William Goodwin


What’s particularly good about Site-for-Eyes is that you feel they’re not out there for a quick profit, they’re there to advise you what is considered to be the most applicable correction for your particular needs. It’s just that years back I sought a consultation with Mr. Danjoux and back then techniques wasn’t so hot, Mr. Danjoux found I had large pupils (I think that was the case) so he pointed out all the risks in performing the procedure then, the underlying message though (he couldn’t specifically tell me, just offered lots of advice) was hang on and don’t get it done just yet. Ten years later and another consultancy and he informed me that techniques had advanced to now fully cover my weird eyes, anyway cutting to the chase the procedure went brilliantly without a hitch, I now have better than 20/20 vision in the one eye I had corrected. Supporting my claim again I was advised to have only one eye corrected as monovision is the new thing for people my age and although a loss in cashbox takings for SFE it is the most appropriate treatment for me. I can confidently say I’m fully confident of the full team – surgeon to office – they have an extensive range of techniques available, they’re honest, skilful and just really excellent. Many thanks.

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