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Charming friendly and professional. Very slick service and it did not feel like a sausage machine. Was very impressed indeed. Will definitely go back when my cataracts are ready. ... Read more

Mr Ali Mearza FRCOphth is the Clinical Director of ophthalmology and lead consultant ophthalmic surgeon at London’s Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, the UK’s first Academic Health Sciences Centre. His specialist interests are Cornea, Cataract & Laser Refractive Surgery.

He qualified from Charing Cross & Westminster Medical School in 1996 and shortly after began his career in Ophthalmology. He has been a consultant ophthalmic surgeon for almost 10 years and was appointed to the post of clinical director in July 2016 and is a fully certified NHS professional.

As well as treating eye disease, he has particular expertise in reducing dependency on glasses and contact lenses be it by laser eye surgery or lens based surgical techniques.

To date Mr Mearza has performed over 10,000 procedures including laser eye surgery, refractive lens exchange, cataract surgery, corneal transplantation and reconstructive eye surgery. Every year people travel from over 25 countries specifically to see him for his opinion and surgical expertise.

He has a reputation for excellence and meticulous attention to detail and is one of London’s leading eye surgeons. His ethos is to provide the very best personalised care using state of the art technology and techniques.

He also has a keen interest in charitable ophthalmic work, something particularly close to his heart and has been on numerous trips abroad helping some of the World’s neediest people see again.

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Mr Ali Mearza Reviews

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22 Nov 2012

Charming friendly and professional. Very slick service and it did not feel like a sausage machine. Was very impressed indeed. Will definitely go back when my cataracts are ready.

25 Aug 2011

Great customer service, fantastic staff, I'm super happy about the results & operation. Thank you very much!!!!!Kind RegardsAlina

15 Jul 2011

It's an excellent clinic to do an eye surgery. I had -6.5 both eyes. Went to Optimax before, but their intralase lazer broke 15 mins before my surgery. At Focus they have an excellent customer service, was very pleased with a professional surgeon who made me feel relaxed and I could see better than 20:20 in 10 mins after the surgery!Want to say thank you very much to Focus!

20 Feb 2011

This was a truly excellent experience. The staff was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The procedure, while understandably mildly uncomfortable, was the best it could have been. The outcome was perfect, I went from -4.25 in both eyes to 20/16 vision with minimal recovery time.The price I posted (£1599) reflects the same groupon deal some other reviewers had. I had been considering it for some time so when the groupon deal (£1400 off) I snatched it up and decided it was time to get my eyes fixed.I checked reviews before I dove in (surgery through a groupon does sound suspect!) but I saw some of their great reviews and some youtube videos and went for it, which is why I've writing a review now, so other can have a similarly great experience. I also made a youtube video of my experience and the recovery process -

23 Mar 2010

I had my eyes done 3 weeks ago, and my vision has been 20/20 from day 1. I would highly recommend Mr Mearza, he's very professional and approachable. Do not hesitate to see him, you'll be in safe hands !!

25 Mar 2009

I had my surgery yesterday and I have better vision now than before when I was wearing glasses. Dr Mearza has been very nice and very professional. I thoroughly recommend this procedure to anyone considering it. I can't thank Dr Mearza and Focus staff enough for this life-changing experience.

12 Sep 2008

I had my surgery 3 days ago and my vision is better than I could see with glasses. The procedure was fast and painless, I had 20/20 vision immediately and 20/12.5 the day after. Dr. Mearza has been both very professional and approachable, made me feel unstressed and at ease. FOCUS Laser vision is a small but excellent clinic, pleasant environment and staff, excellent communication, nothing like the big impersonal chain clinics. I can't thank Mr Mearza and FOCUS staff enough for this life-changing experience.

19 Aug 2008

I had surgery on 29/07/08 with Mr Mearza at Focus Clinic. I had M Lasik treatment.The surgery itself was pain free, however there was a little pressure which only lasted a couple of seconds.My eyes were quite uncomfortable that day but a huge improvement overnight. Now 3 weeks on they are great, I just wish I'd had it done years ago!Mr Mearza has a very nice manner and is very approachable. He put me at my ease.I have no hesitation in recommending him.

14 Jun 2008

i cannot thank Mr Mearza enough. i have only just had my eyes done June 2008 and my eyesight is excellent. i was scared but Mr Mearza put my mind at ease as he talked me through the procedure. after they were done i could see better then with my glasses. The procedure took fifteen minutes and DID NOT hurt at all.That same night i went out to dinner. it still feels like a dream '. wish i had done it sooner

09 Apr 2008

Very pleasant man. Made me feel very relaxed and confident in him.

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