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I think the surgery I required wasn't too expensive, £1500 or so (can't remember exactly, was 2 years ago) but costs can vary depending on exactly what you require individually. I had astigmatism and I think was about -2 on each ... Read more

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09 Dec 2015

I think the surgery I required wasn’t too expensive, £1500 or so (can’t remember exactly, was 2 years ago) but costs can vary depending on exactly what you require individually. I had astigmatism and I think was about -2 on each sideI kept meaning to come online and post a review, because I felt the customer service here was exceptional – the best I’ve come across in the many companies I’ve encountered in a long time.I was treated as an individual all the way through the process, and got a personal service. The technologies in use were the most modern available, and they put me at ease. As a scientifically-minded person who had researched the treatment well, I was very much put at ease by their willingness and ability to engage in conversation about the more technical aspects of the procedure – I felt very confident in their ability as experts in the field. No-one wants to take chances when it comes to their eyes, and as such I did my due diligence by doing lots of research on the topic, and satisfying myself that there were practically no risks worth considering when dealing with a professional outfit like Accuvision, I decided to go ahead with a consultation.The consultation didn’t include any hard-selling tactics, which I was very pleased about, and which was just one reason I was happy to deal with Accuvision and place my booking for surgery that weekPricing was straight forward – I found them very upfront with me about pricing, was given a simple “take-it-or-leave-it” price and didn’t feel I was being “squeezed” or that any sort of moroccan bazaar style haggling was in place.They advice given covered every aspect which I think the average person might wonder about, and they guided me completely through what I should do pre and post-treatment. My tip to anyone getting laser surgery is to get a valium prescribed legally if possible. It’s an amazing drug when used properly on a rare occasion like this and not abused or overused, and really helps you to totally relax during the procedure (which is very short and quick – just a few minutes!) you’re asked to try not to blink during some stages of the procedure, and I personally think the valium helped me relax and do this easier than I would have without. (I’m not normally prone to using medication of any kind, but my sister gave me the tip, telling me her laser surgery practice in australia gave her one, and I should do same as it helps, so I did)Follow-up appointments were included in the price, and I was given the same thorough level of service at these appointments.The company director was on site during one of my follow-up appointments, and was happy to chat further with me.Accuvision is I think the only company of any type which I go out of my way to recommend to people, I only wish the companies which I deal with in other sectors adopted the same business style and levels of service.Final word: there is nothing you can spend the money on that will make as much of a difference to your life. Most people are primarily “visual”, and experience the world around them through their eyes. If your sight is crippled with poor vision, so is your experience of life and the world around you. Even with glasses, you’re rarely experiencing perfect vision, as you can’t keep glasses constantly clean. 5 minutes surgery can unleash your eyes’ true capability. Do it!

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