Gillian Druce


After Wearing Contact lenses (Gas Permeable) for 20 years I started to develop dry eye, So I decided to look into eye laser treatment. On hearing a lot of good reports about Mr. James Ball at the eye laser clinic at st James. I made an appointment For a consultation with Mr ball. He did a lot of eye examinations on both my eyes to determine if my eyes were suitable, Lucky for me they were. I was very nervous on the day of the laser treatment but I needn’t have been as Mr. Ball Talked me through the whole procedure and was very reassuring. The only uncomfortable part was when the eye clamps were going in but once they were in I didn’t notice that they were there. Before they start the laser someone will put numbing drops in both your eyes.After I had it done I was given a lot of drops to put in my eyes.For the first few hours My eyes did feel sore, I was told to keep putting the drops in and just rest them. They did get a lot easier after that though. I could not believe the difference in my sight, I could see really well.In the first few months I found that my sight was better some days than others. But after 10 months of having it done I found that it had improved a lot better. MANY THANKS TO ALL THE TEAM AT LASER VISION.ESPECIALLY MR. JAMES BALL FOR THE TIME AND CARE THAT YOU PROVIDED.

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