Muhammed Ismail


I'm writing this 3 weeks after undergoing LASIK wavefront treatment at Accuvision in London to correct a complex prescription of -10 in both eyes.I'm delighted to say I have had a successful outcome and I do not need glasses or contact lenses anymore. after being dependent on this since I was 8 years old all I have to say is...Hooray!!!I am thoroughly pleased with the professional service and care I received from the Accuvision team. I would like to say thank you to them for a job well done and especially to Vikash Patel for his thorough assessments throughout.I chose Accuvision as they highlighted all the potential options available to me and importantly they outlined the risks and benefits to me clearly in my initial free consultation. They gave me the confidence to make an informed decision and put me under no pressure to have the treatment.If you are planning to go for laser eye treatment and especially if you do have a complex prescription like I did then I would definitely recommend Accuvision.

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