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HI Preston, I am impressed with your wtesibe frankly I came to know about your wonderful only few hours ago.sorry for my ignorance.Can join and play the match making game.I am In India. AM I going to face any diffic ... Read more

Mr P. Takis Kalognomas is a dedicated partner of Holborn Laser Clinic. He is a Board-certified Ophthalmogist who has had a career as a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon within the NHS since 1995 and is licensed to practice in the UK and EU. He has participated in numerous ophthalmic symposia and courses, and has trained other surgeons in LASIK and Phaco Cataract Surgery. He also attends a variety of refractive courses each year so is constantly updating his knowledge. Takis’s area of specialist interest has always been Laser Refractive Surgery and this has constituted the bulk of his private work in recent years. He has experience working in a variety of high-volume laser centres but has now chosen to work at Holborn Laser Clinic because of the more caring and less time-pressured approach to patient care. As he lives in the London area, he is on-hand for pre and post-op consultations as needed. Takis is married and has 2 children. He enjoys travelling, playing tennis and basketball.

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03 Dec 2012

HI Preston, I am impressed with your wtesibe frankly I came to know about your wonderful only few hours ago.sorry for my ignorance.Can join and play the match making game.I am In India. AM I going to face any difficulty since I am far away from US and not connected with the local market. I do believe that the software is smart enough Kindly let me know so that I can join straight away.Rgds, RajN

18 Mar 2012

In 2002 I was assaulted by six people. As a result, I had two black eyes, blood in both eyes (inside the eye, in the humour). I went to see Mr. Kalognomas and I cannot praise him enough. For six months he looked after me, always keeping me informed and rounding off my treatment by lasering and sealing the right retina. I retained my vision perfectly. Even more surpising is at the tend of the treatment, Mr. Kalognomas told me about the concerns he had about me losing my eye sight when I first walked into the clinic. I was so happy to have him looking after me and grateful that I wrote him a letter thanking him. This man is so kind that he wrote me a card in return. How incredible is that?I have never forgotten him and only found this page because a friend of mine needs treatment and I immediately recommended him...then I had to find his contact details. Mr. Kalognomas, if you read this, thank you so much for everything you did. I am forever grateful.

03 Mar 2011

I had laser treatment done at Belfast Advanced Laser eye clinic on 3rd December 2003 by Dr Kalognomas. A great success. What was so amazing was that Dr Kalagnomas kept talking to me during the procedure and keeping me informed at every stage. It was so reassuring and I can honestly say that I never felt nervous. Its a bigger ordeal for me to go to the dentist that to have had my eyes lasered. I have been asked recently by an associate for the clinic details and on searching the internet have discovered that Dr Kalognomas is now in London. I can recommend him to anyone, a true professional!

21 Apr 2008
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dad you are amazing!!your the best doctor ever...xx

16 Nov 2005

I was recommended LASEK treatment by the surgeon, and to be honest, I'm not sure why the riskier LASIK is considered these days. For a few days discomfort, LASEK is worthier than the short-lived 'wow' factor of LASIK. Eyes are for life, and I see no point in taking greater risks than necessary. The pre-op consultancy, and post-op care has been great; very personal. The staff are very friendly, and show a genuine concern about the welfare of their patients. What I've valued most of all is their honesty, and honest consultancy has to be mandatory for this type of surgery to select suitable candidates.

26 Apr 2004

Excellent surgeon, takes you through everything step by step. You see the same man at every stage of the treatment, I had my eyes done last Thursday and am very happy with the results so far. I am suffering from slight night time bluryiness, but I am told that this si to be expected and it will fix itself in due course. Absolutely Fantastic!

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