Gemma Holford


I've been wearing glasses since I was 5 years old, and contact lenses since I was about 15. I'm almost 21 now, and had started to get fed up with planning my life around glasses and contacts. That's no exaggeration - if I wanted to go out on the Saturday night, I couldn't wear my lenses for a few days before in order to ensure my eyes would be ready. I went for a consultation at the London clinic, and everybody was so helpful, friendly and welcoming that I knew I had chosen the right place to have surgery. I booked for the 20th April 2011, and on surgery day, I was so nervous, and also quite frightened, but with the help of my very supportive parents, we took the trip to Parsons Green. I was instantly made to feel at ease and was looked after the whole way through the process. During the surgery, I spoke to the team around me which helped keep me at ease. If anybody has ever wondered what you can see during the surgery, I would describe it as a kaleidoscope; a mixture of colours going in and out of focus, nothing scary at all. The process DOESN'T hurt, and with just a little bit of dry eye in the few days after my surgery, I already have 20/20 vision and am enjoying life without the need for glasses or contacts. It was a big deal to me; I felt very self-conscious all of the time wearing glasses, so thank you very much Accuvision for a fantastic experience.

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