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I don’t very often submit reviews but I was keen to write one on this occasion because there is so much content on the internet about laser eye surgery that I think it’s actually very difficult to make an informed decision about undertaking treatment.

Obviously this is just one more personal experience and I would recommend that anyone considering treatment reads widely about the possible risks and the potential rewards.

After going for my initial consultation back in April 2013, I procrastinated (and saved some money) for several months before I finally decided to go ahead with LASIK treatment on Friday (18 October) at the Accuvision clinic in Parsons Green.

It’s now two weeks later and I’m more than impressed with the results. I’ve had a follow up appointment and I’m delighted with my vision – it’s amazing not to be wearing glasses or contact lenses after years of doing so.

On the day the surgery itself was extremely quick. I would say less than ten minutes in total. Once in the laser suite I was told to relax and everything was clearly explained to me, I was guided through the process by the surgeon as he completed each part of the process. I won’t go in to the procedure in vast detail as it’s better explained in the professional literature but very briefly I was given anesthetic drops, then I had a special blade applied to peel back the top layer of the cornea, the surgeon directed the laser in to my eye for about 20 seconds, replaced the flap, added more drops and then repeated this on my other eye. In all, I felt the part with the blade to be the least pleasant aspect. It’s important to note that during this part I felt no pain whatsoever just a slight pressure on the eye for what was probably an absolute maximum of 40 seconds per eye. The rest of the treatment including the laser itself I didn’t feel at all. Other people I spoke to later in the waiting room said they found the insertion of drops afterward to be more unpleasant than the blade so this is obviously different for different people.

Immediately after the operation I was led to the waiting room and offered a cup of tea. My eyes watered a lot at this stage and were extremely sensitive to light. I felt fine in myself and chatted to a few people but I wasn’t keen to open my eyes very much. A taxi home is a must!

For the next few hours I was still very sensitive to light and my eyes continued to stream. As instructed I placed drops in my eyes once per hour and I was happiest in a darkened room; I certainly couldn’t look at my phone or the TV (indeed you’re strongly advised not to do so.) I slept well that evening with no pain and only mild discomfort.

By the next morning I was already well enough to commute back and forth to my follow up appointment by tube (raybans at the ready) and even went for a walk along the river in the afternoon.

I’ve continued to progress rapidly since then. In all the speed of recovery has been remarkable, I certainly hadn’t anticipated it being so quick.

Throughout the process I found everyone at Accuvision – from the reception staff and optometrist to the surgeon and nurse on the day – to be professional, straightforward and kind. As for my new eyes, I can’t fault them at all – on my last check up I was told I have 20/20 vision. The only thing that is taking slightly longer is I still have some night hazing (for example when I look at street lights and headlamps at night), it’s clearing slowly and I expect this to improve over the next few weeks.

For anyone reading this trying to weigh up whether or not to have treatment I can only say that in my experience I would thoroughly recommend LASIK at Accuvision. If I’ve missed anything or you want to ask me anything, please feel free to drop me a message.

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