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Excellent care and information from staff. Staff were very "non-pushy" at initial consultation. ... Read more

Dr Stephen Doyle is originally from the North-West, having been born in Manchester, educated in Bolton and now living in Chorley, Lancashire, with his family.

Dr Doyle graduated from Guy’s Hospital in 1973 and did his ophthalmic training in both London and Manchester. He worked for many years as an ophthalmologist in the Corneal Unit at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.

Dr Doyle has a wealth of experience having now completed over 20,000 laser eye surgery procedures.

We asked Stephen why he thought it was important for patients to have their laser eye surgery consultation with their surgeon. He replied “I believe it’s very important for the patient to get to know the surgeon performing their surgery and vice versa. It also ensures that we undertake a thorough examination so we don’t miss anything as even the smallest details could be significant.”

He has published on various aspects of refractive surgery, lectured for the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and regularly gives talks on refractive surgery to groups of doctors, optometrists and other professionals.

Rating Date
17 Jan 2014

Excellent care and information from staff. Staff were very “non-pushy” at initial consultation.

26 Nov 2013

Professional service.
Friendly and helpful staff.
Would recommend this clinic.

20 Jun 2013

Poor outcome, do not recommend you go to this surgeon.

I have recently had laser treatment at Visualase in Bolton. All the staff are excellent from the receptionists to the surgeons and optomerists. You will not receive better treatment, care and results. I went from being very short sighted -7.25 and now after treatment over a couple of months I am 0 which means my eyesight is perfect. A big Thankyou to the team who have freed me from glasses / contact lenses and enabled myself to see clearly. Best Wishes Howard Pendlebury xxx

03 Jun 2013

Stephen Doyle ruined my eyesight, he measured my pupil size incorrectly at 7mm scotopic. He didn't evaluate me correctly. I went into this surgery believing I was getting a true wavefront treatment (custom), he gave me a bog standard optimized treatment instead, which I was not suitable for.He then left my right cornea wrinkled, and with huge amounts of spherical aberration, and my left cornea with an incomplete ablation - my pupil size in dim light (not scotopic) conditions is 8mm, he only bothered to laser 7.6mm.My eye sight is ruined, I have 7 stitches in my eye right now (I have been operated on by a real professional), to try and fix the problems he left me with. He was dishonest with me on multiple occasions and so was his clinic Visualase. He repeatedly told me that he had not damaged my vision, and that my problems were pre-existing - more dishonesty.Please avoid this man and the Visualase team at all costs

02 Mar 2013

After a "5 month nightmare" being messed about by Optical Express who I originally went to for Laser eye surgery and which ended in a complete farcical disaster, I cannot believe how simple and easy everything was with Visualase,they were very friendly, very professional and very helpful, the procedure has changed my life completely, No more putting contact lenses in when your rushing to get to work in a morning, No more having to remember to take them out at night time (especially if you've had a drink), I would recommend Laser eye surgery with Visualase to anyone who is considering it- it beats wearing glasses and contact lenses hands down anyday, Many,Many thanks to Hilary and the team at Visualase in Bolton, Kind regards, Andy Clarke.

03 Nov 2012

The whole team at Visualase are professional and friendly.I received personalised support and advice throughout.This included consultations and assessments with Dr Doyle and the optomerists from Clough's Opticians. The support and assessments continued for a year following the procedure.My original prescription was quite strong and now I have perfect vision, so the treatment has been life-changing.

31 Oct 2012

Very reassuring and professional staff in all aspects of the treatment, from the consultation to surgery and aftercare.Would strongly recommend visualase to anybody considering treatment.

31 Oct 2012

A quick, simple and painless experience! I cannot recommend enough. I rested at home for about 2 hours after the procedure and then any discomfort had gone. The staff are amazing, they put you at ease and are so friendly. My husband also had it done at this clinic and because he was so pleased with everything I decided to go for it too!

30 Oct 2012

Did my research before choosing Visualase and didn't regret my decision at all, from the first phone call right up to my 3 month check up everything has been superb. All the staff not only at Visualase but at Cloughs as well are really helpful, reassuring and can't do enough to put you at ease. I know everybody says it when they've had laser eye surgery that I should have done it years ago, but it's true! Go for it and if you want my advise look no further than Visualase, you wont be disappointed. My wife's had hers done now as well, through Visualase of course.Brian Curwen

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