Dr Ammar Almasri

Dr Ammar Almasri

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Mr Almasri is a specialist eye surgeon who has now been a qualified doctor for more than 19 years. He was awarded a Fellowship from the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons in 1998. He is also a fully accredited laser eye surgeon holding the “Certification in Refractive Surgery” qualification from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists after under-going strict assessment in surgical skills and patient management. He has immense experience and over the last 11 years has performed more than 18,000 laser eye surgery treatments.

Mr Almasri had a strong background within the NHS prior to specialising in laser eye treatment. He has practiced in a number of respected NHS hospitals in the UK including Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust. Mr Almasri also had the unique opportunity to gain specialist knowledge in ophthalmic procedures in the Eyes Surgical Teaching Hospital, the largest ophthalmic centre in Syria. Additionally he worked alongside some of the most respected names in world-wide ophthalmology at the renowned, independent, charitable hospital King Edward VII Hospital in Windsor.

Mr Almasri ensures other surgeons gain the benefit of his immense experience and skill through his work being published in the Journal of the Royal College of Surgeons.

There are just 54 surgeons in the UK and Ireland who have attained the Royal College Certification in laser eye surgery. Mr Almasri is justifiably proud to be one of them. He has treated his sister-in-law and many of his friends.

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05 Jan 2017


08 Apr 2012

I had my treatment back in July 2011. The process was very smooth as my surgeon guided me on what to do and it seemed that he knew very well what he was doing. My right eye started to become very painful and tearful 20 minutes after the treatment and the pain lasted until the next day. My vision was improved very slowly although I achieved driving standard one week after the treatment. I started driving two weeks after the treatment but I couldn’t see the road signs until I got so close that I almost missed my way. However, I was not able to read very well and did not read any papers or book on the train three months after the treatment. I also have to enlarge the fonts on the computer screen until now or I am unable to see anything clearly. In January, the optometrist verified that the prescription of my astigmatism has gone up by 0.5. I will be offered a retreatment with no cost but I am not sure if I want another treatment. Apart from this, I personally think Ultralase does provide very good customer service. The optometrists have been seeing me very frequently since I had my treatment as I complaint that I couldn’t see perfectly. What I couldn’t deny is that I do manage to see without glasses!!

15 Apr 2009

This guy did a fantastic job on my myopia + astigmatism about 6 years ago and my vision has been perfect ever since.I started looking at laser surgery a good 7 years before that but was advised by Optimax to hold out for advances in technology. In 2003 I approached them again and was told I could now be treated but only to expect a 60% chance of getting to 20/20 vision.As it turned out my vision is now superb, no glasses no problems.

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