Sue Scholefield


Fed up of being totally reliant on glasses every waking moment? I was. Frightened to undergo Eye Correction laser surgery-just in case.....? I definitely was, especially as my cousin was left partially blind in one eye 10 years ago by one of the 'other' Major companies.Well, dont be!! look no further than this amazing clinic- age 52, I believed myself too old for surgery, but Daryus soon assured me that their most recent patient had been 79! so my 'journey' began. i arranged a consultation with the unbelievably able (and humorous!) Simon-the Optometrist with all the answers-and more!-at the lovely, relaxed Wetherby Clinic. that was feb'11. on being informed i was a suitable candidate, i booked the appropriate surgery for my particular requirements; that was the Mono-Vision Laser treatment whereby my stronger eye undertakes the distance vision and my weaker one the reading aspect.with hindsight, my only mistake was booking for April 13th- two months hence-so that i could organise time off from work. it gave me too long to worry about things!so April 13th came and i confess to being terrified, but Simon calmed me and inserted the numbing eye drops. then came my turn and off i went up the stairs to my 'life changing' moment. In what seemed to be less than 10 minutes the job was done and i entered the recovery room. there was a very scary moment when my contact lens bandages came adrift, but this wonderful Team swiftly and expertly steered me back to surgery and corrected this set back! (THANKS TEAM!!) I later discovered this was due to my not blinking enough-or properly!Back home, i followed all the rules and retired strajght to bed-armed with two sets of eye drops to soothe and protect my 'new eyes.' i wont pretend i have not suffered discomfort-especially the 'Dry eye syndrome' but proper and regular blinking saw me through (cheers, Simon!)Well, that about portrays my particular experience at this amazing Clinic. Hope it helps those who are close to taking the major step. Three weeks and three days after surgery, I am slowly but surely adapting to my new, non-blurry world without glasses. Vipee! it is now MY choice if I ever want to wear them in the future because I now have at least 20/20 vision!! THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE AT ACCUVISION!!!

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