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The excellent Mr. Barsam carried out the YAG procedure this morning and of course I found the experience easy and, without a doubt, successful. Please do thank him again for me. Clearly the age of miracles has not passed! ... Read more

Mr Barsam has full specialist registration with the General Medical Council and is one of only a handful of Consultant surgeons in the UK who is fellowship trained in Cornea, Cataract and Laser Vision Correction.

Mr Barsam has undergone extensive and rigorous training in the world’s most prestigious institutions. He went to Cambridge University and University College London Medical Schools where he graduated with Honours and a Distinction in Surgery. He completed his residency training at Moorfields Eye Hospital and went on to complete a one year fellowship in New York where he worked closely with Drs Donnenfeld and Perry, two of the US founding fathers of modern Cornea and Refractive Surgery. He followed this with an additional Cornea, Cataract and Refractive Surgery Fellowship at the Western Eye Hospital in London.

Over the last 8 years Mr Barsam has been carrying out research towards a Doctorate in Medicine at the University of Cambridge on corneal ectasia. He has published over 30 peer review publications, 6 book chapters and is the co-author of a comprehensive textbook of Ophthalmology, which is used by Ophthalmologists around the world. He is an invited reviewer for the major international journals in his field. Mr Barsam is a member of the editorial board for Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today Europe.

Mr Barsam is actively involved in teaching and has been a clinical examiner and lecturer for City University, School of Optometry. He is on the Executive Board of the London Deanery and is the lead instructor for a video based instructional course in refractive anterior segment surgery at both the American and European Societies of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. Mr Barsam is regularly invited to speak, chair and moderate research sessions nationally and internationally.

Mr Barsam is fully certified to perform LASIK, LASEK and laser blended vision. He is certified on the Intralase, Zeimer LDV, VISX and Wavelight lasers to perform bladeless all laser vision correction surgery. He has carried out thousands of cataract, laser and refractive procedures.

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03 Mar 2016

The excellent Mr. Barsam carried out the YAG procedure this morning and of course I found the experience easy and, without a doubt, successful. Please do thank him again for me. Clearly the age of miracles has not passed!

29 Oct 2015

Just a note to let you know all is well with my new eyes, no problems whatsoever. Best £6000 I ever spent, lasts longer than a holiday.

02 Jul 2015

Dear Allon, I hope you are well. My eyesight is still great and we are still singing your praises wherever we can. Recently Anna had a day when she did ophthalmology. Her professor asked the group if anyone had had eyesight correction. Several students said they had including Anna. When the tutor heard that you had operated on Anna he made everyone look in Anna’s eyes as this would be the best they would ever see and, in particular, you would leave no scarring. Apparently he was most impressed with your work on her and Anna has several friends saving up to see you!!

27 May 2015

I was really impressed by the overall product package offered. The pre-surgery service was warm and comforting making me feel more at ease for the procedure. The surgeon and his aides performed the procedure efficiently and upheld the highest level of professionalism. In the follow up appointment with Mr Barsam I was explained in easy to follow step by step instructions of how to maximise the benefit from the surgery. In just one short day I saw significant improvements and could now see better and appreciate things In more detail then I ever could before. I now understand the full depth of HD TV. I also think that Improved sight has also helped other areas. I now find I can concentrate better and improve my all round efficiency cause my sight isn’t holding me back. I would recommend this to anyone contemplating treatment as it is truly life changing.
Thank you so much for giving me the ability to see and enjoy the world around me!

27 May 2015

it’s now exactly 24 hour since my lasic / laser procedure. It’s amazing that right now I have better vision than I ever had with my contacts in, and I’m in no discomfort. I’ve not had to take any pain killers. The only discomfort I experienced was similar to having put my contact lenses in the wrong way round (something I’m glad I’ll never have to experience again). I slept well and woke up with little-no discomfort.

I’ll never have to worry about contacts / opticians / lost or broken glasses again. I’m looking forward to swimming without contacts (I’ve previously broken my finger swimming front crawl with my eyes shut into the pool wall), surfing without the fear of losing my lenses in the sea, and being able to buy normal (non-prescription) sunglasses.
Allon and his team were very professional, helpful and friendly. The laser machine is an amazing bit of kit …. the whole procedure took 15mins ! and I think it’s worth every penny. I’m already noticing things that otherwise would have been out of my vision.

27 May 2015

The whole experience was relaxed and reassuring. Having had the High Street “sales” experience where money was asked for even before tests were finished everything here was thorough, considered and detailed. The result is excellent blended vision so that I only sometimes need reading glasses if I’m tired or the text I’m reading is smaller. I would recommend Mr Barsam and his team to everyone.

22 May 2015

I recently received cataract surgery in both eyes from Mr Allon Barsam. In my experience, he is not only a wonderful, highly-skilled and dedicated surgeon; he is also a deeply caring human being, who went way beyond the call of duty in offering me after- care, and was always at the end of a phone if I needed to talk to him. I know that he is much sought-after and incredibly busy, yet he was always relaxed and had time for me.

25 Feb 2015

Just a note to let you know all is well with my new eyes, no problems whatsoever. Best £6000 I ever spent, lasts longer than a holiday

I had my cataract operation with Mr. Allon Barsam in April 2014. The appointments were given according to my need, the operation was quick (20 minutes for each eye) . He corrected my far sight , so I can drive and watch TV without wearing glasses, but I wear glasses for reading. I was able to pay the costs by instalment which was very helpful.

10 Feb 2015

Mr Barsam performed wonders with my right eye and has restored perfect sight which has made a huge difference to my life as a whole .He is to be recommended .

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