I have an 18 1/2 year old daughter who was streckin suddenly by severe headaches, so much so that she wanted her brain removed from her head to get some relief. Along with those headaches came significant visual changes. This all began June 18th, 2008, and while the hospitals here were more or less stumped by these symptoms, they, along with neurologists, opthalmologist and the pediatric did their best to figure out what the underlying issue was. After the pain was under control (after the 2nd hospital stay in 2 days), she began seeing a loca ophthalmologist who was following her medically in the hospital. He turned out to be a good doctor and who genuinely wanted to help. He referred her to a Rheumatologist. This Rheumatologist put her on Methotrexate and folic acid. The Optho doctor had her (at the time) on low dose prednisone. Things seemed to stabilize for a month or so meaning she wasn’t getting worse, but she wasn’t getting better either.Finally, in September 2008 I decided to call Mayo and see if they could help her. I got an appt for November28th so we went up there, not knowing what it was going to be like. The only thing I can say that I didn’t like about Mayo was that it was so BIG. The doctor she saw was EXCELLANT. For this 1 appointment, we were ther for 3 hours. The doctor had the bedside manner that they should teach in Medical School, he was very open to listening to us, and answering any questions.Should another need arise for my daughter to be seen there again, I won’t hesitate to make that call.

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