Gillian Johnson


When looking for a clinic for my laser eye surgery I spent a long time researching it. St James had not only got excellent reviews on this website but I’d also received a number of personal recommendations from friends and acquaintances so I contacted them to make a arrangements for a consultation. The lady on the phone was extremely helpful and no pressure was put on me to attend, she provided me with lots of information and offered to post out a pack. I declined as I was keen to meet with them to discuss the surgery and my suitability for it ASAP.

I attended the clinic the following week and met with their optometrist (a lady who’s name I didn’t catch) She was really kind and she had a brilliant sense of humour which put me at ease straight away while she tested my eyes. Following this I met with the Surgeon James Ball who again was extremely professional and showed great kindness when performing various procedures to check my suitability. He confirmed I was able to have surgery and he proceeded to explain in detail what the surgery entailed including the procedure and recovery etc. He answered all my questions thoughtfully and gave me confidence he was the surgeon I wanted to perform the surgery.

I left the clinic having booked my surgery for 3 weeks after (this could have been sooner but due to my work commitments I postponed it).

On the morning of the surgery I was anxious however once I arrived at the clinic all the staff from the lady who works on reception to the other support team put me at ease straight away. The environment is welcoming and relaxing. James again explained exactly what would happen and what I should expect and I was then prepped for surgery.

I honestly didn\’t have a thing to worry about from the minute entering the theatre and all throughout the procedures. James introduced me to his team and explained what whey would all be doing. He offered me reassurance and encouragement keeping me calm throughout. It is hard to believe but the surgery was not painful or even uncomfortable at any time throughout. I knew at each stage what they were doing and felt safe and in the best hands all the way through. The surgery was very quick and before I knew it everything was complete. I was given 5 minutes to rest and then was helped off the bed and to go to recovery. I had to sit for 15 minutes with my eyes closed while the team finished up and then I was taken in to meet with James again. He check both eyes and confirmed the surgery was a success and everything looked perfect. I was given eye drops and instructions for the next week until my follow up appointment. James gave me his mobile number and told me any questions or worries to contact him any time and I left to go home. My eyes were very sore and I tried where possible to close them to rest for most of that evening.

On waking the next morning once I removed the sleeping goggles I was amazed beyond belief at my vision and it has just continued to get better and better ever since then. James rung me to check how everything was and we agreed I would attend in a few days.

For the first few days I felt like I was viewing everything in 3D, everything was so clear and still is, its just unbelievable! I had little discomfort following the surgery which was mainly just dryness but the drops helped with this.

5 weeks have now passed and my eyes are great. My vision is much better than it was corrected with glasses and contact lenses and for the first time I can swim, wear sunglasses and work without squinting all the time! Following my final check up everything is perfect and I really could not be happier. James has now discharged me but told me to keep his mobile number so if in future I have any issues at all to get in touch with him. This in its self is reassuring and proof of how much he cares about his patients. I have private medial insurance but have never experienced such a personal service from consultants before!

I am so grateful to James Ball and his team. The service and care they provide is second to none. They all gave me their undivided attention and gave me massive confidence that I was in the best hands at all times. I really would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering laser eye surgery!

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