opthalmic Surgery Centre in Colindale London to have one eye operated on and four weeks later travel back down to London to have my other eye operated on. This still did not deter me from having lens implants. I felt nervous and excited but kept thinking of waking up and seeing the alarm clock next the bed, how wonderful!My surgery dates are Wednesday 2nd May 2.30pm and Monday 28th June 1.30pm. You are advised to not travel on public transport so my husband and I travelled down on 2nd from Birmingham to London. I was very nervous but felt it was the right thing to do. We arrived at the surgery centre and I completed the necessary forms for the surgery. Mr Chad Rostron stated that I will be having my left eye operated on first as this will be my reading vision. He marked my forehead with an arrow above my left eye which seemed strange. My husband and I were taken upstairs and we sat in a ward. Here I had an enormous amount of drops in my left eye to anaesthetise it and dilate the pupil, this stung and made my eye water. I was then led by a nurse into the operating room where I had my eye anaesthetised with a local anaethestic. This involved having an injection below the eye which I must say was definitely not nice. This hurt the most. After than the surgery seemed a doddle. During the surgery I was aware of some shadows through my left eye then it was all over. A lovely nurse held my hand all the way through the operation which I was glad. After surgery I felt shocked they gave me some water and asked me to sit in a chair until I felt that I was ok to stand up. My left eye was patched and this was to stay on until the following morning. The centre gave me all the necessary drops for my eye to help recovery. We travelled home, I slept most of the way.The following day I removed my bandage and my eye looked very sore. Can I say if you have this procedure make sure that you lie down after you take off your bandage as my head began to spin I lay down with my feet up and took it steady for the next few days. For the following few days my eye felt gritty and sore, the drops did sting but definitely helped the healing process. The following week I had a check up at Solihull Accuvision and my eye was healing superbly. As my left eye was my reading vision I did feel that I hadn't gained much vision at all and when I put my contact lens in my right eye I did feel giddy although this took a couple of days for my brain to get used to. I could not wear my glasses this was a total no no as my head felt like it was going to spin out of control. Every day I had to put the eye drops in.Four weeks later my husband and I travelled back to London and I had my right eye operated on. The anaethestic needle to numb my eye definitely hurt more this time. Think it's because I knew what was coming and Ow did it hurt. The surgery as mentioned before seemed a doddle. Mr Chad Rostron did state after the surgery that my eye had bled during the surgery and the white of my eye would be red but not to worry as this would drain over the next few weeks. Mr Chad Rostron was very professional and he excels in his profession as an eye surgeon. My husband and I travelled home to Birmingham.The following day I removed my bandage, remembering to put my feet up and take it steady. What a WOW factor this was, as soon as I took off my bandage I could see the painting on the other side of the bedroom every detail. What a WOW factor, even though I looked like I had an Orc eye from the Lord of the Rings this did not matter, my vision was perfect, I was able to read close up and then look up to see distance. FANTASTIC. I was told previously that my brain would take time to get used to monovision but it seemed to all fit into place. I had a check up at Solihull Accuvision a week later and my vision is spot on. What a feeling!! The eye drops continued for several weeks decreasing every week until no more drops. My last check up at Solihull was 3rd August and I came out of their smiling, my vision is brilliant.A year later and my vision is spot on I feel like the luckiest person ever. I would like to thank Mr Chad Rostron for his careful surgery hands and for giving me my sight back. If I had to I would do this all over again.Thank you Accuvision for everything.

10 May 2011

I have been wearing glasses and contact lenses for many years. I was a -10 in both eyes, I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes. I would like to thank all the staff at the Leeds clinic, not only for the care they provided before and during surgery but also for all the care provided after surgery. I would definitely recommend Accuvision to all my friends and family.

10 May 2011

I had laser eye surgery at the Leeds clinic in December 2010. My left eye was -10.25 and the right eye was -7.00. I wore glasses for over 40 years and could not do anything without them, I even swam in them. The day after surgery I was reading the road signs on the way to my check up. I did suffer with dry eyes quite badly for a while and used drops to make my eyes more comfortable. Suddenly it just cleared up. I was in shock and totally overawed by the success of the surgery. Even now 5 months later I often stop and feel amazed although I have stopped boring everyone around me by saying it out loud. My left eye was adjusted for reading and my right one for distance. It took a little getting used to but I can read, drive, type as I am at the moment, I can see the bottles in the shower, I can see through the rain, to put on make up, hug someone without being careful of my glasses. I could go on and on. Accuvision staff were professional and approachable from the start and gave me the confidence to go ahead. The surgery was quick, I was reassured every step of the way.It has changed my life and I am so grateful to now have my precious eyesight restored.

18 Apr 2011

At 63 years of age, you sometimes have to get up in the night to visit the smallest room in the house. As I passed the radio alarm clock, without glasses, I would have to bend down and put my face right up to it to read the time.Now, after having implants inserted, I still have to get up some nights, but to find out the time, I just have to lift my head off the pillow and look at the clock.It is remarkable the difference it has made to my life. I can drive and read, two major factors in my life, without the need for spectacles - the first time in over twenty years.Accuvision were simply brilliant. At no time did I feel under pressure to agree to treatment, everything was explained in a language that I understood and all the staff were so very friendly.The operation to insert the lenses, was done on two separate days. I was a day patient in a London Hospital. It was no more uncomfortable than going to the dentist and each time I was back in the recovery room within half an hour.If you are thinking of having this treatment done, be reassured that you are in the best hands possible.Peter Bottomley, Bournemouth.

23 Feb 2011

I had severe short sight (-8.50) Laser is the best thing ever , never thought it would be so easy. Procedure was over within minutes and no pain ! Team were so reassuring and put me at ease. I rested that day and the next day i could see and felt great. Just wish i had done it years ago.

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